How to Do Huichol Beading

Huichol is a particular type of beading introduced by the mountain people in the North of Mexico. This ornaments manufactured using this technique can be easily worn, and you can also deploy any design while making the jewelry. Today we are going to provide you a stepwise solution on how to do Huichol beading, this will be an excellent manner to learn for the beginners, and beautiful ornaments can be prepared from this technique.


For performing this unique beading technique, you will require some elements which will be much helpful for completing the entire process. At first, you will need to have a pattern that you want to make, you can download them from the internet, or you can easily be made by yourself. Next, you will need the size of eleven beads. They are much suitable for this case. Then it would help if you had sewing threads and the needle to perform the whole process.


For having a clear understanding of the Huichol beading, we will be discussing the process of making an earring. The steps involved in this process are detailed below chronologically.

Step One

In this step, at first, you have to gather all the required elements that we have already mentioned. Next, you have to take the needle and insert the thread in the needle. Then you have to tie a knot to the needle so that the thread remains firmly attached to the needle. Then you have prepared the design that you want to use for making the earring.

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Step Two

In this step you have to take the beads and arrange them separately according to the color, this is done because the design that you have prepared may include color combination and in this case, it is better that you keep the beads separately for your ease of access, and this will also save sometime for the user while performing the task

Step Three

In this part, you have to gather the wheels that you will use for the cart and then attach them. For this, you will also need bearings. You have to install the bearings in the wheels, once you have commenced this work you have to use the sandpaper to rub the bearing after installation, and in this manner, the binding will be much imported.

Step Four

Now you have to take the beads one after another and attach them to form a circle, this is done in the reasonable sewing manner, and the after the ring at the center is managed, you will go for the petals. The petals are much comfortable to perform. Just change the color of the bead and start attaching them using the needle.

Step Five

At last, you have to make the tassel of the earring, and for this, you can start by attaching bead to the petals of one side. Make sure to keep the gap between the dots and do not make them tightly connected. Next, you have to give a double knot on the top of the design to allow you to attach the hook properly. In this manner, the whole earing can be prepared from Huichol beading.


In conclusion, we can assure you that the process that we have mentioned here on commencing the Huichol technique of beading will be beneficial for you. Especially for beginners, it is a great way to improve their DIY skills. Happy crafting! Have a good day!!

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