How to Charge Huion Pen Without Charger


Huion Pen is a pen stylus designed for Huion’s Rechargeable art tablet. The same stylus can be used on non-rechargeable HUION tablets if the user inserts 4 AA batteries into the product before using it. This product is designed as essentially a regular peripheral that can be used with either rechargeable or non-rechargeable HUION tables. However, some users may still occasionally forget to charge their Huion pen. This article aims to share an easy way how to charge Huion pen without charger and supply you with detailed steps that you need to follow to make it work.

how to charge huion pen without charger

Advantages of Charging Your Pencil

There are several advantages of charging your pencil. First, you can use it on other electronic things with USB ports like cell phones or computer accessories. Second, this is a perfect alternative for chargers that don’t work anymore. You won’t have to repurchase another charger because you can use this method if the battery is not busted already.

Finally, it will be more convenient and easy if you already have a power bank, so you can instantly recharge your device without looking for an outlet near you. To do this, all you need to do is let the power bank suck out the electricity of the plug from the wall, and after it is done, you can now charge your huion pen again.

Step-wise Guide onHow to Charge Huion Pen Without Charger:

Before you start charging your Huion pen for the first time, make sure to charge the pack fully. Do this at least once so that you never run out of power while working on your project.

Reading instruction manual: It contains information about operating the battery, so you must read the instructions manual before starting to use Huion Pen.

Step 1:

Plugin the USB cable into the side port of the battery charger (Huion 1060 and up). Note: While plugging the USB cable into either end will trigger a connection via magnets contained within both ends. However, only one end will have enough juice to charge your pen, the side port.

Step 2:

Plugin another end of the USB cable into your computer or laptop.  Now, plug in a regular wall adapter to the other port on the battery charger.

Plug in a Regular Wall Adapter

Step 3:

You will notice that the power led will glow red for 10 seconds, and then it will turn off automatically. This indicates that your Huion Pen is now charging via a battery inside pen pressurized by wall adapter instead of directly via USB cable connected with Computer or Laptop. Huion Pen will be fully charged within an hour if you leave it like this (no need to unplug anything).

If you want to charge faster, remove the pen from the pen holder and put a good amount of pressure with your fingers over the hole towards the tip/end of the pen.  In approx 5-7 minutes, you will be able to see the led glowing redder and hotter indicating more power is being added than via USB cable. However, this charging time will vary with models.

Step 4:

Once fully charged, unplug everything: Remove Pen from pen holder; unplug wall adapter and take out the battery pack from inside pen pressurized by wall adapter instead of directly via USB cable connected with Computer or Laptop. Step 5: Follow up following the simple procedure mentioned above whenever you need to charge your Huion pen again.

Note: Make sure that you don’t simultaneously connect 2 devices rather than 1 device to your battery charger (Huion 1060) at a time, as this might damage both devices due to overload.

Note: If you need to use your pen for a long period of time while it is charging, unplug the battery pack from inside and continue working with a USB cable connected to the computer or laptop until your requirement is fulfilled

A USB Cable Connected  to the Laptop

Precautions While Charging Huion Pen Without Charger:

  • Don’t attempt to charge Huion pen with the charger package of other brands;
  • Don’t leave Huion device charging for a long time;
  • Forbid disassembling Huion pen while it is in charging or using non-genuine replacement parts.
  • The original USB cable and adapter are only available from the authorized distributor;
  • The voltage should be within 5V and do not exceed 5A current with 100V – 240V input supply 6VDC power output ;
  • The plug is polarized Be sure to observe the correct plug orientation when connecting your carger
  • Please don’t use damaged cables or loose connections
  • Confirm that the wall outlet you will plug.

How to Reset a Huion Pen?

If Huion Pen is not working and you find out that the pen does not have power or your pen has no response, then it’ll be a good idea to calibrate the pen. Huion Pen, which works on battery, may also require some time for calibration before use.

If you still haven’t any response from the pen, then it is suggested to reset it. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1:

Open your Huion Pen Box and remove the box lid. Please take out the Huion Pen tablet directly and find its two buttons below. These are called the left and right buttons, with their numbers indicated at the top right corner of these buttons. The Left Button has the number “1” printed on it, while the Right Button has Number zero (0). Now place your Huion pen on a flat surface with enough light for clear visibility, like your tabletop or drawing board. Don’t place it near an area where there’s direct sunlight as this may damage it permanently.

Step 2:

Look for a small button that’s located at the bottom of your pen. It has the letter “P” printed on it. Hold this button for about two to three seconds, and then release it immediately after seeing a red light flashing in front of you.

Use Original USB Cable and Adapter

Step 3:

Now, if you’ve done everything right, there should be a screen display in front of you with some lines written on it which are actually calibrating your Huion Pen tablet system. Once the calibration is finished, please take out your pen and check its response buttons to see functionality again. You may also close the lid and leave the box as it is because when you need to use your Huion Pen again, all you have to do is hold down the P key once again for few seconds.

Now, if, by chance, your pen won’t connect to the system even after doing all this, then it is suggested to switch off your Huion Pen and tablet directly. Should you still not get any response from it, leave it for about an hour and then try again because sometimes a warm-up period is also required to calibrate such devices. This may solve your purpose as far as the charging procedure is concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My Huion Tablet Is Charging?

Huion tablets have a charging indicator light that will let you know when the tablet is charging. If your tablet has a button on the back, it will also beep or make some other noise to indicate that it is charging.

Is Huion Better Than Wacom?

Huion is a relatively new company in the graphics tablet market. It has been operating since 2015 and is still growing with increasing demand for its products.

Wacom, on the other hand, has been around for decades and has an extensive product line-up of graphics tablets that offers a wide range of features.

The two companies are considered to be equally strong, but Huion does have some advantages over Wacom, such as:

• Huion’s graphic tablets have no driver software required, so they can be used right out of the box without any hassle.

• The hardware components are also durable which makes them ideal for use in classrooms or work environments where high levels of usage might occur.

• The affordable price point also makes it appealing to students or people who want a budget-friendly device that works well enough for their needs.

When Should I Change My Huion Pen Nib?

The lifespan of Huion pen nibs is about 4 months.

This is the average lifespan for a Huion pen. The pen nibs are expected to last longer, but the results may vary from person to person.

If you notice that your Huion pen nib has become very scratchy or has developed more friction than usual, it is time to change your nib and get a new one!

Nib Has Become Very Scratchy


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to charge Huion pen without charger. Thank you and have a nice day!

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