How to Cut the Cardboard in a Beret

To cut the cardboard in a beret, you will need a sharp pair of scissors. First, cut out a circular piece of cardboard that is slightly larger than the desired size of your beret. Next, cut a small hole in the cardboard center and use it as a guide to cut out the beret’s shape.

Trim any excess cardboard until the beret fits snugly around your head. This blog post will show you how to cut the cardboard in a beret. This is a great way to make your old beret new again. We will also show you how to make a band for your beret. So keep reading this blog post till the end!

How to Cut the Cardboard in a Beret

10 Ways on How to Cut the Cardboard in a Beret

1. Adjust the Inner Drawstring

When you have a finished beret, take it apart and remove the inner drawstring. If there is glue on the string from where it was glued to the inside of the cap, then use a sharp or serrated knife for scratching off any leftover bits of dried glue.  

2. Cut Where Not Present

It can be hard to gauge where to cut the cardboard when not present. You can either estimate and eyeball it or stick a toothpick through the bottom of the beret and mark where to cut with a marker on both sides.  

3. Cut the Tag and Remove the Lining

Remove any strings from the tag and cut the cardboard where the line marks it. Discard the lining or use it to make a pincushion.

4. Sizing the Top of the Beret

Cut out a piece of cardboard that is 2-inches by 3 1/2 inches. Make sure it fits inside of your headband. Cut off the corners on one end, so your head does not hit against any rough edges when you wear it.  

5. Cutting the Headband

Make sure that your headband is a few inches longer than your cardboard piece. If not, then cut down your headband until it is the correct length. Next, cut the headband at an angle, so you have half of a cone to slide your cardboard in.

Cut Down Headband

6. Use a Marker to Trace the Hat Shape

Push the toothpick through the top of the hat to pee through both sides of the cardboard. Then, use a marker to trace where you removed the tag and lining. Finally, wrap some tape around your finger and put it inside the beret.

7. Shave the Beret With a Disposable Razor

Start at the top of your beret and shave off a row or two of cardboard. You must do this slowly and carefully so you don’t cut through the berets fabric. If you do happen to cut it, try using a lighter to melt away any frayed edges around your cuts.

8. Hold Your Cardboard in Place

Hold your cardboard piece in place and grab a couple of binder clips. Attach them to one side and then attach them to the other side so that they do not slip. As you cut your beret, remove the clips and use them on the next one.

Hold Cardboard Piece in Place

9. Lightly Wring Out Any Excess Water

Wash out your beret and lightly wring out any excess water. We will flatten our hat using a few dryer sheets to help speed up the process. You can also use a book to flatten out the beret if you do not have a dryer.

10. Place Your Sock Over Your Hanger

Use your sock as a makeshift hanger and slip it over the clamp of a clothes hanger until it is comfortably slung between both sides. The hanger must be able to spin freely so the beret can dry without ruining any creases in it.

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Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions

1. Make sure you have large enough cardboard to make a hat.

2. Measure your head, measure your cardboard, and cut the right dimensions (length and width).

3. Make sure to use paper scissors when cutting anything because if you accidentally go too deep, you could cut yourself with an x-acto knife.

Use Paper Scissors for Cutting

4. Protect your surface. Put your cardboard on a table or other flat surface before cutting it.

5. Cut the entire piece of cardboard at once and try to cut in one smooth movement without stopping in the middle and going back over it. This will reduce any jagged edges.

6. It’s hard to fold a beret, so you might want to make a strip of cardboard and tape it together to go around the edge, folding the sides in.

7. Make sure to use plenty of glue when gluing your beret together; this will make it less likely to fall apart later.

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Cut the Cardboard in a Beret?

There are no specific measurements, although it is best not to wait too long before starting the process. However, cutting out the cardboard in a beret can take as much time as possible.

1. Outline the size according to the desired beret to cut the cardboard in.

2. Trace around the outline with a marker or pen. Draw another line, about half an inch closer in, around it for extra stability.

3. Cut along these two lines to complete your pattern.

4. Cut a circle of a different color of paper, bigger than the cardboard you will be cutting out.

5. Dab glue on one side of the cardboard and place it on another piece of felt, lining up with where the pencil line was made previously.

6. Trace around the outside of it to find its exact size and shape.

7. Cut the pattern out with the exacto knife.

How Are You Supposed to Cut the Cardboard in a Beret?

The directions for this project are fairly straightforward. They state to cut the cardboard in a way that will produce two identical pieces. These two pieces are supposed to be used as one of the sides for the cone-shaped beret, while the other is attached by sewing. Incorrectly cutting your cardboard can have consequences ranging from uselessness to disfiguring disappointment.

To correctly cut your cardboard, you need to make a template. Follow these easy steps:

1. In the center of a piece of cardboard, draw a vertical line as long as half of your circle (the radius) is wide.

2. Draw two diagonal lines that connect on both ends to form an X within the circle. These are the cut lines.

3. The template is now complete! Cut along the two diagonal lines, discard one of these pieces, and have your template for cutting the cardboard in a beret shape.

Remember to cut out two templates so that each piece can be used to produce half of the cone-shaped hat!

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To cut the cardboard in a beret, you will need a sharp blade and a steady hand. First, cut out the circular shape of the beret using a compass or something similar. Next, make small cuts around the circle’s edge until it is frayed. Finally, pull on each strand of cardboard to create the desired fluffiness.

Your beret should now have a unique and stylish look if done correctly. We hope this blog post on how to cut the cardboard in a beret has been helpful. Have you ever tried cutting a beret from cardboard? What tips would you add? Let us know in the comments below!

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