How to Melt Candle Wax in Microwave


Candle wax is a petroleum product that, when it is heated, becomes a soft and malleable mixture. It contains many chemicals, but the most important ingredient in candle wax is stearic acid which gives it its flexibility and long-lasting quality. This chemical composition makes candle wax an organic material that can make different products for household use. Many people are intrigued with this material because they see on television that you can easily create beautiful candles using it. In this article, I will discuss how to melt candle wax in microwave. So let us get started.

How to Melt Candle Wax in Microwave

Details on How to Melt Candle Wax in Microwave

It is a simple and interesting tip to understand that how easily you can melt candle wax in the microwave. Though it seems difficult the first time, it is really not so:

If you want to melt candle wax in the microwave, keep the following things ready:

Candle Wax: Of course! The more, the better. Especially if your microwave has a large capacity, use bigger candles as you need plenty of melted wax. Weight 1-3 kgs or 1000-3000 grams per candle/piece will do!

Butter Knife: It varies from one country to another. But here, we are using an Indian butter knife with a flat head and sharp blade for easy cutting purposes. If you live outside India, use any butter knife you can.

Glass Mixing Bowl: It is used to melt candle wax in the microwave. Get one strong glass bowl that can withstand the high temperature of melted wax and cover it nicely with a cloth or lid to avoid coming out of the hot vapor on its surface. Microwave Oven: It is a machine that does cooking using radiations generated from the electromagnetic field. That’s all!

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Process To Melt Candle Wax In Microwave:

Cut off the wicks, if any, at the top, then cut through the flame and remove the bottom part of the candle by cutting through flat areas because you don’t need core parts of this material while melting candle wax in the microwave oven.

Cut Off the Wicks

If you are going to use leftover wax, then also remove any wick present there. If you are using a glass bowl, put it inside the microwave oven to test its capacity for melting candle wax in it.

Close the door of this glass bowl and push the start button if it has one. Then watch the hot vapor coming out from under the lid while the heating process is going on.

The whole bottom part with some top edges is heated well, so, after getting enough heat there, now place this glass bowl in your kitchen sink and add water.

By doing this step, you will melt candle wax in microwaves by burning extra fuel that comes out of both sides of melted candle wax. Then, stir with a butter knife after some time to get well-mixed melted wax in water and wait till all things come to a normal state.

Process 2 –

Take That Burning Hot Mixing Bowl With Some Water Now Into Your Bathroom & Keep It Outside The Shower-Room:

Now, one thing you have to do here is run the hot water from your shower pipe into a mixing bowl containing melted candle wax in it and then watch while pouring through a thin cloth hanging inside the shower room because that way, it will not splatter out but drip slowly so that you can catch more than the usual amount of dripping water which you need for some fun activity like making your own candles or cutting pieces of soap mixture, etc.

If you are using leftover wax, there can also be some tiny amount of hot water that you may not get through the cloth. But don’t worry, use that water to wash the walls and floor of your bathroom for getting some sparkling cleaning results.

Precautions While Melting Wax in Microwave

Take precautions while melting candle wax in your microwave. For example, it is not a good idea to cover the microwave with a kitchen towel as you might end up with a buttery mess if the wax spills over during melting.

Standing too close to the microwave while melting can make you fall victim to second-degree burns. So before you start working on melting the wax, read these precautions carefully and keep them in mind so that your idea of melting candle wax in the microwave does not fail midway:


Melting paraffin wax/wax candles in the microwave can cause second-degree burns if not done properly.  Remember to place the bowl on a stand or tray while simmering and never touch the bottom of the bowl while it is on the stand.

Melting Paraffin Wax


While melting candle wax in the microwave, don’t place any objects besides a bowl on the microwave’s walls when you are not looking like this can cause disastrous results if there is a fire – put baking trays or kitchen towels at hand to cope with any accidents. Do not cover up your microwave with a kitchen towel while melting candle wax, as it may spread due to a hot surface and result in a buttery mess.


make sure that there isn’t anything flammable nearby like newspapers or trashcans when you are melting candle wax in the microwave – keep things safe and clean so that you can melt candle wax in the microwave without accidents.


make sure the room you are melting candle wax in is not too hot or cold – if it is, waits for a while until it gets to your desired temperature or adjusts the heating elements of your microwave with lots of safety measures.


Always keep an eye on your candle wax while it is melting and make sure that there are no spills so that you can enjoy safely enjoy making natural candles from scratch by reducing candle wax without burns to zero. Tips: try using plastic bowls because they won’t melt as easily compared to metal ones; also, make sure you have at least two layers of kitchen towels over the bowl to deal with spills.

Keep an Eye on Your Candle Wax


Melting candle wax in the microwave may take more time, but it is a great way to get rid of old leftover candles and make use of their leftover, melted wax.

Also, remember to reduce candle wax without getting burnt by taking safety precautions while heating the bowl and melting the candle for at least 10 minutes before removing it from the microwave. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to melt candle wax in microwave. Thank you and have a nice day!

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