How to Assemble an Armoire

You may have ordered your brand-new armoire, and it finally arrived. Its parts came separated, which is now required to be assembled. It’s a big thing; there is no other way to send it to you, but how are you going to assembly them? Well, as you are not an expert and never have done this before, it is really a  matter of being concerned about it. Maybe this is why you have searched how to assemble an armoire, right? Honestly, you have landed at the correct place because I am here to show you the exact way to accomplish the entire assembling process with a breeze.

The entire frame with the parts is now at your home; you have to first ensure the exact place where you have planned to put it. So, ensure its place first and move all of them at that place. Open the boxes and separate the pieces by their sizes. The box will contain a bag of mounting equipment. Put that on a nearby table. Those are small pieces, so make sure to keep them safe. In order to accomplish the assembly, you will need these tools.

Things You Will Need

A Phillips head screwdriver

A rubber mallet

And A small hammer

How to Assemble an Armoire

How to Assemble an Armoire

Step 1

Start by attaching at the inside of the left door and on the right side of the armoire. Locate the middle divider panel and attach the hinges as well.

Step 2

Next, attach the door rails to the middle and right side of the armoire pieces. You are going to need Phillips Head screwdriver for this attachment. Do not use a drill for this process.

Step 3

Attach the close bar-holder cup to the inside top of the middle and right armoire pieces.

Step 4

Insert capture screws into all remaining holes of the right, middle, and left armoire pieces. Make sure to screw them tightly at this point. Once you have finished that, insert the capture screws into the top and bottom pieces.

Step 5

Then attach the doorstop brace onto the top armoire piece. Make sure to make them as tighten as possible.

Step 6

Now let’s start the assembling process by laying the right-side panel of the armoire on the ground, sliding the shelf pieces over the capture screws in the right-side panel. Once you do that, insert the capture nuts and tighten it properly.

Step 7

Next, slide the bottom armoire piece over the capture screws and secure it in place with the capture nuts. Then attach the front and rear bottom slats to the bottom piece with capture screws and nuts.

Step 8

Now, line up the middle divider and attach it according to the placement of capture screws and nuts. Repeat the process for the rest of the parts too. Once you complete that, attach the bottom corner braces and leveling feet to the bottom. Secure them with nuts, and thus your process is completed.

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