How to Build a Model House With Foam Board

Foam boards are used for creating different types of building models. These user-friendly items are widely used by the architectures. Generally, they create miniature mockups with the foam boards to acquire their constructional blueprints through it. In some cases, we are also required to build house models for our projects or presentations, even though we aren’t an expert. Architectures are professionals, and they can create house models easily. But what about you? Do you know how to build a model house with foam board? Maybe that’s the reason why you are here. Thankfully, you have landed in the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you the exact ways of building house models with foam boards. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Things You Will Need

1. Stanley Knife

2. Freestyle cutter

3. Rebate cutter

4. Straight and bevel cutter

5. A circle cutter

6. Some accessories and kits for joining the pieces

7. A couple of different tapes

8. Double-sided tape

9. T-square

10. Stainless-steel pins
And a perfect plan for your project

How to Build a Model House With Foam Board

Step 1

First of all, I am going to cut some strips of 90 millimeters wide. They will represent the height of the wall structure of my project. The measurement usually depends on your project; you have to cut that out according to your project’s measurement. Then I align my ruler with pencil marks according to the measurement and using the straight cutter to cut the place off. Make sure to do two passes so that you can acquire a perfect cut with the measurement. Cut several pieces following this measurement based on the measurement of your project.

Step 2

Now, I am gonna use my T-square ruler to for measuring some square parts on the foam boards. Once I did that, I am going to use my V-groove cutting tools onto the rails. So, I was using my V-groove cutting tool along with the marked place and pushed it straight to the bottom. The benefit of using the V-groove cutting tool is that it will give me a nice edge at where I can fold the piece if needed.

Step 3

For the next wall, I am going to mark the place again and then use the v-grove tool again. When I complete that, I will get the room shape ready by folding the corners up. You have to follow this process to make all the pieces ready. Then attach them according to your plan. You can either use the tapes or some high-quality glues for the attachment. Hopefully, you have understood the process.

Step 4

In order to hold the attachment firmly, I am going to use the double-sided tape at the corner to secure the folded corner. So, I put the tape on the beveled place and secured the attachment.

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