How to Fix a Shock Pen

Shock pens are a popular gag gift for friends and family. Shock pens work by sending an electric current through the body when you push a button on the pen.

How to Fix a Shock Pen

They’re typically not harmful, but if the battery is drained or something wrong with it, that can be dangerous. If your shock pen isn’t working and you want to know how to fix a shock pen yourself, read this article to learn how!

What is a Shock Pen?

A shock pen is a plastic ballpoint pen that gives an electric shock to whoever uses it. The shock is hidden inside the body of the pen, so no one can tell that there is any shocking mechanism. Shock pens are popular for parties, Halloween, or just for fun!

How Does a Shock Pen Work?

A shock pen is a device that delivers an electric shock to an attacker. It is usually made from simple electronic components, such as a voltage-doubler circuit, which can produce an output of 400 volts or more. The shock is stored in storage capacitors until the electrodes are separated and exposed to air, at which point the capacitor discharges through the victim’s body.

6 Steps on How to Fix a Shock Pen

Step 1:

To see how much battery is in your pen, multiply the voltage by the current in amperes. The voltage is usually 3.7 for a 9-volt battery or 3.6 for a 12-volt battery, but you should check your pen because some pens use AA batteries instead of 9-volts.

Step 2:

Remove all screws and unscrew the circuit board.

Step 3:

Take out the batteries from the inside of the pan so it doesn’t explode later.

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Step 4:

Take out a new circuit board and place it back into the pen.

Step 5:

Put the batteries back into the pen, and screw in all of the screws. Test the pen by pressing the button to see if it works. The circuit should power the electrodes, and when you press the button, all of the circuits should activate to shock your victim.

Step 6:

Now test it out! If the shocking pen is not shocking, then it may be your switch that is broken. You can repair this by finding a replacement switch for cheap. The good thing about shocks pens is that you can open them and basically fix anything inside of them if they’re broken completely.

Things To Consider When Using a Shock Pen

When using this tool, you must consider many different factors before applying the stimulation. Here are 8 things to think about before each use of your shock pen.

  • For a shocking pen to be effective on an individual, they must receive the stimulation. This means they must not have any skin disease or disorder to prevent them from feeling it. It also means the skin must be dry and smooth for maximum contact between the device and the skin.
  • The parts we use in our projects are from a typical pen. They are generally meant for writing and drawing. You can not use it on wet skin or when the individual is sweating profusely. This would make the pen lose conductivity and cause it to fail to shock effectively.
  • The power source we use in our circuit boards is button cells. They have a limited life span depending on the brand and type of battery used. The batteries will last anywhere from 18 months to 3 years before they need to be replaced.
  • The skin must be clean of dirt or any foreign substance to prevent contact between the shock pen and the skin.
  • The board may need to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol if it becomes dirty or has a grime buildup from continuous use. This will ensure maximum conductivity and smooth operation.
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Some Precautions and Warnings Using Shock Pen:

Shock pens are devices that give a painful electrical shock when touched. They can be used for self-defense and to train animals by giving them mild shocks, but they should only be used on adult humans with caution. To avoid harm from using a shocking pen, here are some cautions you should consider:

  • When applying the pin electrodes to someone else, be sure that the pin electrodes do not come in direct contact with each other.
  • Before applying a shock, make sure that you have given visible notice of your intentions as well as a verbal warning, if possible.
  • When applying the pin electrodes to someone else, make sure that you have a clear knowledge of where their Spinal Center is located as well as where their Heart Chakra is located.
  • If a person has a heart condition or pacemaker, then do not use this device on them.
  • Make sure that the electrodes are tightly connected to the electrical source.
  • Do not repeat the shock more than three times in a row to avoid overheating electrodes and wires, which will cause a fire hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Edison’s Electric Pen Do?

1. Edison’s electric pen was used to write and draw on paper. It used a lead-acid battery and an ink ribbon pulled across the paper by a metal arm.

2. The electric pen was one of the first devices that could be used to create images and illustrations on paper.

Used to Create Images

What Is an Edison Electric Pen Worth?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the value of an Edison Electric Pen will depend on several factors, including the condition and rarity of the pen, its functionality, and the market demand for such pens.


With a bit of patience and curiosity, you can fix your broken shock pen. If the fault is that it’s not shocking enough or doesn’t work at all anymore, try replacing the battery with one from an identical model device.

If the pen is still working but needs to be cleaned up, unscrew and remove any debris in the end cap before re-assembling. Now you know how to fix a shock pen. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and post a comment with your feedback. Thank you!

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