How to Fix a Broken Retainer Wire

If you’re a teenager or adult with braces and you’ve lost your retainer wire, it’s not as difficult as you may think to fix the problem. All that is needed is a pair of needle-nose pliers and either electrical Tape or dental floss. The first step in repairing the broken wire is to remove any old adhesive from the area where the break occurred.

Next, loop one end of dental floss around one side of the broken wire and wrap it tightly over itself on the other side. You will then use an object such as a pencil eraser or wooden toothpick to press down on both ends until they are firmly secured. Read on to know more information about how to fix a broken retainer wire.

How to Fix a Broken Retainer Wire

Five Reasons Why You Should Fix Broken Retainer Wire:

  1. To avoid paying ridiculous amounts of money
  2. Not all orthodontists use the same type or gauge of wire, which means different orthodontists; will charge you a different price.
  3. If you lose your retainer after the warranty is up, you would have to buy a new one for about the same price.
  4. When your retainer comes in the mail, you might not know how to put it on, and it will be a waste of money if you do not use it properly.
  5. Fixing a broken wire will usually take an hour or less, depending on how bad the damage is to the wire.

8 Ways on How to Fix a Broken Retainer Wire:   

1. Use a Rubber Band

Some people have tried this solution to fix their broken retainer wire, and it works! Cut a rubber band that will fit around the bracket of the missing wire, slide it over your teeth, and voila! It is just as effective as wearing a retainer. Some customers have said that this works for about a day.

2. Use Tape

You know those knockoff braces you can buy at the costume store? Well, if you have them on hand, they can help fix your broken retainer wire! Take some tape and Tape the two ends of the wire together, so it is tight enough to fit snugly around your teeth. This solution can work for a few days, so it is more long-term than the rubber band.

Using Sugru Moldable Glue to Fix It

3. Use Sugru Moldable Glue

This solution can also be used for any other removable appliance you have, not just a retainer wire. Take out the broken piece of your appliance and follow the instructions on using this moldable glue to fix it! It can last up to 3-4 months if done correctly.

4. Use Wire Cutters

This solution is for you to be able to wear your retainer again. Take some wire cutters and clean the ends of the broken pieces of your retainer. Use these wire cutters to make two small holes at each end of the fractured part, creating a new clasp.

5. Use a Water Bottle

This solution can help your broken piece to place again. Take a water bottle and cut it in half, cutting off the top of the bottle while leaving enough to cover the wire clasps at either end of the broken part of your appliance. Then take pliers and squeeze each piece together so that each end of the wire is inside one half of the water bottle. Then cut the top off, revealing your new clasp!

6. Use an Old Credit Card

This solution works best if your appliance is still holding onto one end of your teeth. Take an old credit card and bend the plastic back and forth until it breaks off the card. Then cut a small slit at each end of the broken part of your appliance, like you would make a new clasp with wire cut Use Tape. This solution is very similar to using Tape for your broken device.

Cut a piece of Tape that will fit around the wire clasp, but be sure to leave some extra tape so you can cut it off afterward.

7. Use Dental Floss

This solution is very cheap, but it only works when the wire hasn’t fallen off completely. First, cut a small slit in both ends of the broken part of your retainer using wire cutters or scissors. Then take dental floss and thread it through both slits, making a knot so that it stays in place. Just remember to cut the floss when you are finished wearing your retainer!

8. Use Elastic String

This solution is similar to using dental floss. Cut a small slit in both ends of your broken appliance, and cut two pieces of elastic string that will fit into the slits. Tie each piece of string into a knot so that it is now sewn into place. Then take some scissors or wire cutters, slide them under the line, then cut off the extra elastic.

Fix It With Dental Floss

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. If your wire is only slightly broken, you may be able to fix it with dental floss or a paperclip! Just thread the floss through one side of the retainer and pull across and out the other side. This method may work for some metal wires.

2. There are also several methods on how to temporarily fix your broken appliance (with Tape, rubber bands, elastic string, etc.) so that you can wear it again. These are most effective when the wire itself has not fallen off of your teeth.

3. Some customers have said that these solutions do not work long-term if they constantly eat or drink throughout the day. Customers have also found that this method does not work if you are continually opening your mouth. This is because the retainer will become loose and slide out of place with all of this movement.

4. You may want to check with your orthodontist first before trying any of these methods, as they may have a better solution or idea for how to fix your broken appliance!

5. This can be a good idea if you have a metal wire on your appliance and try not to spend any more money on buying a new one.

6. You may want to take some before and after photos of your broken appliance if it is for something important, such as school or work. These retainer repair methods may not last as long as the one you would buy from a store, so it’s good to be prepared.


Once you have a retainer wire that is broken or bent, remove the wires from your mouth. This should be done with caution so as not to damage any teeth in the process. The next step would be to clean off any debris and food particles from where the broken part of the retainer wire was before using super glue on each side of it until it has been wholly glued together.

You could also use dental cement for this purpose instead of going through all of these steps with regular old white school glue.

After waiting at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry thoroughly, put your orthodontic device back into place by inserting one end into an opening then pulling out another end to create a loop that you could then place over your ear and tighten the loop around itself. We hope this blog post on how to fix a broken retainer wire has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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