How to Build a Cantilever Carport

All of us have a car in our house and for this reason there sometimes a deficiency of parking spots for the guests. In such cases having a carport can be much beneficial. This will be used for the car parking as well as for the shade. Today we are going to deliver you a method of how to build a cantilever carport, and this will be much beneficial to make good use for the open space of your lawn.


Building a cantilever carport requires some specific steps. These steps should be followed by chronologically for having the best output. For the better convenience of the learners, we are stating those steps with proper explanation.

  • Step One

You will need some materials and tools to build a carport. Get all the things you need first, including prefabricated columns and beams, metal sheets, a drill, and some pins. Once you have everything, you can start setting up the carport.

  • Step Two

Now you have to take the column stands and attach them to the ground. You can mark the holes using chalk and then quickly drill the rivet into the clamp. Once the clamp for the column is fixed, you can start setting up the column. For the drilling process, you must drill up to two hundred millimeters for better rigidity to the ground.

  • Step Three

After this, you have to tighten the bolts, and then you have to install the leg columns, for this, you have to insert the leg columns in the clamp and then bolt them for the proper attachment. After you have attached the leg columns, you should connect the main beams to the leg columns using the metal connectors. You have to attach the subsidiary beams to the main shaft, and the carport will gain a basic shape.

  • Step Four

Now we have to prepare the shade, for this at first the cross beams are to be connected properly, you have to use the drill machine to attach the beams, once the base is installed the edge should be combined with end caps, in this way the form will get a total rigidity. Next, you have to install the metal sheet, you can use any suitable metal for this process, but we prefer the GI sheets or aluminum sheets, polycarbonate sheets can also be entrusted.

  • Step Five

To install the shades, you must first place the sheets on the frame and attach them using bolts and a drill machine. Be careful while doing this, as the bolting of the sheets must coincide with the beams correctly. Once the layers are installed, you can lift the frame and then attach it to the mainframe with bolting. This will complete your carport.

How to Build a Cantilever Carport-1


Lastly, we hope that the methods we have mentioned here on installing a cantilever carport for your car will be much help, and for the DIY enthusiasts, this will be a great lesson. The skills can quickly be developed by practicing this process, but you must follow the chronological steps for better output. Happy building! Have a beautiful day!!

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