How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames


How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames

Powder Coated Aluminium Window Frames are windows treated with a coating of aluminum powder, which is heated up into molten condition and then used to coat the window material. This type of material for windows was first developed in Australia during the 1960s as a quick, cheap, and effective alternative to using steel or wood for constructing large buildings such as shops, schools, and office blocks. Today I am going to discuss a process on how to clean powder coated aluminum window frames.

Step-wise Guide on How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames

To keep them looking new, you should clean them regularly so as not to attract dirt, grime, or other unwanted debris that could otherwise ruin the look of your building.

Here Are Some Simple Tips for Cleaning These Frames:

Step 1:

After gathering your cleaning materials together (i.e., a bucket, soft sponge, water, and some mild dishwashing detergent), you should first remove any dirt that is on the frame itself by rubbing it gently with your hands or using a clean cloth to wipe away the debris.

Step 2:

Next, soak the corner of a slightly dampened sponge in warm water and then squeeze out excess liquid from it – make sure there are no dripping drops left behind; otherwise, these could drip onto the cloth when later used for polishing purposes!

Step 3:

Rub this wet sponge across all parts of the frame until each part looks shiny again – do not forget to scrub hard to get rid of stubborn grime, but also be careful not to use too much pressure to prevent scratching the finish.

Step 4:

After doing this, remove the grime by wiping it off with a clean, soft sponge.

Step 5:

Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe gently across all parts of the frame to get rid of any water drops or moisture that could have gotten left behind in the process – do not use your fingers to rub these small areas!

Step 6:

Once you are done cleaning the frame, make sure to remove any leftover residue from it before it dries out – if you let this happen while being indoors, then condensation (which can be harmful) could appear on your windows and doors.

Another thing worth noting is that even though aluminum frames are more durable than their wooden counterparts, they too require extra care to ensure they last you a long time!

Cleaning Window Frame

Precautions While Performing How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames:

  • It’s not necessary to clean the aluminum powder-coated window frames often. Otherwise, it will cause damage to them.
  • The cleaning should be done with soft cloth material, which can remove dirt from the surface of the frame smoothly. Using other hard objects such as paper or plastic while cleaning may create scratches on the surface of the window frames.
  • While cleaning, some dust particles stick on it, then use polish cloths to remove dust particles.
  • The surface of the window frames will be damaged if it is cleaned with acid or alkali products. So if you want to use them, take professional advice.
  • Don’t use any kind of polishing agents and materials to clean the window frames. Otherwise, they will get scratched easily. An only a soft cloth should be used for cleaning purposes.
  • If you will clean your aluminum powder-coated window frames, which are old and have built-up grime, then sandpaper can be used to remove different levels of dirt from these objects according to their condition (old or new).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Use Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames?

Powder-coated aluminum window frames are commonly used for energy efficiency. The powder coating keeps the window frame from gaining or losing heat and reduces overall outside noise that can come into the room. Powder-coated aluminum has been known to last up to 15 times longer than other types of coatings found on windows frames. These frames are also much more impact resistant, durable, and have a greater UV resistance due to their coating.

Use Powder Coating To Aluminium

This is beneficial not only for your home but also in commercial spaces, including hospitals, airports, and schools. If you own a business, your customers must be pleased by the cleanliness of your building which contributes greatly to how they feel about your company or services being provided. Ensuring thIn addition, the enduringness of these brittle frames is important to your business’s overall presentation, which can positively impact you and your staff.

How to Prepare the Solution for Cleaning Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames?

Additional products required to prepare the cleaning solution to clean powder-coated aluminum window frames are distilled water, alcohol, and vinegar. The procedure is the same as preparing a glass cleaner for washing windows.

The most important aspect of preparing this cleaning solution is that none of these products must be mixed with any other detergent or soap. It could affect the quality of cleaning resulting in discoloring the surface or peeling off the coating from your window frames. Also, do not use this solution when a new coat is applied on your window frame within 10 days of applying it because the newly applied coating might come off. If you have accidentally done that, remove what has stuck to your windows using cool hard water, and after that, rewash your windows with this solution.

Another important aspect of this solution is that the resulting damage can be severe if it is not prepared properly. So always prepare this solution as mentioned above; otherwise, there will be no effect on your window frames. Also, do not ever use vinegar mixed with alcohol or any other cleaning solution to clean powder-coated aluminum window frames because it would result in clogging the pores of your window frame, and a layer would start forming, making it difficult for them to accept paint.

This layer Furthermore, thisot be removed from the surface, making it even more difficult to paint and further requiring stripping all over again, after which you have to use wax to protect your windows before painting them.

What are The Alternatives of  Powder Coated Aluminum Window Frames?

If you are looking for alternatives to powder coated aluminum window frames, you should purchase some high-quality wooden frames and then paint them using good quality paint.

You can also use paper-printed patterns as an alternative to the frame. In fact, there are various ways by which you can come up with something new and fresh whenever it comes to decorating your house or office building.

Wooden Frame

Added Advantage: The Opportunity To Create Something Unique

One of the biggest advantages of using these frames as an alternative is that they give you a chance to create something out of nothing. You can easily find numerous designs in magazines and newspapers that will go well with your windows. What’s more? The advantage extends beyond this; it is not always necessary to use the designs you find in magazines and newspapers.

The fact is, if you are creative enough, you can create something unique for your house window through some simple tools such as pencils and paper. Those who don’t have any experience in drawing designs for their home windows can also refer to various guides available online or make copies of pictures from art books.


I hope you have learned how to clean powder coated aluminum window frames from this article. Always take professional help before using the utensils. Thank you, and have a good day!

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