How to Make Yellow Light Bulb White

Yellow light bulbs are a thing of the past. With today’s advancements in technology, white light has become more popular than yellow light bulbs. The problem with that is that it can be difficult to find yellow light bulb replacements if you currently have them installed in your house or business.

How to Make Yellow Light Bulb White

However, there is an easy way to make those old yellow lights look like brand new white lighting fixtures! Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make yellow light bulb white, so it looks modern and trendy! 

10 Ways on How to Make Yellow Light Bulb White:

1. Using Toothpaste

Apply a generous amount of toothpaste to your yellow light bulb. Leave it for 2-3 hours, then wash thoroughly with water. Repeat the process if necessary. Your light bulb will be shining white again in no time!

2. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Mix equal quantities of baking soda and vinegar in a container. Soak a cloth in the solution, then squeeze out excess liquid and wrap it around the light bulb. After that, cover with a clear plastic bag to keep the moisture from evaporating. Leave it for 12 hours or more before removing the cover and cloth from your light bulb.

3. Use Color Tape

You can make your yellow light bulb white again by wrapping it in color tape or colored cellophane. Leave the tape on for about an hour before removing it.

Color Tape  Help Make Your  Yellow Light Bulb White Again

4. Use Crayon Wax

One way to make yellow light bulbs white is by using crayon wax. Apply the wax carefully to the light bulb. Use a tissue to wipe the excess wax before using the light bulb again.

5. Using a Permanent Marker

A permanent marker can also be used to make a yellow light bulb white. Draw or color over the yellow parts of the light bulb with a permanent marker then washes it thoroughly.

6. Using Acrylic Paint

You can mix acrylic paint in water and apply the solution to your light bulb. Wash it well after that before using it again. This solution is not recommended if you are looking for a long-term solution to your yellow light bulb problem.

7. Using Dry Erase Marker

A dry-erase marker can also be used by drawing on the tested area, then wiping off the excess ink and residue that you applied with a clean cloth.

8. Using a Magic Eraser

A magic eraser can also be used to clean your yellow light bulb. Use it with water and rub the tested area until it becomes white again. Another option is by using acetone, but this method needs special care because acetone is very powerful and might damage some types of plastic. You might also need a protective mask if you choose to use this method.

9. Using Steel Wool

You can use steel wool or fine-grade sandpaper to remove any remaining color or yellow parts on the surface of the light bulb’s glass casing. It is also good to sand the tested area in different directions to ensure uniformity of your light bulb’s surface. In addition, be careful not to create any deep scratches on the glass by using sharp-edged steel wool.

10. Using Scotch Brite Pad

This option can also be used to make yellow light bulbs white again. Use a scotch brite pad and scrub the area with it until the yellow part becomes white again.

This Option Can Also  Be Used to Make Yellow  Light Bulbs White Again

The best option when making yellow light bulbs white is to buy new ones to replace them. However, if you want to use your old lights, it will be better to try any of these simple solutions before buying replacements.

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Some Tips and Suggestions:

  1. Use simple white paper to cover the bulb.
  2. Apply with a brush or roller, do not spray! Then leave the painted bulb in bright sunlight for several days.
  3. If you believe that Glass is transparent and light can pass through it (just like air), use this experiment to convince yourself: shine a flashlight directly through a glass of water.
  4. If you see the light bulb in your room, turn off all the lights and notice how much harder it is to perceive (notice) details in the shadows (like seeing objects clearly).
  5. Use this experiment to appreciate the difference between light and darkness; turn the lights off in your room and watch how difficult it becomes for you to move around.
  6. Use this experiment to appreciate how much lighter it is with no shadows (how faint the shapes of objects are)
  7. When you look at a shadow, the absence of light makes the object appear darker than its surroundings.

Precautions and Safety Measures:

  1. Do not burn or damage any part of this light fixture or bulb before finishing the process.
  2. Always wear safety goggles when doing any work with chemicals and especially sodium hydroxide
  3. Follow all safety precautions for light fixtures and bulbs as dictated by its manual, provided it comes with one.
  4. If this is a halogen lamp, ensure ventilation as dictated in the manual because Halogen can make it hot.
  5. If this is a CFL/LED light bulb, ensure the voltage is low enough for any conversion process.
  6. If you are using water, do not use hot water. It could result in cracking the Glass of your fixture/bulb, leading to dangerous chemicals entering your environment and body.


If you want to know how to make a yellow light bulb white, this article provides all the guidelines. In addition, some methods can be used based on the type of bulb that is being replaced: changing out the whole thing or adding an LED starter kit.

Changing the entire light fixture would require more time and money but may save electricity costs in the long run, while adding an LED starter kit could take less than five minutes with no tools needed.

Either way, it’s important to note that it might not be possible for some people if they have existing fixtures without space inside them for other bulbs. This guide also provides information about what colors other objects turn into when lit by different types of lights, so readers know which color to look for at their local hardware store.

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