How Do Flickering LED Candles Work


A flickering LED candle is a light device with an electric source and the flame effect of candles. The device can simulate the various movements and flickering of natural candles, and it is widely used in scenes where there are no windows to receive direct sunlight. Today I will be discussing how do flickering LED candles work.

How Do Flickering LED Candles Work

The Advantages of LED Candles

  • LED candle’s flame is very similar to that of a real candle; thus, it does not require frequent lighting because it will be automatically turned off when the temperature rises;
  • Compared with traditional light sources, its power consumption is only 1-3 watts, which greatly saves on electricity bills;
  • It has excellent thermal resistance performance: if you touch the surface of an LED candle with your hand while it is emitting light from 2m away, you won’t feel any heat whatsoever;
  • The desired brightness can be controlled according to

Why Do We Need Flickering LED Candles?

We live in a modern world with many electricity-powered services available to us, but somehow we still can’t experience the same joy when using them because they are not warm like the flames of a fire. Yet, with their warm feelings, candle lights bring back beautiful memories from childhood, watching the flames dancing in front of us as stories were read aloud. Flickering LED candles recreate this feeling by giving a sense of warmth to brighten up your surroundings, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, and more!

Step-wise Guide on How Do Flickering LED Candles Work

LEDs have a small chip on which two layers of semiconductor material exist. The first layer emits light when an electric current passes through it, and the second is responsible for maintaining the electricity supply to the first layer. When this happens, as provided by light flickering LED candles, white LEDs produce multi-colored lights, such as green, orange, and red, depending on their designs.

The process involved in making LEDs work, like flickering LED candles, is very simple but hard to understand in one go because one needs to know some basic physics concepts about how electromagnets work before going into details.

This physical phenomenon works well with LEDs while it doesn’t work with normal bulbs or incandescent lights, hence why flicker flame LED candles are in huge demand nowadays.

Physical Phenomenon Works 
Well With Leds While It 
Doesn't Work With Normal Bulbs

The main reason why most of the general public fails to understand how flickering LED candles work is that they lack knowledge about electromagnetism and electricity.

As a result, they buy LED candles without knowing what’s happening inside them, thereby losing out on profits and wasting energy in the process.

When these people are asked to explain how flickering LED candles work, their answers are often not true but only guesses that come from half-knowledge about electromagnetism and electricity.

One simple way of explaining how flicker flame LED candles work is by giving an analogy with a normal incandescent light bulb before moving on to the working principle of LEDs for better understanding.

This will show the similarities between the flickering LED candles and regular lights, which will motivate people to do more research about such products.

For instance, it is straightforward to understand how a normal incandescent light bulb works by taking one out of its box and observing it. Hence, an analogy can be made between it and flickering LED candles because they are quite similar in structure with only a few differences here and there.

While one end of an incandescent light bulb is attached to a metal filament through which electricity passes, an electric current also passes through another filament inside a glass enclosure on the other side when switched on.

Initially, this latter filament was cold but becomes hot as soon as electricity passes through it due to the heating effect.

This results in the filament becoming red-hot and responsible for supplying electricity to the first filament for emitting light. However, these filaments come out of a small glass enclosure on another end where an electric bulb is attached.

Electricity Passes Through the Filament

As soon as electricity passes through the filament, the resulting heat makes them emit light brightly towards the upper part of its protective cage. The whole process can be simplified easily by breaking down its parts into simple steps:  Electricity flows from your main switch or sockets through wires up until it reaches both ends (filaments) of your incandescent light bulbs and heats them so that they glow and produce white light inside their enclosures (glass cover).

Precautions While Using Flickering LED Candles

If Used in Rain/water, Switch Off 
Immediately and Do Not Use Again
 Before Dried Up Completely.
  • Always keep the product away from fire. LED flickering candles are not meant for burning; they produce heat to light up but do not emit flame or ember.
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended during its use at home or in public areas, even if it is protected using an electric current, etc. Keep them out of reach from kids and pets too. If you notice something wrong with the lighting, remove the batteries immediately while unplugging the power cord and contact customer service immediately. Do not try fixing it yourself, as it may cause damage to your property (especially in the case of an electrical appliance). The company will take full responsibility for all damages caused by improper use or malfunctioning in their product(s). So call the customer service number today for any further assistance!
  • When not using the product, keep it away from water and extreme heat. You can also store it in a safe place where moisture won’t be able to reach. It’s best to unpack them as soon as you get your LED flickering candles and give them time to adjust before use.
  • Before buying an LED flickering candle, ensure that its size is appropriate for your needs (especially if there will be children or pets in your household). Otherwise, this would pose a danger on your part or that of other people who may touch the product directly or indirectly, such as small children playing with something they shouldn’t have.
  • Do not let your LED candle flicker continuously, as it may damage the product and cause personal injury or fire (especially if exposed to extreme heat). Always ensure that you have these candles on a table where they can stand. For prolonged use, insert batteries in advance. Make sure that batteries are inserted each time correctly before use. If used in rain/water, switch off immediately and do not use again until the circuit is dried up completely.


I hope you have clearly understood how flickering LED candles to work from the above discussion. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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