How to Add Hydraulic Fluid to a Pallet Jack

This blog post will review how to add hydraulic fluid to a pallet jack. To do this, first, turn off the pump by pressing down on the pressure relief valve located at the bottom of the jack’s cylinder. Next, remove both caps from each side of the bottle and pour in one liter of hydraulic fluid.

How to Add Hydraulic Fluid to a Pallet Jack

Finally, replace the caps and tighten them securely before turning on your pump again. If your pallet jack isn’t performing as well as it used to, you may need to add hydraulic fluid. This guide will show you the steps necessary to add hydraulic fluid and get your pallet jack back up and running. So read on to know more!

10 Ways on How to Add Hydraulic Fluid to a Pallet Jack:

1. Using a Hand Pump:

If your pallet jack doesn’t have a hydraulic fluid reservoir, you can use a hand pump to add hydraulic fluid. This is a less common way to add hydraulic fluid, but it can be done if necessary.

2. Auxiliary Reservoirs:

If your pallet jack doesn’t have an auxiliary reservoir, you can purchase one and attach it to the machine. These reservoirs allow you to manage fluid levels more quickly than a hand pump. In addition, some pools come with gauges so you can keep track of the fluid levels in real-time.

3. Adding Hydraulic Fluid to the Lift Cylinder:

The lift cylinder is the component of the pallet jack that lifts and lowers the load. You can add hydraulic fluid to this component by unscrewing the cap on the top. Ensure you wear gloves when doing this, as hydraulic fluid can be harmful if it comes into contact with your skin.

4. Using an Air Compressor:

Another way to add hydraulic fluid is by using an air compressor. You can attach a hose from the air compressor to the jack’s reservoir, and then you will be able to inject hydraulic fluid into the reservoir this way.

 Add Hydraulic Fluid

5. Compressor Attachments:

If your pallet jack does not have a reservoir or a cylinder, you can purchase a compressor attachment that works with the machine. Connect it to your air supply and then adjust and monitor the pressure as needed to use the device.

6. The Manual Way:

If you don’t want to purchase an auxiliary reservoir or a compressor attachment, you can add hydraulic fluid by using one hand pump. However, this can be a tedious process, and it’s not recommended unless you have no other choice.

7. Hydraulic Fluid Transfer Pump:

If you buy a hydraulic fluid transfer pump, filling your pallet jack with hydraulic fluid is much easier. These pumps are designed specifically for this purpose, so they’re easy to use. First, you have to attach the hose from the pump to your jack’s reservoir and then press some buttons to start the flow of fluid.

8. Using a Funnel:

If you don’t have a hydraulic fluid transfer pump, you can also use a funnel to add hydraulic fluid to your pallet jack. This is a more straightforward approach, but it may take a little longer to add fluid this way.

9. Tilting the Pallet Jack:

If your pallet jack has a tilting feature, you can use it to add hydraulic fluid more quickly. This is a convenient option if you don’t have any other means of adding fluid to the machine.

10. Using a Flexible Funnel:

A flexible funnel is another option you can use to add hydraulic fluid to your pallet jack. These funnels are designed specifically for this purpose, so it will be easier to get the job done than using a standard funnel.

Using a Standard Funnel

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. Always use the correct hydraulic fluid for your pallet jack. Using the wrong fluid can cause damage to the pallet jack and void your warranty.

2. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine what type of hydraulic fluid your pallet jack needs.

3. Open the hydraulic fluid reservoir on the pallet jack. This is usually located under the top of the pallet jack.

4. Fill the hydraulic fluid reservoir with fluid. Turn your jacks up (raise them) and add fluid under each one at a time to avoid overfilling the system. The fluid level in the reservoir should reach between halfway and three-quarters full on most units but refer to your owner’s manual for exact specifications.

5. Secure the cap on the hydraulic fluid reservoir to prevent spills and contamination from entering the system while your pallet jack is in storage or not in use.

6. Keep a container of hydraulic fluid around to periodically check that the fluid level remains between halfway and three-quarters full when you operate your pallet jack. Then, add fluid to the reservoir as needed.

7. If you are unsure how to add hydraulic fluid to your pallet jack, consult a technician or your owner’s manual for more specific instructions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Adding Hydraulic Fluid to a Pallet Jack:

1. Not Using the Correct Hydraulic Fluid:

Using the incorrect hydraulic fluid can cause damage to your pallet jack. Make sure to use the correct type of hydraulic fluid as specified by the manufacturer.

2. Overfilling the Reservoir:

Overfilling the reservoir can cause the pallet jack to leak hydraulic fluid. Be careful not to add too much fluid.

Overfilling the Reservoir  Can Cause the Pallet Jack

3. Not Using the Correct Type of Funnel:

Using a metal funnel will damage the rubber seals in your pallet jack. Use plastic or non-conductive funnel to add fluid.

4. Not Removing the Filler Cap:

Removing and replacing the filler cap can warp and damage it, which leads to leaking hydraulic fluid. Therefore, permanently remove the filler cap before adding hydraulic fluid.

5. Forgetting to Check the Reservoir Before Starting the Pallet Jack:

With oil levels too high, your pallet jack can leak or even catch fire! Always make sure there is enough hydraulic fluid before using your pallet jack.

How Do You Fill a Pallet Jack?

Pallet jacks are one of the most useful tools in a warehouse, as they allow you to move large and heavy objects from place to place easily. They can be found on just about every commercial job site that they need.  Pallet jacks are hydraulic devices, which means they rely on a liquid to operate.

This liquid is called hydraulic fluid, and it’s responsible for powering the pallet jack’s lifting mechanism. Suppose you need to add hydraulic fluid to your pallet jack. It would help if you had a container to hold the fluid and a funnel to pour it in. You can find hydraulic fluid at any hardware store or automotive shop.


If your company manages heavy equipment, knowing how to add hydraulic fluid to a pallet jack is an important task that should be done regularly to keep the machinery running smoothly and efficiently. Getting familiar with these steps will help save time and money long term, so don’t forget them when next needed.

If you’re looking to replace the hydraulic fluid in your pallet jack, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for doing so. You’ll need a few tools and supplies that are easily found at any hardware store or online retailer. The process is relatively straightforward with this how-to, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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