How To Decorate Styrofoam Balls


That is precisely how we’ve completed selecting the top handmade Christmas decorations to create this year, with designs ranging from nostalgic to personalize (and some kiddy decorations).

Although such innovative Christmas project concepts vary in skill set and price range, many seem to be inexpensive and crafted from stuff you’ve got across the houses like kitchen rope, thread, and random pine needles. Of course, with the go-to store-bought choices (such as Mom’s favorite antique items!), you could also pair such simple-to-make decorations.

How To Decorate Styrofoam Balls

Processes On How To Decorate Styrofoam Balls

Process One

  • Use a lighter and melt the ends of a styrofoam ball. Allow it to cool for about five minutes so as not to burn your fingers.
  • Add floral wire, ribbon, or other ornamentation by wrapping around the inside of the melted area on one end of the ball. Again, be careful when handling hot items!
  • Carefully place another styrofoam ball with its opposite side against this first one in an even manner, keeping both balls upright at all times. The melted edges should now touch each other and form what looks like a “double bubble.”
  • Do this two more times until you have three stacked Styrofoam balls that are supported by their melting edges from becoming separated too far apart.
  • Insert a pencil or other solid object into the center of your three stacked Styrofoam balls. This will act as inner support for all six surfaces you are about to cover in tissue paper and paint layers.
  • Using cut pieces from various colors of tissue paper, carefully layer one color over another on each side of the stack so that when viewed from above, it looks like this: red/gold (top), green/yellow (middle), and blue/silver(bottom). Repeat with different combinations until you have covered every surface.Using tissue paper on Styrofoam Balls
  • Carefully use Mod Podge to glue these same colored tissues onto individual sides at a time using small but generous amounts – not too thickly! Allow them to dry completely before moving to the next color combination.
  • Repeat this process for each of your six surfaces until you are happy with the result and have glued on all layers.
  • When every surface has dried completely (usually overnight), carefully use a craft knife or other sharp object to cut off any pieces that may be sticking out too far from the ball’s shape – it will save time later.
  • Carefully insert these loose parts back into where they belong to ensure proper coverage throughout. This step is optional but can help create cleaner edges if done correctly.
  • Finish by adding one last layer of Mod Podge over the entire ball; this will seal up any gaps left behind and provide an additional protective barrier against water exposure.
  • Let the ball dry for an additional hour or two before using it as a decoration!

Process Two

This site is filled with the holiday favorites you learn and enjoy, like stars, fairy wings, red, green, and white. And also, don’t stress. Balls made from styrofoam are pleasant to be used in art pieces. You could color them, put in toothpicks, attach eyes and sense them, transform them into machines, the list begins. We provide lots of styrofoam ball projects, and children enjoy them.

It’s time to assemble across the forest! It may be easy to purchase your Christmas lights; however, when it arrives at designing your apartment’s most cheerful tree, everybody understands that handmade Christmas decors are the perfect method to develop a tree full of excitement and positive vibes — not to mention that this provides for a fun Christmas event for the whole community. These crafted lovelies proudly display the standard variations of red, yellow, and orange with the range of designs they show so unique and stunning.

Styrofoam Balls Christmas tree

Styrofoam pieces, colorful felt, severribbons, tassels, as well as some crystal headpieces once placed with each other to make such Homemade Felt and Ribbon decorations with the support of simple materials, such as several design sticks, adhesive, marker, and rotating cutter, could appear to be wonderfully artistic and fun-filled executions for your Xmas tree which your guests will undoubtedly enjoy! It appears that it’ll really be a really crafty night!

Some Tips to Remember

If you are not fond of gluing surfaces, try taping them instead. This will offer more control and less chance of sticking too much paper down on one spot, but don’t forget to peel off the tape afterward so that any glue drips from previous steps do not stick onto your project.


We have stated several options for decorating styrofoam balls. But you must ensure all the techniques are safe before performing the task. And it would help if you also were very careful while using paint and other chemicals.

Check it out to learn to paint craft foam.

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