How to Burn a Candle Without Wick

Candles can be used for a variety of purposes. They are often associated with romance and relaxation, but they also have many other uses, including providing light during power outages or as an emergency signal. One thing that may not be known to many people is how to burn a candle without wick. This post will provide instructions on how to do this, along with the benefits and disadvantages of doing so. 

How to Burn a Candle Without Wick

8 Ways on How to Burn a Candle Without Wick

The candle requires a wick to burn. However, there are many ways to burning it without the use of wicks. Here are 10 ways you can burn your candle without using the traditional method:

1) Use Ice Candle:

This type of candle burns with no flame as long as the melting temperature is not exceeded. Make sure to use a candle wax that is suitable for this process. The melting temperature of a candle varies with its composition and size.

2) Use a Candle Warmer:

This is a small electric device that is used to melt the wax of a candle. A candle warmer works similarly to an incense burner. The main difference between them is that your incense burner does not have an internal light source or an automatic timer. If you want, you can also use a tea light candle as a wickless candle.

3) Use a Candle Lantern:

It is similar to an inverted lampshade that gives off the soft, diffused light of a candle and does not produce any soot or smoke. This lantern can be used with or without an internal candle. They are most commonly made out of copper but can also be used with glass. It uses a candle or an electric light to illuminate the room.

Use a Candle Lantern

4) Use a Candle Pot :

A candle pot is a container for holding and burning candles. You can also use this for incense as well if you want. This lantern is usually made out of metal; copper and brass are the most common materials used to make these pots. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These lamps are commonly known as Tlaloc, and the name comes from an Aztec spirit associated with rainbows.

5) Use Votives:

These are small pots that hold hard wax, such as beeswax, and burn in a group. You can burn different scents in these votive jars. They can be kept on the table or be attached with a key ring so that you can carry them around easily.

6) Use a Self-Standing Candle:

A self-standing or free-standing candle can be lit without any external support. This type of candle comprises a core structure and usually has a central core wick surrounded by the fuel source and a wax sleeve with a porous surface. Free-standing candles are used for Zen meditation in Japan and are also placed on the altar in various religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

7) Use a Wooden Toothpick:

You can burn a wooden toothpick by lighting the candle directly from it because of the accumulated wax. These types of candles are also known as ‘Jack-o’-lanterns.’ You can also create these at home. A wooden toothpick is an alternative wick for a candle. You can use these to light your candle, and the best part is that it gives off no smoke or soot!

8) Use a Solid Candle Cube:

This type of wax can also be used as an alternative wick. You will need to melt it and dip a strip of cotton or paper into the melted wax and roll it out until it is thin; you can then use this to light your candle.

Use a Solid Candle Cube

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Instructions: How to Burn a Candle Without Wick 

Step 1: Get Yourself a Candle. 

A candle is a good way to burn efficiently without a wick. You may also be able to use candelabras if you can find one that works. Candles made from wax are better than oil or natural-drippings candles because they produce less soot.

Step 2: Light the candle.

Place the candle on something that won’t catch fire. Hold a lighter or match near the wick and light it. The flame will spread across the candle and continue to burn. If you can find one, a votive candle is better than a big taper because it burns more slowly, creating less smoke but still giving decent illumination.

Step 3: Place the Candle on a Table.

Make sure that you put your candle on something fireproof to not spread if it catches fire too much. Burn time depends mostly on how high you hold the candle from the ground and what type of wick you use. You can create an updraft with a simple fan if you have a hard time maintaining a fire.

Step 4: Change Your Candle Often.

If you have been using the candle for some time, you notice that you are having trouble keeping it lit, try changing out your materials frequently so that they don’t burn out too fast. The thicker the wick is (natural or man-made), the longer it will last. So if you use a thin wick, expect to change more often than if you had used a thicker one.

Step 5: Make Your Candle Stay Lit.

There was a simple problem with wicks in the old days, and you can fix it today too. If your candle doesn’t stay lit, try using vinegar as an accelerant for getting a fire going again. It works well on all types of candles, even the more advanced ones like those with multiple wicks and burn with oil. Use vinegar sparingly, though; overdoing it will decrease the quality of your candle.

Try Using Vinegar as an Accelerant

Step 6: Enjoy Your Candle.

Enjoy your candle while you have it, but don’t let it burn too long! Burning a candle without a wick is really easy with the right materials and care. Since candles are relatively cheap to make and can be used for all kinds of situations, they are perfect for survivalists or people who like doing things themselves instead of buying the product off of a store shelf. Of course, you can also just enjoy making your own candles as a hobby. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Use a Toothpick as a Candle Wick?

A: Candles can be used in different ways. It is used to entertain kids, as an effective way of home lighting, and even during romantic dates. Candles are not only made using wax but tried making using several other materials such as your hair or clothing. However, candles won’t last long without the wick.

Q: How to Fix a Short Candle Wick?

A: A candle wick is often the most overlooked part of a candle. A candle’s purpose is to burn up in flames, producing fire and light as it does so. However, when your candle wick starts getting short, you have no choice but to get a new one from your local store or other retail shops that sell candles. For this reason, it is advisable to always have a spare candle wick with you and a means of lighting the other end.

Q: What Happens When You Burn a Candle Without Wick?

A: It’s easy to make a simple mistake when using candles. Perhaps your kids were playing around and accidentally knocked over your candle, or maybe you didn’t place the candle on a safe surface. The candle will go out of control, but you think it’s okay since no one was harmed, and the fire is already contained on the candlewick.

Place the Candle on a Safe Surface


If you want to know how to burn a candle without wick, then this article will show you how. You can light your taper and let it melt down into the wax pool at the base of your pillar candle for an hour before blowing out the flame.

Or, if you’re in need of something more immediate, try using a barbecue skewer or toothpick to stir up some hot coals from another fire source like those found in campfires and wood stoves.

This is our preferred method when we are camping outdoors because it’s one less thing that needs to be carried with us! Just make sure not to use metal utensils around open flames as they may become red-hot and cause injuries. If you are interested in candle-making, look into our other blog post on candles!

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