How Hot Does Water Have to Be to Kill Weeds

There are many myths about what it takes to kill weeds, but the truth is that water doesn’t have to be boiling. Weeds are a pesky problem that can lead to an unhealthy garden. There are many ways to kill weeds, but the best way is by boiling your water for 10 minutes before pouring it on the weed and stirring vigorously.

How Hot Does Water Have to Be to Kill Weeds

The water will need to be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius to kill any potential weeds. If you want to learn how hot does water have to be to kill weeds for best results then, read on this blog! 

How Boiling Water Kill Weeds?

Weeds are a pain to control and get rid of from your favorite gardening areas. With weeds, you will have to take special care to don’t accidentally kill any nearby plants or pet-friendly areas. To fully understand how hot water needs to be for killing weeds, we need to look at the process by which boiling water kills weeds. 

There are several ways that you can kill weeds with boiling water, but the most common way is by pouring scalding hot water over the weed and stirring vigorously. When poured quickly, this method will prevent any of the surrounding plants from being burned because it happened so quickly. This process can easily be done on your own or with a group of friends! 

Process To Kill Weed with Boiling Water

  • Boil water in a pot with high sides with no narrow angles or edges because this will cause the water to foam up and spill out. You don’t want any spilling out of the pot.
  • Fill a bucket with cold water after you start boiling the weed killer in step 1 to have it ready so you can immediately rinse the weed with cold water.
  • Place a shower head in front of the pot while boiling and adjust it so that the spray hits any weed on top of the water’s surface, or you can simply use a watering can.
  • When all leaves have been hit by hot steam for long enough, immediately rinse them off with the cold water from step 2 after you place a container deep enough to hold all of the weed because the hot steam can expand up to 3 times in volume.
  • Dry and spread into thin layers on a flat surface like folded newspapers, an old bedsheet, or cardboard box, then sun-dry each day for a few days until dry, dispose of.
  • Ensure that none of the weeds is floating or mixed in with the dirt because this will cause you to have to throw out more stuff than you should.
Killing Weeds With Boiling Water

5 Benefits of Killing Weeds

1. Prevent Weeds from Spreading:

Weeds that are left unchecked can quickly take over your landscaping and cause other types of grasses to die out as a result. Some weeds spread plant diseases and insects that attack plants. Take precautionary methods to prevent the spread by killing all weeds in a large area at the same time.

2. Save Time:

Killing weeds with boiling water will save you a lot of time spent on meticulous weed removal. This is especially true for extremely overgrown areas covered in weeds and grasses, which can be a rather tedious process if done by hand. Boiling water also kills the roots completely, so they won’t grow back.

3. Conserves Water:

Treatment with boiling water is a greener way to kill weeds than traditional methods like using herbicides and potent chemical weed killers harmful to both the environment and human health. Boiling water can also be used on areas of your lawn or landscaping covered in dandelions and other weeds that are not affected by chemical weed killers.

4. Protect Houseplants From Weeds:

If you have houseplants inside your home or office, you will likely want to keep the area around them free of weeds and grasses. If done properly and regularly, boiling water can provide enough protection against unwanted weeds so that you don’t have to worry about them growing back.

5. Preserve New Lawn Grass Seed:

New grass seed is expensive, so it makes sense that you would want to preserve it for as long as possible. A popular way of keeping weeds out of new lawns is with boiling water treatment throughout the summer and fall months, killing weeds before they have a chance to grow and spread.

Spread Your New Grass Seed

How Much Boil Water Do You Need To Kill Weeds?

Weeds can be a real headache in the garden. There are many ways to get rid of weeds: organic and non-organic, good for your soil and bad for it. What you may not know is that boiling water can kill weed seeds. Many people don’t think this will work until they were asked if they’ve ever tried putting hot water on their garden weeds. If they have, then they know it works. It’s heat that kills the pesky little seeds and not the water itself.

Actually, there are a few exceptions to this rule which I will get into in just a moment, but first, we have to understand how weed seeds die when exposed to heat. The growth of seedlings can be controlled in several ways. The best general way is to kill off weed seeds before they start growing. This can be done with heat, which is the most certain and economical method for large areas with occasional weeds.

How Temperature Effects Killing Weed?

To better understand how temperature affects the killing weeds process, several important factors need to be taken into consideration. First, the effect the water temperature has on weed control is determined by the length of time and the amount of time that the weeds are exposed to it. The quicker they are exposed, and the longer they are exposed, the better the results will be.

When trying to understand how temperature affects killing weeds, you are also aware of the temperatures that are considered safe for your lawn and plants. If you inadvertently expose them to hot water, they will die as well, so make sure the water temperature does not exceed 140 degrees F (60 degrees C), especially if your soil is clay-based.


If you are looking for a way to kill weeds in your garden and want to know how hot water have to be to kill weeds, this article has provided some helpful information. We hope that it was informative and helped answer any questions you may have had about killing weeds with hot water. Feel free to contact us if we can be of further help!

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