How Can I Make an Appliance Handle Cover Out of Fabric

The fridge doorknob is a grime lure, not to include unknown bacteria and viruses. A fabric fridge knob covering would not allow bacteria to dissolve. Still, it will shield the cover from accumulation — however, if you throw it with your dish towels in the washing every week, this will remain new and tidy. Covers for the fridge handle contribute to the design of your kitchen too. It would help if you synced it with the color theme in your home when you create your own and add it to your pan’s towels.

How Can I Make an Appliance Handle Cover Out of Fabric


Pick the Cloth

You’re going to have a garment for this task, which maintains the size excellently. Rigid denim, lightweight, or felt coat sounds nicely than cotton or linen. Usually, such materials are available in various shades and designs to complement or highlight your house.

You’ll require as little as a yard for this task, so now, and it’s an excellent opportunity to test out the waste container at your craft store when you’re feeling generous and need suggestions. You might end up making the task from an old sweater or pajama pants as well. Choose the yarn which fits your material, and use a contrasting thread to create a visual turn.

Split Cloth and Stitch Hems

Gauge 3 inches from the bend, and split across both surfaces of the cloth a 26-inch strip. Uncover the stripe and place it correct-side down (confronting colored or design). Sewing machine Thread. Lace 1-inch hems on the cloth stripe’s superficial corners using the appropriate needle length for the fabrics and a smooth sewn.

Do that with the longer side or do a 1/2-inch hem. Hot steam iron and an electrical outlet may be used to press the hems until they are sewn around. Try to use a zigzag stitching rather than a regular line, if you’re doing this task with fleece.

Connect the Openings

Detach the openings of the hook-and-eye, if none remain connected. Such straps spread equally out on one broad side of the sewn line, about 6 inches separating them. The straps must be flat with the side of the cloth so they won’t be noticeable on the work finished. Making sure they look outwards into the strip’s middle. Attach the screw and the bottom tie.

Operate the yarn on the two prongs, which keep the hook to the garment in the over-under structure and do it until the pin is tightly bound to the cloth. On the other hand, do the same for covers to the face. The eye loop must be near the fabric side. Using a measuring tape to check they fit with their partner hooks.

Put It Right On

The Coat Over the Fridge's Doorknob

When the hooks and eyes are connected, you may position the coat over the fridge’s doorknob. It suits very loosely. The locks on the rear of the knob must be confronting the entrance. You may either lead the system as this is, further or customize it. Try to incorporate matching ribbons, rickrack, pins, or appliques in the pattern. Create a similar cover with grips for the refrigerator and the microwave.

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