How to Make a Candle Wick Out of a Shoelace


A candle wick is a thing that makes your candle burn. It’s a piece of string or rope-like material that can be made out of some kind of fibrous plant product like hemp, cotton, flax, jute, etc., and it’s usually dipped in paraffin, making it burnable and waterproof. They are typically used for candles, but some people do use them for oil lamps. Today I will be discussing how to make a candle wick out of a shoelace.

How to Make a Candle Wick Out of a Shoelace

Step-wise Guide on How to Make a Candle Wick Out of a Shoelace

You Will Need:

  • A shoelace
  • Scissors
  • Candle wax (a candle with a short wick)
  • An old spoon/broomstick/long syringe-like object that is clean, non-metallic, and free of wax residue
  • Something to act as a wick holder – either an empty bottle or glass or just the mouth of the jar you are using

Make sure your shoelace doesn’t have any metal parts dangling around! If it does, cut these off before you start at Step 3! If any other parts might melt during this process, remove them too! FYI they usually have little plastic bits or glitters attached at the tips. Remove these bits too!

  • Gently melt the tip of your shoelace along with its plastic/rubbery-like coating at the end using a candle (with a short wick) and an old spoon or something to act as a wick holder so that you don’t burn your fingers/fingers.
  • To do this, first dip the spoon into some hot water in a container large enough for it to hold the melted wax and rest on it without sinking, then pinch out any excess water from the spoon before dipping into the wax! If there is no spare spoon around, use whatever long clean object you have – like a stick or a broomstick, etc. You might have to test it first by dipping the tip of the object into the hot water, pinching out any excess water, and then swiping with your finger along with the wax until you find a spot where there is no wax on your finger.
  • Melt a little bit of your candle wax – not too much nor too less than required for this process (a couple of grams will be sufficient), at one end of your shoelace using an old spoon/broomstick/or whatever long clean object you are using as a wick holder. It’s best if you use just enough heat so that only the melted wax is touching the shoelace; do not let any flame come in contact with its plastic coating or nylon core! Keep the spoon at an angle to ensure that there is minimal flame contact with the shoelace. If you can’t perform this step using a spoon or long object, use a blow-torch but switch it off and on several times while performing the procedure.
Melt a Little Bit of Your Candle Wax
  • The melted wax will usually soak into your shoelace within 20 seconds! If not, keep adding a little more melted wax until it does – but don’t overdo it! Once some of the melted wax has soaked into your shoelace completely, turn off your candle/blow torch (if you are using one) and remove cold leftover liquid wax from your shoelace using a paper towel or tissue paper, etc. Be very careful during this step because any hot candle wax on the shoelace will harden as soon as it makes contact with air!
  • Once you’re done, thread your not-so-new wick through the edge of a jar cap or something similar that is wide enough for it to be threaded through. (If you don’t have any empty jar caps hanging around, use an empty bottle). If you are using a glass jar, ensure that there are no metal parts that might touch the hot candle wax and damage it before placing the threaded wick in the center of its mouth carefully – but quickly because if you take too long here, residual hot wax will start to cool down and form solid clumps at regular intervals along with your shoelace wick! Instead, wait for a few seconds until the melted wax at its tip coagulates, then remove it quickly from your wick holder and wind the elongated shoelace around itself to form a tight spiral. The more tightly you wind it up, the stronger your candle will be!

Precautions While Performing How to Make a Candle Wick Out of a Shoelace

Candle wicks made of shoelace are slightly dangerous when you burn them. When burning a candle, there is always the risk of fire and wax dripping. This is why it’s important to supervise children while making a candlewick out of shoelaces.

Any object that falls into a lit candle can start a fire, even if it is not necessarily flammable in its own state. This makes candles especially dangerous for children who will be using shoelaces as material to make their very own candles with the supervision of an adult. Therefore, the following steps should be taken no matter what material you use as your candle wick:

  • Be sure all materials used are away from open flames or heat sources.
  • Ensure the area where you are working is cleared of clutter and will not catch fire easily.
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher or water source nearby if something goes wrong.
Make Sure You Have a Fire Extinguisher
  or Water Source Nearby if
 Something Goes Wrong
  • Never leave your candle burning while unattended, even if it’s on an outside porch!  If left alone, the candle could tip over with disastrous results!  This is especially important when using shoelace as the material for your wick because when it burns, the wax will drip onto whatever surface the candle is sitting on.   If anything catches on fire, run to get a fire extinguisher immediately!  Even though shoelaces aren’t flammable by themselves, any fabric will catch fire if left long enough near a flame.
  • When you are working with or burning a shoelace wick, make sure no one is holding or wearing anything made of synthetic material such as artificial fibers such as rayon socks, polyester pants, etc.  If anyone touches the burning shoelace and their hand happens to be covered in these synthetics, it could cause friction that sparks!   This will result in a small burn injury and maybe even worse depending on what is being worn/held.

How to Use a Toothpick As A Candle Wick?

This article doesn’t just show you how to use a toothpick as a candle wick; it also shows you what the purpose of the little hole at the bottom is. If you don’t know about this feature, I’ll reveal it to you now-

The hole is used for control over where the flame will be dispersed from. It can help prevent soot and ensure that your flame grows in an upward direction. This is very common when making taper candles since they are not self-dipping like votive or tea light candles.

There are two ways to make a candle with a toothpick: The first method is used when making large diameter candles such as tapers or pillars, and the second method shows how small surface area candles such as votives or tea light candles are made.

When making large diameter candles, you can use a sharpened toothpick to dip the wick into your melted candle wax, then place it on your candle holder and let it cool. The hardest part of this method is attempting to get rid of all the little bits of wax that stick to the tip when dipping, but with some practice, this becomes easier.


I hope you have obtained a clear idea of how to make a candle wick out of a shoelace from this article. Also, ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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