How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam


Air conditioner styrofoam is a type of insulation that is made from polystyrene, the chemical name for it is PS. PS can be in different forms and can be molded into any shape that the manufacturer wants. In air conditioning units, sheet styrofoam or spray foam can use as thermal insulation to protect components within the unit from outside heat and moisture. The most common material found in these air conditioners is ASR (Ammonium Sulfate Resin) which has a high resistance to fire and corrosion. However, when this material is heated, it releases chemicals known as nitric oxide. The effects of Nitric Oxide include headaches, coughing, sore throat, chest pain, nausea, etc. Cleaning these styrofoam units is very important for this reason today, I will discuss how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam.

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam

Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam

There are many benefits of window air conditioner styrofoam. One obvious benefit is that it is a great insulator, keeping cold or hot air in and preventing your home from becoming too hot or cold. Styrofoam also works as an insulator for noise, so even if you live on a busy street, you can usually enjoy peace inside your home.

Problems with  Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam: Unfortunately, as much as we all would like to keep styrofoam around forever, life becomes inconvenient when the material begins to deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions, insect infestations, or the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Suppose left uncared for long enough. That is exactly what will happen.

Why and When to Clean Window AC Styrofoam?  

The biggest reason for cleaning styrofoam is that, if left alone, it will begin to deteriorate quickly; once deteriorated, this material will be almost impossible to use and could become a real fire hazard. Suppose you have window air conditioning units in your home and live in an area with extreme weather changes. In that case, you may need to clean the styrofoam on your units twice per year or more often, depending upon how fast it has begun to deteriorate due to the nature of the environment around it.

Step-wise Guide on  How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam

Follow the Steps Given Below for Cleaning a Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam:

Step 1 – Turn off the power supply of your AC:

Then, let it cool down till you touch the metal parts with your hand or any sharp object for that matter, without getting hurt!

Step 2 – Cleaning the Outer Part: 

Clean the dirty outer part of your air conditioner using water and mild detergent. Use a soft cloth to clean it. Be careful not to get water inside because this may damage your AC unit further. Also, try not to use hard objects like brushes as they can leave scratches on the surface. Gently wash off any dirt/dust etc., from outside!

Clean the Dirty Outer Part

Step 3 – Cleaning the Inner Part:  

Slowly slide out the inner panel of your air conditioner. If you don’t want to take apart anything, you can wipe each part with a piece of cloth and clean water. You can also use an anti-bacterial cleaner for a better result. Let it dry!

Step 4 – Cleaning the Air Filters: 

Clean the outer surface of your air filter by using water and mild detergent. Then gently wash off any dirt/dust etc., from outside. Place it back on the unit after drying well!

Cleaning Air Filter

Step 5 – Switch On Your AC Unit:  

Switch on your AC unit and check if there are any leaks from anywhere in its body, or else feel free to call us!  We’ll be more than happy to help you out with any issues!

Step 6 – Troubleshooting:  

If you cannot clean off your AC unit’s dirt/dust particles after trying a few times, don’t worry. Instead, you must read through our troubleshooting articles and get answers to most of your queries about how to fix various issues related to an air conditioner.

Precautions While Learning How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam:

Here Are Some Precautions That You Need to Be Careful About While Cleaning the Foam of a Window Air Conditioner:

  • The foam is very delicate, so it can be damaged if the machine is not properly cleaned: maximum power should be used during the cleaning process, and the right amount of detergent should be used.
  • The proper type of foam for your machine must always be chosen: do not go for generic styrofoam but use the ones meant for your model! Generic styrofoams may damage your AC’s sensors or other parts, so using a proper kind is highly recommended.
  • Use only the specified cleaner for your AC window unit: this will help preserve it longer.
  • All the parts present in the AC should be washed thoroughly by using the right cleaning technique.
  • Some special detergents are now available to clean your air conditioners; you can consult with your manufacturer before buying these.
  • Do not use petroleum-based solvents on the foam of other plastics as it can cause discoloration and other harmful effects!
  • Important to note that the use of cleaners containing sodium hypochlorite, alcohols, and ammonia-like products may damage your unit, so do not rely too much upon these products!

What Insects Attract To Air Conditioner Foam?

What Insects Attract To Air Conditioner Foam

With a little common sense and research, you’ll usually be able to identify an infestation before it gets out of hand. The most common culprits behind infested foam panels are carpenter ants, flying termites, and dermestid beetles. These insects like the high-acid content in the Styrofoam, typically near areas where they can easily get inside your AC’s housing. If you’ve noticed any of these pests in or around your home, you may have a serious ant problem on hand.

How to Keep Insects Away From Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam?

So many people don’t know how to keep insects away from window air conditioner styrofoam.

Window ACs are a great way to cool off during dog days of summer, but they can be costly to run and use up some serious power! So if you’re looking for ways to get more out of your existing unit or if you want to prevent those horrible little flies and other critters from making themselves at home in the AC itself, here are some helpful tips:

Flying Insects As any spook show or haunted house worth its salt could tell you, there’s nothing quite as creepy as an insect flying around when it should be dead. Despite what Hollywood would have us believe, though, most flying bugs aren’t ghosts, and when it’s hot outside, they’re not going to manage to survive long.

How to Keep Insects Away From Window Air Conditioner Styrofoam

They need liquid water to live, and since they have no way of generating their own body heat or keeping themselves from drying out (they don’t even sweat!), that means there’s only one thing they can do if the temperature rises too high: move indoors. Most of the time, you shouldn’t have any problem shooing any such intruders away if you find them around your home, but sometimes they’ll get into small crevices where it’s hard to get at them.

The good news is that this means a single fly won’t be able to breed — just a handful of flies will quickly become swarms once conditions are right for them to start laying eggs. Some places are much more attractive to flying insects than others, so if you want to keep them out of your home, the best thing to do is avoid areas where they’re most likely to breed. Swampy or wooded areas that aren’t tended can be terrible, as well as any place with standing water, even just a really dirty birdbath! If you see a breeding ground like this nearby, find some way to fix it up so you don’t have other problems later on.

Damp clothes hanging outside will help attract flies from long distances away; once they land on the fabric, they’ll never leave! Keep all windows shut during dusk and dawn hours when many insects come out of hiding and search for food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Remove the Styrofoam From My Air Conditioner?

It is not recommended to remove the styrofoam from an air conditioner. Styrofoam can release harmful chemicals when heated, which can cause serious health problems.

What Is the Black Stuff Coming Out of My Air Conditioner?

Black stuff coming out of your air conditioner could be dust, dirt, or leaves. It is important to clean the unit regularly to prevent this from happening.

Can Black Mold Grow in Window Air Conditioners?

Black mold can grow in window air conditioners if the unit is not properly maintained and the conditions are right. To prevent black mold from growing, make sure to keep the following in mind:

• Keep the air conditioner clean. Clean it with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water every month. This will help remove any built-up dirt, dust, or debris.

• Do not overfill the reservoir. Overfilling can cause water to pool and allow mold to grow.

• Do not use the air conditioner if it has been damaged in any way. Damage may include a broken window, cracked frame, or missing parts.


Lastly, I hope you clearly understand how to clean a window air conditioner styrofoam. Ensure proper safety while performing the process; thank you, and have a good day!

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