How to Cut Through a Mason Jar Lid


Do you want to study the perfect process of how to cut through a Mason jar lid? This article is the best possible solution if the answer is yes.

For your easy understanding of this content, we will discuss a step-by-step method of cutting through a Mason jar lid with some safety measures. Upload a vintage contact for your restroom or kitchen with this honest DIY!

How to Cut Through a Mason Jar Lid

Snatch a container of your preferred fluid hand cleanser and a bricklayer container. You could cause them to be extraordinary by bathing, painting the tops, painting a plan on them, or in any event, making your names utilizing urgent tape.

Summary: In order to cut through a mason jar lid, you’ll need a sharp knife, some pliers, and a little bit of patience. Hold the lid in one hand and use the other to grip the edge of the blade near the top. Twist the blade around the lid until it cuts through. Be careful not to cut yourself!

Required Materials:

  • Drill with a masonry bit (or the appropriate size for your jar)
  • Screwdriver or pry bar to open the lid of jars

You may also need:

  • Hammer and nail

A Process on How To Cut Through A Mason Jar Lid:

Process One

  1. “Heat a knife in the oven or use a blowtorch. Hold it against the lid for about five seconds, and then place it on top of the jar’s opening edge. Use glass shears to cut through the metal sealant that is holding together the two pieces of metal.”
  2. If using a sharpie marker, hold down firmly while drawing around both ends until they are separated. This will make cutting easier when needed later on by avoiding making unnecessary cuts with shears first because you won’t have any other choice but to go back over those lines once more if spots need an additional try.
  3. Use your fingers to pry out one side at a time after breaking apart enough so there is room between them.
  4. Hold together the top and bottom edges of one side to provide a space for your fingers, then use them to pry out the other end.
  5. If using shears, make sure not to cut too deep, or you will have an open hole on that side instead of being able to twist off it more easily. Also, cutting from each other’s sides is not as difficult with two people working together at once.
  6. Twist until you hear a satisfying click sound, which means it’s been freed from the jar.
Using a Sharpie Marker

Process Two

  1. Void the cleanser from its unique compartment and put it in a safe spot.
  2. Follow the kickoff of the first cleanser bottle within the level aspect of the bricklayer container cover.
  3. Put the top on the bricklayer container, topsy turvy with the circle appearing. Utilizing a screwdriver and sled, tap out around the hover layout. Ease any unsightly edges with forceps. Make sure it suits the most straightforward cozily over the jug beginning.
  4. Turn the cleanser bottle, and cast off the pinnacle only underneath the strings.
  5. Paint the covers at the event.
  6. When dry, stick the cleanser container’s head to the level aspect of the artisan container top.
  7. Empty cleanser over into bricklayer container, and append top with new siphon!


  • Do not apply too much pressure to the lid, or it may break.
  • Place a towel over your hand because glass shards will fly everywhere when you cut through the lid.
  • Take care of any cuts immediately by rinsing them under cold water and applying pressure until the bleeding stops.

Expert Opinions:

  • The easiest way to cut through a Mason jar lid is with a serrated knife. Hold the knife’s blade at an angle and run it around all four edges of the top, cutting deep enough into each edge until you’ve broken through all three layers.
  • The second most popular method for opening a glass canning jar says that if you don’t have a can opener handy, unscrew the two metal clamps holding down either side of the ring near where they meet in the center above threads; then apply pressure on opposite sides while twisting up or down to break seal–may take some strength depending on how tight clamping was done originally.
  • A third option is using boiling water by submerging the entire circumference of the jar lid in boiling water for 30 seconds to loosen the metal seal.
  • Another option is placing a cloth over the top of the jar, turning it upside down, and shaking it vigorously.
  • Yet another way to break open glass canning jars without an opener means using something that has weight or power: hammer, rock, brick–pick your weapon. It should be heavy enough so when you hit one side with force, it creates enough momentum to break through another side as well.
Glass Canning Jars


Lastly, we would say following the steps mentioned above; you can quickly learn how to cut through a Mason jar lid effectively. Thus, you can apply this acquired knowledge in your practical work to achieve the desired outcome you have been looking for for a while!

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