How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened


How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened

Yankee candles are products made by  Yankee Candle Company, which is a leading manufacturer of scented candles in the United States. They have several different types of diffusers, including–but not limited to jar candles, pillar candles, tea lights, and decorative wax melts. The name ‘Yankee Candle’ is an old expression referring to someone from New England. The company’s logo still includes a farmer character holding a lantern, as they’ve done since the beginning. Today I am going to discuss how long do Yankee candles last unopened. So let us get started.

How Long Do Yankee Candles Last Unopened?

Most people prefer to use candles made by hand, which is where the Yankee Candle Company shines. Their products are made in the United States of America, using soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and high-quality fragrance oils. So whether you’re looking for a candle to lighten up any room or as a great gift idea for someone special, the only problem you’ll have with these scented candles is fighting over them.

Most people who purchase these candles opt to pick up one or two of each scent so they can enjoy all of the wonderful fragrances whenever they feel like it – no matter how long ago they last burned one. But the question remains, how long do Yankee Candles last unopened?

The shelf life of a typical scented candle doesn’t really matter because they’re meant to be burned. But for those who don’t burn their candles right away and want to store them for later use, here’s what you need to know about monthly candle storage:

With proper handling and care, your favorite Yankee Candle may retain its scent for up to 5 years – provided that it was made from soy wax. However, for paraffin-based candles, your selection might lose most of its fragrance within the first year of storage. To keep this from happening when using any candle, remember to keep its wick trimmed and snuffed out before storing it away. Otherwise, the exposed wicks can prevent the wax from hardening properly – resulting in a loss of fragrance after a few months.

Maximizing the Life of Candles

1. Avoid Exposure to Air:

The main reason why candles get shorter and thus burn out quickly is exposure to air. Thus it is important to store them properly to prolong the life of these candles. To do so, ensure that they are stored in a closed place where oxygen does not readily reach. Also, consider storing small portions of unused candles into an airtight jar or tin foil wrap, as this will help prevent them from getting dried out prematurely.

Burning Yankee Candle

2. Keep Away From Extreme Temperatures:

Yankee Candles should be kept away from extreme temperatures, such as those prevailing at high-altitude locations or inside freezing rooms (such as refrigerators). This is because the extreme temperatures are likely to cause a serious dip in the quality of the candle.

3. Use Rechargeable Batteries:

This is particularly important for individuals who use battery-powered candles. It is always better to choose rechargeable batteries as they last longer than non-rechargeable ones and thus save on future expenditures/replacement costs. Also, consider using rechargeable batteries so that you do not have any adverse effects on our environment.

4. Light Only When Needed:

Extensive usage of candles results in rapid burnouts, which means it is important to light these only when needed (unless there are additional plans to reuse them). Particularly in situations where the power supply may be erratic or where candles are used for decoration purposes. This will ensure that they are not lit up for longer than is required or left turned on unnecessarily- eventually burning out quickly.

5. Avoid Leaving Candles Unattended:

This is particularly important when candles are used inside containers, especially in places such as staircases or near walls. This is because the careless practice of leaving them unattended can result in a higher rate of burnouts due to falling over and/or knocking into things (such as walls), thus resulting in too much heat, smoke, and soot being produced and emitted.

6. Use only the Wax Tipped wick with Candles:

These wicks have special features, including the ability to lighten under controlled ignition temperatures. In addition, they are designed in such a way that the tip does not fall off or disintegrate in comparison to other wicks. This is particularly important for individuals who use an electric lighter for producing heat since it does not produce as much heat as conventional lighters and matches. Also, if one uses a non-wax-tipped wick with candles, there could be more smoke produced, which may cause respiratory problems amongst people in the surrounding area.

7. Avoid Over Using Extremely Hot Lighter / Matches:

The best way to light Yankee Candle is by using specially designed candle lighting devices generally available at retail shops and gas stations near you. These ensure that the flame created does not spread beyond the actual surface of the candle, thus making it safer to use and preventing the unnecessary wastage of wax.

How to Store Candles Properly

Keep your candle in a cool and dark place where the temperature is balanced. It is essential to keep it away from direct sun, moisture, or water springs which might damage the quality of the best-seller candle.

Store The Candles

Step 1: Store Candles With a Wick Down When They Are Brand New

When you buy your candles, make sure that you do not store them with their wicks up. This can create issues later on, such as preventing odor loss and clogging. Also, remember to check that your wicks are straightened before putting them in storage.

Step 2: Avoid Storing Unused Taper Candles for Long Periods of Time

Taper candles are very long, and because of their length, it is not ideal for storing them for a longer duration. It is best advised that you burn these stored tapers within 2-3weeks, depending on your candle’s shelf life. In this way, you can enjoy its features or use it as a gift.

Step 3: Keep an Eye on How Much Wax Melts Over Time and Do Not Let the Melting Get Past One-third Full Mark

If there is too much melted wax in your taper candle, then it might cause the flammable liquid to spill over onto your furniture or clothes before you can even light it up. So, when storing these fancy-looking candles, make sure that they are kept at least one-third full of wax so that the candle is symmetrical in shape and appearance.

Step 4: Strength Test Your Candles for Odor Retention

You would be glad to know that Yankee Candle Company offers a unique feature where you can test the strength of your candle before buying it from one of their outlets. Ensure that you do this by burning your candle for 15 minutes straight with a blow torch or lighter. If the flame stays lit up without going out, then it means that your candle has a great life ahead and if not, then you should probably try out another brand.

Step 5: Store All-new Season’s Candles Separately Until They Are Used Up

As mentioned above, it is ideal for storing all new seasons’ candles with wicks down until they are used up for best results. This ensures that the fragrances are preserved, and the quality of wax is not affected by dust or dirt particles.


I hope you have learned how long do Yankee candles last unopened from this article. Ensure proper care while strong these candles. Thank you and have a nice day!

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