How Long Does It Take to Fix a Water Pump

Many things can go wrong with a water pump. How long does it take to fix a water pump? It depends on the type of problem. If your water pump has stopped working because it is clogged, you will need to clean out the debris before turning it back on again.

How Long Does It Take to Fix A Water Pump

This may not be as difficult as you think and could only take 10 minutes. However, if there is something more serious with your pumps, like corrosion or worn parts, fixing the problem could take hours or even days! Let’s look at what type of problems are in the water pump and how long it takes to fix one.

Signs of Water Pump Failures

1) Leakage of Weep Hole: 

If you don’t see water weeping from the weep hole when you turn on your pump, it could indicate air in the pump. If that’s the case, there will be no pressure and no water flow downstream.

2) Corrosion: 

This is the most serious type of problem with water pumps. If corrosion has built up inside the system, it can destroy everything about your pump and make it unusable.

3) Motor Failures:

If there are any problems with the motor, it will cease to function. This can be caused by a lack of electricity, which is preventable with an HVAC system or any backup power source; if the motor has suffered from wear and tear over time or water damage, then there’s not much you can do about it.

4) Pump Not Turning On:

If your pump is not turning on, it could be due to a lack of electricity or water. Contact an electrician if there are no other causes for the outage, and you’re sure these two things can’t be responsible.

5) Cavitation: 

Cavitation is when bubbles form in the pipe and cause a loud noise. This can happen if there’s too much pressure on the pump. It will need to be turned down or off before this happens.

6) Damaged Bearing:

Damage Bearing

If a bearing runs too hot, it may be due to damage. This will happen if no lubricant in the pump or water has gotten into the bearings and caused them to corrode.

7) Noisy Motor:

A noisy motor could mean that you have a hairline crack in one of the magnets on the pump, or it could mean that the motor bearings are worn out.

8) Water Blockage: 

If you have a water blockage in your pipes, the pump will work too hard and may overheat or break down. It’s important to locate this quickly before damaging any of your system’s other parts.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Water Pump

The answer depends on two main things: what’s wrong with the pump and how difficult it was to get to that part of the system. If there’s just one small component like a switch needing replacement, then any licensed plumber should have no trouble doing so quickly without breaking their labor cost threshold (usually $50-100  an hour).

If something more complicated like a broken pipe is the issue, you might be looking at upwards of $1000 in labor charges. The best way to find out is by hiring an expert who will come and diagnose what’s going on with the good system for you, rather than just taking stabs in the dark based on our two-minute tutorial!

When a water pump fails, it can be an emergency. The pressure from the well depends on providing running water for your family and animals in case of emergencies or natural disasters such as floods. It takes little time to fix this pump as long as access isn’t difficult or blocked off.

Finding one that can provide service locally shouldn’t take much effort either – many plumbers are near providing these services! It costs between $50-$100 per hour for plumbing work done quickly without expensive parts as long as the problem is small. If something more complicated like a broken pipe is the issue, you might be looking at upwards of $1000 in labor charges.

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Tips and Advice to Prevent Water Pump Failures

  1. Maintain the pump by running it every month, not letting debris accumulate.
  2. Change water filters monthly and check for leaks in plumbing fixtures regularly.
  3. Run a test to ensure no low spots where puddles can form or seep into your basement. If you find them, use a sump pump to remove the water.
  4. Clean the debris from your gutters.
  5. Check for cracks in driveway or sidewalk areas that may hold water and create puddles, then use a dehumidifier to reduce dampness.
  6. Be sure to maintain landscaping so it doesn’t interfere with drainage patterns around your home.
  7. Check your home’s drainage system, and ensure it slopes down wherever the pipe enters your house or basement. If not, install a drain hose that reaches outside where you have standing water to prevent wet basements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Causes Water Pump Failure?

Water pumps can fail for several reasons. The most common cause is an impeller malfunction or failure, which can also be broken by debris, corrosion in the water system, and defective bearings.

Q: How to Detect a Bad Water Pump?

The easiest way to detect a bad water pump is to pay close attention to its sound. If you hear any strange noises or notice that there appears to be some leaking, then your water pump may need service.

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Q:  How Often Should You Have Your Pumps Checked? 

How often you should have your pump checked can vary depending on the age of your water system and other factors. Generally, it is recommended to have a check-up every six months at a minimum, and any time there are indications that something may not be functioning properly.

Have Your Pump Checked


A water pump is a device that moves liquids, such as water or sewage. It works by sucking in air from the atmosphere and pumping it into the liquid to create pressure against gravity. 

A broken water pump can be a huge hassle. Thankfully, we have covered all the information you need to get your water pump running in no time! Read our blog post on how long it takes to fix a water pump so that you have a clear idea of repairing your broken water system.

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