How to Do Tatting with a Crochet Hook


Tatting a special kind of crochet used to make advanced design, the persons who are willing to learn this technique must gather much knowledge about performing the crochet. This process requires both the method of a needle as well as the hand gestures. For this reason, today, we will suggest a chronological procedure on how to do tatting with a crochet hook. You can easily use follow this process and learn this technique.

How to Do Tatting with a Crochet Hook


Tatting using crochet is quite complicated, but we are to make this process easy for your learners. We will be giving a stepwise instruction of this process. By following this process, you can easily make your very own tatting. The steps of this process are discussed below chronologically. Start by taking a small piece of thread and folding it in half. Then insert the hook through the loop and grab the other end of the thread with your fingers.

Step One

The first step of this process is to select the design that you want to perform, and you should have a proper visualization of the design. For this, you can use the templates available on the internet, or you can also get hold of various crochet related books. This will be much help, and it is a prerequisite of the process because the selection of the yarn will be made based on the design that you want to make.

Step Two

The second step of this process is getting hold of the necessary elements that you will need for the process to commence. For this, first, you have to take the yarn. It is better that you use the double knitting weight cotton bashed yarn. This will be much helpful to use, and the sturdiness of the thread is much higher than the regular ones. The color of the yarn is dependent on the type of animal that you are going to make. When you are using the tan-colored yarn, it will be one of the best elements for the process.

Step Three

In this step, you have to choose the needle that you want to use for the entire process. Generally, the needle choice differs based on the user, but as we have stipulated a yarn for this process, it will be better to choose the needle that we suggest. In this case, we recommend that the user perform the task using the 350mm needle. But if the user is not comfortable using this needle, they can use their desired needle for the process.

How to Do Tatting with a Crochet Hook

Step Four

In this step, you have to attach the yarn to the needle all the attachment that is done in other crochet processes is by yarning to the needle, but in this case, there is a different procedure that is followed. You have to take the yarn and make a slip knot on the needle. This will be done in the middle of the needle or slightly below the center of the needle. This will help to keep the yarn firmly attached to the needle for further process.

Step Five

In this step, you have to perform a hand gesture using the needle. This is quite critical, so you must be very careful while attempting to do this step. You have to take the four fingers of your hand and then pass the thread through the pinky gap and the ring finger of your hand. After you have given the thread, you have to use your index finger and perform another pattern. In this, you have to take in the index finger and turn the yarn around the finger.

Step Six

You have managed to take the index finger and wrap it around the thread after passing the yarn through the gap of the ring and pinky finger. Next, you have to perform a knot. This can also be termed as a double stitch. You have to wrap the yarn at the back of your finger and then ass the yarn through the needle. You will observe that the thread will slide towards the double knot that we have already performed, now you have to remove the finger, and the double stitch is completed.

Termed as a Double Stitch

Step Seven

In the next knot, you have to take the yarn and wrap it around your finger, and then you have to take the finger at the back of the needle including the thread and then slide the needle into the finger. You have to drop the yarn and pull it tight towards the slip knot. In this manner, you will continue to make double knots on the needle.

Step Eight

The process will take some time, but once you mastered the technique, you can quickly go for the next step, which is taking off the yarn from the needle. Now you have to take the needle and then wrap the yarn around your finger. This will be the same as the previous steps, but now you have to use the pinky finger. You have to take the yarn and then wrap it around the index finger, pass it through the pinky finger, and then hold it tight.

Step Nine

In this step, you have to make sure that all the yarn are arranged properly at your finger. You have to take the index finger and wrap it along the tip of the finger and then, through the pinky finger, pass the yarn from the base. This will make the thread get attached to the fingers tightly, and in the needle, the thread should be kept much loose, or else the knots that you have already prepared may get jeopardized.

Step Ten

Now you have to take a needle in which the knots are already provided and pass the needle through the loop that is performed on the index finger. Then very slowly, you have to take out the needle, and then the knots will be detached from the needle. Next, you can perform more loops according to your design, and in this manner, the tatting can be completed. So these are the steps which you have to follow to learn tatting. This is a very interesting and unique art form which you can use to decorate clothes, curtains, tablecloths, etc. There are many other designs which you can create using this art form.

Create Using This Art Form


In conclusion, we would like to state that we have tried our level best to simplify this technique for our readers, and we hope that the mentioned steps will be helpful for beginners to learn this process of tatting using the crochet hook. The persons who are willing to expand their learning skills can quickly get acquainted with this t4chnique. Thank you for your patience. Have a beautiful day!!

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