How to Change the Color of Wood Furniture


Wood furniture is quite common in our houses, used for the decoration of our homes and for storing purposes. Sometimes we need to change the color of the furniture for suiting the interior’s d├ęcor, but we feel the lack of proper knowledge of applying the paint. For this reason today, we will discuss techniques on how to change the color of wood furniture, which will help beginner painters. If you have any old piece of wood furniture which needs a change of color, it would be the best to use a chalk paint. Chalk paint gives your furniture a beautiful matte finish with an excellent coverage of paint. It is quite easy to apply and can be used on any surface.

How to Change the Color of Wood Furniture


Many processes can be followed to change the color of wood furniture. This depends on the nature of the wood used for the construction of the furniture. For our readers’ better convenience, we have shortlisted some of the necessary steps that can be useful for painting wood furniture. These steps are stated below with proper simplification.

  • Step One

At first, you need to obtain the necessary things that are necessary for the entire process. You will need some sanding equipment, you can use sandpapers of higher grit, or you can use a sander machine. Then you will need paints that you want to apply to the furniture. You will need a wood filler and a screwdriver. Besides, you will also need paint brushes and Polycrylic coating for the furniture. Lastly, you will need some caulk for the sealing of the joints.

  • Step Two

After you have gathered all the necessary equipment for the process, you have to start the work. First, you have to mark the hardware attached to the furniture, which can be handles or locks. And using a screwdriver, you have to dismantle them. This should be done because the hardware will hinder the proper application of the paint. After you have put off all the hardware, you have to sand the furniture to make it smooth and ready for painting. The paint will not look good if you apply it on a non-smooth surface.

  • Step Three

Sometimes you may need to change the hardware of the furniture. In this case, you have to seal the screw holes that have been created for the previously installed hardware. You can use the wood filler for this process. Many companies sell these products. You have to apply this product in the holes using a putty knife, this will be much help, and after the wood filler is dried, you can sand it and repaint the surface.

Seal the Screw Holes
  • Step Four

The next step is cleaning the furniture that you want to paint. This is important because a proper paint coating will be firmly attached to the furniture’s surface when dust-free. In this case, we will be using the TSP solution. We have to mix it with water and then apply it to the furniture. Some specifications are needed to be followed for the application of the tsp liquid in your furniture. To mix the TSP solution, use 1/3 cup of TSP powder and add it to a gallon of water. This will become the cleaning solution for your furniture. It will be a concentrated liquid, so there is no need to use it full-strength.

In order to clean furniture with TSP, you must mix 16 cups of water for every 1 cup of TSP liquid. This ratio must be maintained. Next, you will need to use 3 cloths. One cloth will be soaked in the TSP mixed liquid and applied to the furniture. Next, you will need to take a bucket of fresh water and soak another cloth in it. This cloth will be used to wash off the TSP liquid from the furniture. Finally, you will need to use a dry, clean cloth to clean the furniture.

  • Step Five

After washing the furniture you have to sand the furniture, this is much needed because the furniture’s surface already has a coating and this should be removed before you apply the new paint. The former coating will hinder the attachment of the color. For this reason, we will be using four hundred grit sandpaper for the surfaces, and you can also use the sanding machines. And for the edges, we will be using the two hundred grit sandpaper. It would help if you remembered that the sanding process should be done against the grain’s direction.

  • Step Six

After you have sanded the furniture properly, you should start the painting process.  It would be best if you washed all the drawers and other compartments of the furniture before starting to paint. The selection of the paint is an essential process in this case. We apply primer before the color. Primer is an adhesive in liquid form, which helps maintain the paint’s easy attachment to the surface. But all the paints do not need a primer coating.

  • Step Seven

Before applying the paint, you must know the wood category that has been used for the construction of the furniture. If the wood is made of oak, you must apply primer before applying the paint, but for woods other than oak, you do not have to use any primer. So after the requirement of primer is judged, you should start the painting process. You must need one sash brush and one roller brush for painting.

Start the Painting Process
  • Step Eight

For applying the paint, you have to pour the paint in a paintbox. This will be essential because the arrangement of the paintbox will quickly reduce the dripping of extra color. You have to take the sash brush and then start applying the paint from the corners and the edges. After the edges, you have to switch to the rollers and then use paint on the furniture’s surface. Meanwhile, we must cover the sash brush with plastic so that the color does not get dried.

  • Step Nine

In this manner, you have to apply three coats of paint on the furniture. Next, you have to caulk the joints. A simple caulking gun can do this. This will be much effective to seal the joints and make the furniture rebuts. Lastly, you have to apply a layer of Polycrylic coating on the furniture. This will make the paint easily attached to the furniture, and the furniture will also remain protected from environmental issues. In this manner, the total of furniture can be painted.

How to Change the Color of Wood Furniture


In conclusion, we would like to state that the technique we have said here will help change your wooden furniture’s paint. The process will be beneficial, and the beginners interested in DIY activities can find many advantages. The painting skills will be much improved by adhering to the process. Thank you for your precious time. Happy painting! Have a nice day!!

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