How to Clean Wax Melter

A wax melter is a great tool for people who enjoy making their own candles. However, if you’ve ever tried to melt your candle wax in the microwave or on top of the stove, you know that it can be difficult and messy.

With a wax melter, all you need to do is place your wickless candle inside and turn it on. It allows the heat from the light bulb to melt down your wax so that you can easily pour it into molds or containers. In this article, we’ll go over how to clean wax melter properly, as well as some safety precautions when using one at home. 

How to Clean Wax Melter

Reason to Clean Wax Melter:

You might be wondering why you need to clean the wax melter after using it. After all, pull out your candle and put in a new one! In fact, over time, melted wax will build up inside the machine’s reservoir and eventually cause problems with its performance.

If you have a large collection of candles that you use for different purposes, you may find yourself frequently cleaning wax residue from your wax melter. Once you see the buildup, it will be difficult to go back to letting your machine become dirty and clogged.  

Materials You Needs:

7 ways on How to Clean Wax Melter:

Way 1#  Remove the Reservoir.

The first step is to remove the reservoir from your wax melter. This part will either slide out or lift, depending on which machine you own. When removing it, be careful not to burn yourself on any of the machine’s parts that are still hot.

Be Careful Not to Burn Yourself

Way 2#  Take the Reservoir Outside.

After removing your melted wax reservoir, take it outside. You will need to empty the melted wax of the reservoir and clean away any remaining candle pieces inside it. This part can get very messy and sticky, so you should do it in a well-ventilated area if possible.

Way 3#  Pour the Melted Wax Out.

Before cleaning your reservoir, turn it upside down over a bucket or trash can lined with a large paper bag. Slowly pour out all of the leftover wax until there is nothing left inside. If this doesn’t work for you, try using pliers to remove the inner ends of the wicks before emptying the melted wax.

Way 4#  Soak and Rinse It Away.

Once you’ve poured out all of the wax, pour in equal parts white vinegar and water into the reservoir. This will help to dissolve any remaining pieces of melted wax inside it. Let your mixture soak for about fifteen minutes before using a bottle brush to clean out the small crevices where leftover candle pieces are hiding.

Way 5#  Dry It Off.

When cleaning your reservoir with a vinegar solution, be sure to rinse all traces of it away before drying it with a lint-free cloth. Afterward, you can remove the wick remnants from earlier by wiping them with another towel or cloth until they come loose easily.

Way 6#  Let It Air Dry Overnight.

After cleaning your reservoir, let it air dry before putting anything back inside of it. It should be entirely dry before you insert candles into it, or try to use your wax melter again. If not, the candles will melt too slowly and cause a safety hazard for anyone using them.

Way 7#  Reassemble Everything Back Together.

Before reassembling your melted wax reservoir, plug in your wax melter first. Then, carefully fit the reservoir back inside its machine so that it is firmly seated on all sides without being crooked or misaligned whatsoever. This part can be tricky if you are unsure about how to put things back together again properly. Consider watching a tutorial video online before trying this again on your own.

Why You Should Clean Wax Melter:

If you’re wondering why you need how to clean wax melter, look no further than your candles. Over time, they’ll build up residue from the melted wax inside your machine, which can cause problems with its performance. For example, if the machine’s reservoir is too full of melted wax, it may not handle the candle that you place inside.

In addition, the heat from the light bulb may not be enough, and your machine will turn off or stop working altogether.

Another reason to clean wax melter is because of safety. When melted wax builds up inside your reservoir, it can become hot and potentially dangerous for anyone using it. It can cause a fire, and if you have children or pets, this could be very dangerous. Cleaning your wax melter regularly will eliminate any potential problems so that you can use your machine safely.

Some Suggestions and Warnings:

Letting it cool Down


-Plan ahead for when you want to clean your wax melter so that it has time to dry out after. If you don’t, the machine will melt your candles very slowly because of its excess wax.

-If you have a large collection of wax melters that you use for parties or different occasions, consider buying an extra reservoir to save time.

-Never stick your hands into your wax melter’s reservoir to clean it. This may cause you to get burned from the melted wax.


When cleaning your wax melter, make sure not to use anything sharp or abrasive on the inside of the reservoir. This could damage the machine’s heating element, which will make it difficult to use. It may also cause the hot wax to spill or spray onto you when using it in the future.

It would help if you did not try to clean your wax melter while it is still hot. After removing its reservoir and letting it cool down, you can only begin cleaning with vinegar and water.


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