How to Break Open a Safe With a Hammer

If you’ve ever needed to break into a safe, you may have wondered if there is a specific way to do it. It turns out that there is a safe-breaking technique that uses a hammer and chisel to get the job done. This article will show you how to use this technique step-by-step.

How to Break Open a Safe With a Hammer

So, whether you’re locked out of your office or trying to get into your safe deposit box, read on for instructions on how to break open a safe with a hammer! There are many ways to break into a safe, but one of the most common methods is using a hammer. If you know where to hit the safe, it will break open reasonably easily. However, you need to be careful not to damage the contents of the safe. Read on to know more!

Summary: Before attempting to break into a safe with a hammer, it is important to understand how the safe works and what kind of impact the hammer will have. Some safes use metal pins or hinges to hold the door closed, while others use screws or bolts. Once you know the type of safe and the impact your hammer will have, you can start practicing on a dummy safe to get the hang of it. Once you have a good grip on the hammer and the safe, it is time to try the actual break-in.

Step by Step Guide: How To Break Open A Safe With A Hammer

Step 1: Prepare the Hammer and Wear Your Gloves and Goggles

The amount of pressure your body will experience when smashing a safe will be plenty enough for you not to want any foreign objects hitting you, in this case, a flying hammerhead. This is why you should put on your gloves and safety goggles and ensure that the hammer and safe are situated in a fairly open space.

Step 2: Place Your Fingers Into the Shackle Loop and Pull to Create Tension

You will have to pull the shackle loop of the safe down to create tension on the tumbler. This is because rigid force, which will be used to smite your hammer onto the tumbler, will not be enough to crack it out right away. First, you need to stretch or skew the tumbler to break it.

Step 3: Pull Back the Handle and Release

Once the tumbler is stretched, pull back on the handle of your safe so that you can freely swing your hammer into the tumbler without any trouble. Once you feel like you’ve turned with enough force to crack the tumbler, release your grip, and let the weight of the hammer do its work.

Step 4: Inspect the Damage That Has Been Done to Your Safe

Beak Until the Handle Is No Longer Flush

You will know that you are hit with enough force if your handle is no longer flush with the rest of your safe. If it is still flush, you may have to swing again with the same amount of force as before.

Step 5: Reuse the Lock if It Is Still Working

If your lock is still working, then you can slide it back into place and use the shackle to open up your safe. If it is broken, you should replace this tumbler as tumbling locks are not meant to be tampered with.

Step 6: Replace the Tumbler Entirely

If, for some reason, the tumbler is still not broken, you may have to use your hammer as a replacement for the tumbler. Again, you will need to swing with the same amount of force and go for any weak points you see on it; there should be two or three places where the metal is thinnest and only exists on the outer and inner walls of the keyhole.

Step 7: Let Your Safe Sit for a Few Days Before Using It Again.

Although you may find that the locking mechanism on your safe is broken entirely, this does not mean that trying to open it in the future is going to be any easier. You should leave your safe in its vulnerable state for at least two days so that the metal can be completely settled. At this point, you should have no problem opening your safe without the help of a hammer again.

You may want to consider using a drill or other handheld power tools if you look for faster results.

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. A thief can get many tools to open a safe. But the most common tool is a hammer.

Most Common Tool Is a Hammer

2. A thief may use explosives or chemicals, but these methods are too dangerous and not reliable enough for them.

3. Only choose the right hammer and the right direction of blows for a limited time. After that, it’s straightforward to destroy it without opening it.

4. The essential thing is to pick the suitable surface of the safe door.

5. It’s unnecessary to use a hammer with a long steel handle. A thin, short hammer will do very well!

6. If you want to make sure that your safe is broken, check the inner walls with a flashlight. If the light is not visible through any cracks, you can be sure that your safe is opened.

7. You should practice picking up tools to open safes with your hands behind your back. This method will give you more confidence and save time during an emergency!

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Other Alternative Ways to Break Open a Safe

Here we have discussed other alternative ways on how to break open a safe with a hammer.

1. Opening the Safe with Rare Earth Magnet

The rare earth magnet is powerful, and it will attract the metal lever locking mechanism, which holds the safe door closed. Though this technique sounds easy, you must remember that there are different kinds of safe locks, some completely different than others.

2. Using a Borehole Drilling Machine

Borehole Drilling Machine to Break Safe

This technique might not sound intuitive because you would expect to break the safe open. However, this technique will bore a hole in the bottom of the safe and fill it with a special liquid which will eat away at the locking mechanism, eventually opening your safe.

3. Opening the Safe Using Bounce or Smack Method

The quick and easy way of opening a safe is using the bounce or smack method. To do this, you need a rubber mallet and a stethoscope to hear where the tumblers are at. You keep on doing this until all of the locking mechanism falls apart, and your safe opens up.

4. Opening the Safe Using Hammer and Chisel

If you want to open safes professionally, using a chisel and a hammer is the safest way. However, you must make sure that you hit it directly in the middle of the steel plate which holds your locking mechanism because this is where there are no welds. You must also make sure that you hit the locking mechanism directly in the middle for it to break cleanly.

5. Using Screwdrivers and Pliers

Using screwdrivers and pliers is a good way of opening a safe if all else fails. You can use screwdrivers to unscrew bolts or screws holding down your locking mechanism, then use pliers to unscrew the last bits. You can then open your safe using a strong pry bar.

6. Opening the Safe Using Nail Cutter Filer

To open a safe using this method, you need to put the nail filer in between where your locking mechanism meets the door. Then, you must push it back until it hits the locking mechanism and turn it as you would with a standard key. Do this repeatedly until you hear the tumblers falling into place and your safe open up.

7. Using a High-Pressure Water Jet

Open a Safe Using a High-pressure Water Jet

The safest method to open a safe is by using a high-pressure water jet which will cut through the steel plate holding your locking mechanism in place. This technique leaves little evidence that you have broken into the safe, and it also works for gasoline, oil, or acetylene cutting torches. You can then open up your safe using a strong pry bar.

How to Open a Safe If You’ve Lost the Key?

Often, people get locked out of their safes because they have lost the key. This is usually a significant problem because there are no spare keys for most safes, and having a locksmith open could cost hundreds of dollars.

When dealing with experienced burglars, this may not be a concern to them since they would know how to break open a safe without the key. However, since there is no guaranteed way of opening a safe without the key, we will go over some tips and tricks on trying at least and crack it open.

Which Type of Steel Is Better: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel?

You’ve probably seen the word “carbon steel” thrown around a lot when speaking of implements like knives and hammers. Carbon steel is used to manufacture such tools because it’s tough and durable while also malleable; we can hammer on carbon steel without fear of shattering it.

Using a High-pressure  Water JetUsing a High-pressure  Water Jet

However, carbon steel also rusts very quickly, making it a less desirable metal to use in implements that we expect to keep for a long time. Stainless steel doesn’t rust like carbon steel does, but it’s much more challenging to work with and can shatter if you hit it hard enough.


The safe should be placed on a flat surface and, if possible, the floor. Place the hammerhead at the top center of where you want to break open the lock and strike with all your might. Keep striking until either one side breaks off or both sides are dented out enough for someone to get in without using any special tools.

If this is not successful, try placing two pieces of wood over each other so that they come up to about 1/2 inch from where you want to hit it. This will give more stability when breaking into a safe with a hammer! We hope this article on how to break open a safe with a hammer has helped provide safety tips for opening safes or breaking into them. If you would like more information on our security services, we’ll be happy to send it over!

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