How to Make Ergonomic Crochet Hooks?

A crochet hook is a tool used to make thread or yarn loops. It is also useful for locking them in crochet stitches. So, if you love to stitch more often like me, then this small item bears the utmost importance for us. You can easily buy them from online or at your nearest shops, that’s going to cost some money. But recently, I have performed some DIY projects and found that making the crochet hooks are way easier than you can imagine. I have decided to share my experience and, of course, the ways of making your own crochet hooks. So, leave all the tasks for a while and ask me how to make ergonomic crochet hooks.

There are different types of crochet hooks out there, and we use them according to our preferences. But when we are going to make our own hooks, we will definitely like to make them as ergonomic as possible. You can surely do that; I have also made mine for the ease of my use.

You can make a simple clay pot for almost no cost. It is better to make your own pot than to buy a ready-made one.

How to Make Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

How to Make Ergonomic Crochet Hooks?

In order to make ergonomic crochet hooks, you have to follow these simple and easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, you have to add some grip to hold the things you will put on it. For this, you can wrap a masking tape to your hook handle. You can add the amount of tape as much as needed. It usually depends on the size of your hook. In my case, I wrapped my hooks several times to acquire the correct thickness.

You should also do that according to your need. You can start wrapping the tape from the hook handle’s bottom. Do not wrap it around the hole. After that, you can stretch the tape and cut it according to your need.

Now it is time to add some weight to your hook. I like to use small lead weights to hang my lures on it. You can use anything you want as a weight. One of the benefits of using small lead weights is that they help you cast your lure far away. If you are casting near the shore, then you will be fine without this weight.

Add Some Grip to Hold the Things

Step 2

Once you have wrapped the masking tape around the comfort grip, test it to see if the thickness is right by moving it over the grip. If it slides off easily, you need to add more tape. On the other hand, if it doesn’t slide off, then you’re ready to add the comfort grips. I also had a problem the first time I tried this.

I added the tape and reached the thickness, but it was too thin. When I moved it over the comfort grips, they slipped off. That’s why I used more tape and made it thicker. Then it worked. I have used two grips on each of the hooks and then continued it on ten different hooks. It is ready now.


See, it’s not difficult at all to make your own crochet hooks. With these simple tactics, you can easily make them ergonomic and decorated to your taste. There are other ways to do it, but I’ve covered the simplest steps here. Hopefully you won’t have to ask anyone else how to make ergonomic crochet hooks again.

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