How to Erase Crayon from Paper

Are your child or younger sibling crying because they cannot take the crayon they accidentally used on their painting? Or, perhaps they did something to your book, and you want to get rid of those crayon marks? Whatever is the reason, here we will tell you two easy solutions of how to erase crayons from paper.

How to Erase Crayon from Paper

Processes on How To Erase Crayon From Paper

Process One

  1. Grab a dry towel, newspaper, or paper.
  2. Lay the wet crayon marks face down on top of the dry towel and press firmly to remove excess moisture from the white surface below.
  3. Slowly peel away some layers of a crayon drawing back towards you until all of it has been removed. You may need to reapply pressure over each spot multiple times to have no chance for any residual color pigment left behind. When you are done peeling up your result should be completely clean!
  4. Repeat this process if needed because it sometimes comes off in big chunks rather than powdering into small pieces. Once again, make sure not to use too much water as this will only gum up more easily with thicker products.
  5. If done correctly, most of the crayons will come off in pieces, and you’ll only need to rub a little bit with your fingers.
  6. If there are still some remnants of white on top, use filter paper to remove them until all that’s left is clear.

Process Two

Use A Kneaded Eraser

The first method for erasing crayons from paper is to use a kneaded eraser known as the putty rubber. Putty rubbers are a widespread supply for crafting, so you can quickly get them in craft stores. Before you start to use the rubber, you need to warm it up on your hand. After warming it up, start rubbing on the place where the crayon is, and you will begin to see them coming off. If the eraser has become dirty, you can scratch it to make it clean.

Use Heating Method

Another way of how to erase crayons from paper is by using heat. Heat is going to melt crayons. So, what you are going to do is take iron with a low heat setting. Use a paper towel to get it warm and dirt dabbing on the crayon. The crayon will slowly start to transfer to the paper towel. Repeat the process as many times as needed. Careful not to ruin the page.


  • Keep a dust mask handy.
  • Use gloves if you are sensitive to toxins or have chemical sensitivities.
  • Always test in an inconspicuous spot first (a corner).
  • If it does not work, try some of these alternatives: soapy water, vinegar, and salt mixture; rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. The best one is either rubbing alcohol or the vinegar/salt mix because they seem to break down most surfaces faster than other options. Be careful with using too much as this can sometimes make things worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Using Alcohol a Good Choice for This Process?

The use of alcohol or any other solvent to remove crayon marks from paper can cause significant damage and deterioration to the affected surface. If it is a valuable resource, such as an antique map or original piece of artwork, then you should seek professional assistance in removing these stains rather than risk damaging them further with improper cleaning methods.

Alcohol will also strip away coating finishes meant to protect the material itself, which makes this option less favorable for most surfaces. As previously mentioned, using solvents on a delicate resource like old books may have far-reaching consequences, so think twice before proceeding.

Can This Process Be Used for Other Color Erasing?

Yes, you can use this process for other color erasing. It will take a little more time to see the results because it is harder for colored chalk or paint ink to blend with white paper than crayons. You might need an extra cleaning session if you are erasing marker and want your project ready in just one day.

The good thing about using these methods on different colors of pigment dye is that they do not leave behind any residue like oil-based paints would have done before improved papers became available, so no fixative spray will be necessary unless desired as a finishing touch.

Erase Crayon From Paper

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to erase crayons from paper. We hope our instructions will successfully help you get the crayons off the paper and make it reusable for you. These methods are known to be successful, so we have high hopes.

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