How to Destroy Walls in Rust


Thousands of people around the world play many online games. Among them, Rust has become an acme, and it is one of the best survival games available on the internet. There is a considerable hype of this game, and sometimes gamers also face some difficulties while playing this game. Destroying the walls are also an essential part of the game. For this reason, today we are going to show you some techniques on how to destroy walls in Rust, this will be beneficial for the players.

How to Destroy Walls in Rust


Many ways can be incorporated to destroy walls in Rust, but this requires some specific instruments. The gamer should possess them adequately for having a proper demolition of the walls. The most common methods for this process are stated below:

  • Method One

The first thing you have to determine is the health of the wall and the damage rate of the weapon that you are willing to use for the demolition. The pickaxe is one of the most common weapons for the destruction used in the game because it is available with all the gamers. The pickaxe’s damage is only six, so you will need many pickaxes for the demolition purpose. For your better convenience, we are assuming the wall heath to be five hundred.

  • Method Two

How to Destroy Walls with Beancan grenade in Rust

Another important weapon is the Beancan grenade, and you can quickly get hold of this weapon once you have started playing the game for some time. The damage done by each of these grenades is eleven numeric values. For the destruction of the wall with five hundred health, you will need forty-six of these grenades.

  • Method Three

The next weapon in our list the F1 grenade. This is much higher in terms of the hit points and damage. The damage caused by this weapon is twenty-three. For the wall with the health of five hundred, you will require almost twenty-two of these grenades. This will work properly, and your wall will be destroyed.

  • Method Four

The next weapon that you can use for this technique is the satchel charge. This is a cluster of explosives in the bag. The damage of this explosive is fifty-one. So you can quickly get ten of these to destroy your wall. Again you can also use rocket launcher for this technique. The rocket’s damage is much greater than the satchel charge, which is one hundred and thirty-seven, so you will need less of this to destroy the wall.

  • Method Five

Lastly, you can use the most offensive weapon which is the C4, this has the most significant damage of about two hundred and seventy-five, so you can quickly destroy the walls using much less of this weapon. But getting hold of this weapon in the game is much cumbersome. You have to be a professional-grade player to get this weapon.


How to Destroy Walls in Rust2


Lastly, we hope that the methods we have exhibited here to destroy the walls in Rust can be helpful for the gamers. This will provide them, various opportunists, including the alternatives for suppressing the walls. Gaming skills can be highly developed in this manner. Happy gaming! Have a beautiful day!!

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