How to Fix a Broken Candle Jar

Have you ever had a candle jar break? It can be frustrating to have your favorite fragrance not last the whole day. But, all is not lost! There are easy ways on how to fix a broken candle jar so that it will work just like new again. Some fixes include using duct tape or simply gluing the pieces back together with hot glue or superglue.

How to Fix a Broken Candle Jar

You could also use some old-fashioned ingenuity and create your fix by using an ice pack (or something like frozen peas) in place of the water to melt the wax. All these solutions sound much better than throwing out your favorite candle when there’s still plenty left inside! Have you found yourself in this situation before? Read on to know more!

10 Reasons That Causes Broken Candle Jar

1. Air Bubbles

Air bubbles in candle wax can cause the glass jar to crack. To prevent this, mix the wax and additives thoroughly before adding them to the jar, and check for air bubbles often while melting the wax.

2. Lack of Ventilation

If the candle jar doesn’t have a hole in the top for air to escape, the heat from the flame can make the wax expand and crack the glass.

3. Pouring at Wrong Angle

When adding hot wax to the jar, pour at a slight angle to help prevent air bubbles from forming in the center of the candle. Pouring straight down can cause air to be trapped and molded as it cools, which can create a crack in the glass.

4. Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature can cause cracks in candle jars. If you’re storing your candles in a hot or cold place, try wrapping them in a cloth or placing them inside an airtight container to protect them.

 Using Old Wax

5. Using Old Wax

Old colored wax and scented candles will sometimes separate and cause the wax to harden and crack. Use up all of your old wax for best results within a year. If you find that the wax has separated, use a hand mixer or spoon to combine it before melting it into your candle jar.

6. Overfilling

When you fill your candle jar too full, the extra weight can cause the glass to break. Instead, always fill the container to 1/4 to 1/2 inch below the top of the jar. This will ensure strong enough to support the candle’s weight.

7. Adding Too Much Scent

Another common reason for cracks in a candle jar is adding too much scent. The wax cannot maintain its proper consistency when overloaded with fragrance and will often crack. Use only the recommended scent or essential oil to avoid this problem.

8. Not Letting Candle Cool

If you blow out your candle before it has cooled completely, the sudden temperature change can cause the glass to break. Allow your candle to cool completely before handling it.

9. Poor Quality Glass

Sometimes, a candle jar will break due to the quality of the glass. Always test the integrity of your jar before adding your wax. If it feels thin or fragile, you may want to use a different container.

10. Dipping Rod Snapped

If the wick becomes wet during dipping, it can weaken and snap off while pouring in the wax. Make sure that your candle wick stays dry by drying off the metal rod with a paper towel before each dip.

Use an Airtight

10 Ways on How to Fix a Broken Candle Jar

1. Humidity/Condensation

If there is too much moisture in the air, it can cause the candle jar to break. To fix this problem, you can put a layer of glue over the broken surfaces of the glass or plastic to create a barrier between the outside and inside air.

2. Temperature

If you live in a place with extreme temperature changes, you need to wrap your candles in cloth or store them inside an airtight container to protect them. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to fix the candle jar as soon as possible before the weather damages it.

3. Fixing the Jar

If the jar is the only thing that is broken, try to fix it. If the glass is not too badly cracked, superglue can work as a sealant. If the cracks are along the edge of the container and not deep, use a sealant like a nail polish or model glue.

For more severe cracks (and if nail polish is not practical), you can reform the glass by putting it into hot water. Ensure that the vessel is dry before placing it into hot water, or else your fix will fail. Once reformed, let the candle jar cool while still in the water.

4. Plastic Candle Jar

A plastic candle jar is more likely to break because of temperature changes if you have a plastic candle jar. If this happens, put the pieces into a container of hot water and let them sit until the plastic becomes soft. Then, use a spoon to gently press the pieces back together and hold them until they cool.

5. Loose Pieces

If you find a small piece of glass in your candle, you can pour the wax back into the container and recover it with another wick. You can buy a special candlewick at a craft store to make this process easier. Let the jar dry completely before storing away if you cannot do this. Once it is dry, take some epoxy resin and seal the piece of glass to the jar.

6. Fixing a Scented Candle

If you have a broken scented candle, you can still use the wax. First, scrape out as much wax as you can from the bottom of the jar. Then, melt the wax and pour it back into the jar. If there is not enough wax to fill the container, use a paraffin or beeswax candle to add to the mix.

7. Wax Residue

If you have leftover wax in your jar, do not try to scrape it all out with a knife. This will create a mess and the wax will end up on your hands and in your eyes. Instead, use a can of compressed air to remove the residue.

8. Sticky Candle Residue

If you have leftover candle wax on the bottom of your jar, use a dryer sheet to remove it. Then, just wipe away the wax with ease! If you cannot remove candle residue with compressed air, try putting the jar into the freezer for an hour. The wax will become brittle and can be removed more easily.

9. Apply Heat

If you have a metal jar, you can use a heat gun to apply heat to the glass. Do this in short, controlled bursts, and be careful not to touch the hot glass with your hands.

10. Heavy Duty Fixing

If you’re out of options, you can always make your own jar. Melt some new glass over the old container and let them fuse as they cool. You can do this with propane or an oxy-acetylene torch, but be careful – working with glass can be dangerous.

Some Tips and Suggestions

Here we have given some tips and suggestions on how to fix a broken candle jar.

1. If the jar is still in one piece, try to clean and dry it off as best as possible.

2. If there is still wax inside the jar, use a hot air gun or a hairdryer to melt it and remove it from the jar.

3. Once the wax has been removed, use a drill or a knife to score around the edge of the jar.

4. Use a pair of pliers to break the jar along the scored line.

5. If the jar is in multiple pieces, use a strong adhesive to glue it back together.

6. Once the adhesive has dried, clean and dry the jar off as best as possible.

7. Burn the candle at least an hour or two each time to ensure that it will last longer.

8. Keep your fingers crossed while burning it so that nothing else bad happens!


The best way to fix a broken candle jar is by using the following steps. First, find an object that will provide enough space for your candles and also be able to fit inside of the container you are trying to repair.

Next, take some melted wax from another candle or purchase new wax at a craft store. Finally, pour the liquid into the bottom section of your jar until it reaches about 1 inch below where it broke off before adding any more objects for them not to break as well.

Finally, place all items back together again with one hand holding everything steady while filling out any gaps with hot glue on top. We hope this blog post on how to fix a broken candle jar has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comments below!

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