How to Remove Candle Wax From Hair


A candle is a solid block of wax that has been used to produce light. You have most likely come across candles in your lifetime. Candle wax is usually made from paraffin wax or beeswax, which are used to create a hard and thin shell around the wick that will serve as the vessel for liquid fuel (usually oil). Candle making has become an art form over time, but it was once very primitive. For example, people would use animal fat to coat their wicks instead of having a dedicated container on hand for holding the fuel. Today I will be discussing how to remove candle wax from hair.

How to Remove Candle Wax From Hair

How Does Candle Wax Get Onto Hair?

It’s logical to assume that you would only be exposed to candle wax if you were around candles directly; however, this isn’t always the case. Candle wax, despite its name, is not solid – it’s actually quite pliable and malleable.

Even if you’re not holding a candle or trying to light a match, you can still be exposed to the flame. If the flame from your candle comes into contact with something flammable like hair spray or alcohol-based cologne, it can melt and splatter onto nearby walls and furniture.

This often happens because candles are placed on tables in the living room close to other household items. This makes for easy clean-up when things go awry (which they have been known to do).

Regardless of how candle wax ends up on your face or hair, once it’s there, you want to remove this sticky substance as soon as possible.

Once candle wax comes in contact with hair or clothing, it can stick to just about anything since you can’t always see where the wax is and its sticky consistency. This can be a problem. For example, the first time I was exposed to candle wax on my hair, I didn’t know what it was but looked directly at my ceiling fan (along with several other surfaces) and saw little drops of liquid splattered all over.

The place – including the lampshades! These drops were wet at first due to being freshly exposed to heat, then hardened quickly as they cooled off.

Step-wise Guide on How to Remove Candle Wax From Hair

Step 1:

Remove loose wax from the hair using your fingers with light movements.

Please wash your hands thoroughly before doing this to avoid injuring yourself further. If some stubborn bits of the candle refuses to comply, use an old toothbrush or a comb to help remove them. Be gentle while doing so as well.

Step 2:

Wash away the rest of the candle wax using soap and warm water

Wash your hair properly with mild soap under cool running water until all traces of the candle wax have been washed off from your scalp and hair. Ensure that you move quickly because lingering on one spot for too long could cause burning sensations in that area and, in turn, lead to serious injury over time as well! 

Wash Candle Wax 
Using Soap and Warm Water

Step 3:

If you have used a hair dye or recently colored your hair, consider making an appointment with your stylist.

Since the candle wax will have soaked deep into your scalp and hair follicles, it might stain your hair color. In this case, if you know someone who owns a salon or simply visit one yourself before the next 24 hours are up (Depending on how dark your color is), they can use bleach to prevent this from happening or even reverse the process if need be. However, if you’re too busy, fret not! You can always opt for a temporary fix by getting your hair colored with a darker shade to mask the stained lighter bits.

Step 4:

Apply olive oil or almond oil to your scalp and leave it overnight before washing off in the morning. 

Apply olive oil or almond oil to your scalp and leave it overnight before washing off in the morning. 

Olive oil is known for its antifungal properties, so applying them on your scalp when you have there will help fight off any nastiness that might be brewing there. If you don’t like using this oil, then almonds can do just fine. Remember to wash it off in the morning, or else you’ll look like a greaseball by evening! 😉

Step 5:

Gently shampoo your hair after 24 hours

Once you are sure that all traces of the candle wax have been washed off from your hair, proceed to wash and shampoo it as usual. Be gentle while doing so since applying too much pressure or force could cause further injury!

Precautions While Performing How to Remove Candle Wax From Hair

  • While removing candle wax from hair, do not use sharp objects like scissors or a razor blade to avoid damaging your hair in the process.
  • If you tend to have sensitive skin, it is advisable to get rid of loose and dead skin cells by using some exfoliating products before attempting to go for candle-wax removal treatment.
  • In case you are planning on getting rid of the burnt candle wick first before attempting to remove candle wax from hair, keep in mind that these tips apply only if they have not yet burned your scalp or left any burn marks on it already because if that’s the case, it would be considered best that you see a doctor immediately for the best possible treatment to get rid of this burnt candle wax.
  • As seen in some of the tips, it would be advisable that you make use of a pair of protective latex gloves while removing candle wax from hair so that you keep your hands and fingers safe from any burns or any skin irritation occurring as a result of the melted candle wax spilling on them instead.
  • If you still intend on making use of items like an ice cube to cool down/freeze your scalp after having removed these candles, wicks first to get rid of any pain caused by them burning your scalp before attempting to remove the melted candle wax, only freeze water in small portions and never directly pour ice cubes on top of your head.

How to Remove Candle Wax From Clothes?

Damp the area as much as possible with a sponge or towel so that the melted candle is not spread around the garment. Next, try to extract the bulk of the candle wax with your fingertips. Finish by using a stiff brush to remove any remaining wax.

Damp the Area as Much asPossible
 With a Sponge or Towel So that 
Melted Candle Is Not Spread Around

If part of it remains, use liquid detergent diluted in water on a piece of cloth and wipe off carefully. Do not mix it with water beforehand; instead, place soap directly on the clothing and work in circular motions until you’ve removed the hardened wax.  If it’s still not gone, try rubbing alcohol: rub some onto a soft cloth and dab it directly onto the stain until no more residue remains. This works well with wax from a wax warmer or taper candles.

To prevent candle wax from marking your clothes in the future, place a towel on the table before you light any candles near it. If you do get a stain on your clothing, soak it in warm water and hand wash it as soon as possible to avoid damage to the garment!


Hopefully, the tips above have helped you learn how to remove candle wax from hair. However, bear in mind that some injuries are best left to medical professionals, so if the burnt wick and wax have caused your scalp quite some damage or pain, make sure to seek professional help right away!

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