How to Count Garter Stitch Rows

Are you having trouble counting rows in a garter stitch pattern? Not to worry, as it can make your project look unattractive if misaligned. Counting rows doesn’t have to be daunting; with the right techniques and guidance, you’ll have no problem achieving perfectly aligned garter stitch patterns each time.

In this blog post, we will explain the various ways to count rows quickly and accurately while working a garter stitch project so that you may produce beautiful results every time!

How to Count Garter Stitch Rows

If you’re an experienced knitter, chances are that one of the most common methods of creating patterns and designs with your knitting is garter stitch. It may come as a surprise to some how versatile this single stitch can be; from using it for an entire blanket to more complex colorwork projects like striped socks.

While garter stitch looks simple enough, knowing how many rows you’ve knit can at times prove challenging – which is why today we’re going to explore the best tips on how to count garter stitch rows!

Why May You Want to Count Garter Stitch Rows?

1. To Accurately Measure Your Work

One of the main reasons to count Garter stitch rows is to make sure your project is the right size. Knowing how many rows you’ve knitted allows you to measure the length or width of your project accurately.

2. To Keep Track of Pattern Instructions

If you’re working from a pattern, it often helps to keep track of how many rows you’ve completed. That way you know when it’s time to switch up the pattern stitch. Counting rows can also help you keep track of any increases or decreases that may be part of your pattern instructions.

3. To Create Symmetrical Pieces

If you’re creating a project that requires symmetry, counting Garter stitch rows will help you achieve a uniform look. Knowing how many rows you’ve knitted allows you to make sure both sides of your project are the same size and shape.

Now that we know why counting Garter stitch rows is important, let’s move on to learning how to count them.

10 Ways About How to Count Garter Stitch Rows

1. Use a Row Counter to Keep Track

This is the most straightforward way to count garter stitch rows and the least likely to cause confusion or forgetfulness. Simply click the counter each time you finish a row, and your number of rows will be easily accounted for.

2. Make Use of Markers

Place a Marker Where You Start the Row

Another helpful way to count garter stitch rows is to use markers. Simply place a marker where you start the row, and move it up each time you complete one. This will help you keep track of which row you’re on and provide an easy reference point.

3. Use a Stitch Marker Within Each Row

If using a single marker isn’t enough for your project, you can also place a stitch marker within each row. This will help you remember if you’ve already completed the row and make your counting even more accurate.

4. Utilize Yarn Tails

If you’re working in the round, creating an extra yarn tail with each round can be helpful for counting garter stitch rows. Tie the tail in a simple knot and leave it hanging to mark each row.

5. Record Each Row on Paper

Writing down the number of rows you complete can help jog your memory if you’re unsure how many you’ve done. Simply keep a small notebook or piece of paper beside your project, jotting down each row as you complete it.

6. Count Every Other Row

If your project is simple enough, you can count every other row to help keep track. This will make the counting easier and provide a reference point if you need to look back on which rows have been completed.

7. Take Pictures

Taking progress pictures is one of the best ways to keep track of where you are in any project. By taking snapshots along the way, you can easily reference which rows you’ve completed.

8. Make Use of a Graph

Keeping Track of Garter Stitch Rows

If your project is a bit more complicated or has multiple colors and patterns, creating a graph can be useful for keeping track of garter stitch rows. This will give you an easy visual guide to follow when counting.

9. Connect the Dots

For projects that contain many sections of garter stitch, you can use paper and pen to keep track. Simply draw little dots or circles for each row as you complete it and connect them with lines when needed.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

The most important thing to remember when counting garter stitch rows is practice! The more often you do it, the better and more accurate you will become.

By following these 10 tips, counting garter stitch rows will be easier and less confusing. With a little practice and the right techniques, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress without any issues! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Frequently Asked Question

What Precautions Should I Take Before Attempting to Count Garter Stitch Rows?

Before attempting to count garter stitch rows, it is important to ensure that you have a good understanding of the process. Be sure to take note of both the purl and knit stitches, as this will help you identify each row.

Additionally, be mindful of your tension when knitting – if your tension is too tight, it will be difficult to identify each row. Lastly, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the pattern you’re knitting so that you can keep track of the stitches as you go.

What Are Some Helpful Tips for Counting Garter Stitch Rows?

When counting garter stitch rows, it can be helpful to mark each row as you go, either by placing a stitch marker in every other row or using a different colored yarn for counting.

Additionally, it can be helpful to count one stitch at a time, rather than trying to count the entire row all at once. Lastly, if you make a mistake while counting rows, don’t worry – just go back and start counting again so that you don’t lose track.

Using a Different Colored Yarn for Counting

How Do I Know If I’ve Counted the Right Number of Garter Stitch Rows?

If you’ve been keeping track as you go, it should be easy to tell if you’ve counted the right number of garter stitch rows. However, if you are still unsure, compare the number of rows you’ve counted to the pattern you are knitting. If the numbers match up, then you know that you have counted correctly. Additionally, keeping a tally of each row as you go can help ensure accuracy.

What Should I Do if I Make a Mistake While Counting Garter Stitch Rows?

If you make a mistake while counting garter stitch rows, don’t panic – just go back and start counting again from the beginning. As long as you have kept track of each row, it should be easy to locate where you made the mistake so that you can correct it. Additionally, if necessary, take a few moments to review your pattern before continuing with the project. This will help ensure accuracy and prevent you from having to rip out your work and start over.

Can I Use a Stitch Counter for Counting Garter Stitch Rows?

Yes, you can use a stitch counter to count garter stitch rows. This device can be helpful in keeping track of the rows as you go, while also helping to prevent mistakes. Additionally, it eliminates the need for counting each row manually, which can save time and make knitting more enjoyable.

However, be sure to check the instructions for your specific stitch counter as some may require different techniques for counting garter stitch rows. With practice, you should be able to achieve accurate counts in no time.

Are There Any Other Tips or Tricks I Should Know About Counting Garter Stitch Rows?

Yes! One of the best tips for counting garter stitch rows is to practice, practice, practice. If you find yourself struggling with counting each row accurately, take a few moments to focus on the pattern and develop an understanding of how it works. Additionally, be sure to pay attention to changes in tension while knitting – if your tension becomes too tight or loose, it can interfere with the accuracy of your counts.

Use a Stitch Counter to Count Garter Stitch Rows


Counting garter stitch rows is a great way to ensure accurate measurements of your knitting projects. It may seem daunting at first, but the practice will soon become second nature to any knitter or crocheter. The key is to relax and take your time, counting each ridge and becoming comfortable with the rhythm of the project. 

Now you know many ways how to count garter stitch rows! Beyond that, it’s simply a matter of learning a few tips and tricks so you can count with confidence. Knowing how to count this type of stitch is an easy way to create even, consistent fabric. This craft was already calming for its repetitive nature in itself – now it can be much more accurately and confidently enjoyable with counting garter stitch rows!

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