How to Paint Craft Foam

When you are crafting things, you will have to use craft foam once in a while to make different things. Well, you cannot just use the white foam for that. You will need to apply color sometimes. And here we will tell you How to Paint Craft Foam.

If you have ever tried painting your craft foam, you may have filed once or twice. And we believe that is the reason you are reading this. But if you have never applied paint to craft foam, you probably have no idea how frustrating they could be.

How to Paint Craft Foam

If you plan to use only acrylic paint on the craft foam, you need to forget about it. Only acrylic paint will not do the work as it will leave some space between the foam where the paint will not stick.

People have tried with glue and acrylic color, and that was not effective either. A lot of people use spray paint and get a good result but still not satisfied with it. Do not worry about reading these as we have the perfect solution for How to Paint Craft Foam.

DIY: How to Paint Craft Foam

What do you need to get the perfect painting on your craft foam? You’ll need a few items, which you can find in crafting or painting stores. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Spray paint
  2. Gesso
  3. Mod podge
  4. Paintbrush

Steps to Follow

Step One

To begin, thoroughly cover your craft foam in mod podge. Some people skip this step and apply gesso directly, but that can leave dents in the foam. Using mod podge first will create a smooth surface for both gesso and paint.

Craft Foam in Mod Podge

Step Two

After the mod podge has dried, you need to apply gesso on the craft foam. Gesso is very thick, so you need to even out everything to apply the spray paint smoothly. Let the gesso sit overnight to be dried completely.

Step Three

To finish painting craft foam, you will use spray paint. Gesso must be completely dry before starting to spray paint. Apply two or more coats for best results. The first coat may not look perfect, but additional coats will give a better finish.

Final Thoughts

That was all for How to Paint Craft Foam. Hopefully, our tips will help you get the perfect paint on your craft foam. The process we have mentioned is by far the most effective one, and you will be surprised by the result. We hope you will be able to make anything using the spray paint and your craft foam.

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