How to Clean Mont Blanc Fountain Pen


Sometimes writing with Mont Blanc pens gets affected. The core reason behind this is the disruption in the ink flow. Besides, the nib of the pen gets damaged due to the action of the paper. So you must clean your Mont Blanc pen at least every eight weeks. This will help you get the best ink flow. Today we are going to discuss a straightforward process of cleaning the pen.

How to Clean Mont Blanc Fountain Pen


The Mont Blanc pen has separate cleaning equipment that you can buy from the market. But sometimes, getting hold of these cleaning kits becomes difficult. In such cases, you have to adopt some traditional steps to clean the pen. Today we are going to discuss the most convenient manner of cleaning a Mont Blanc fountain pen.

You will need some items before starting the process. Among them, you will need a glass and some distilled water. Then you will need a piece of clean cloth, and it is better to use tissue paper. This will be used for cleaning the nip of the pen. You will also need a manual blow pump. You can quickly grab this from your nearest departmental store.

Clean Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

After you have gathered all these items, you can start the process. The nature of the fountain pen should be adequately assessed. If the fountain pen has a separate cartridge, then you have to remove it. The first step of cleaning the fountain pen is taking out all the ink. You have to take a glass of water and then insert the nib section in the water.

The ink will start to release inside the glass, and you will change see the color shift. You have to continue this process for both the nib section and the cartridge. You have to change the water and continue the process until the watercolor remains unchanged. You have to keep the nib section and the converter inside the water for thirty minutes to observe the ink’s color presence.

After this, you have to start cleaning the units. You have to use a regular cloth or tissue paper and start rubbing the converter. It is better to provide air pressure inside the converter and the nib section. For this, you will need a manual blow pump. And you have to attach it at the back of the nib section and the converter and start pressurizing.

This will allow the extra water and ink expelled from the pen. Then you have to use a separate cloth and rub the nib section of the pen. After both of these sections are dried, you can refill them with ink and connect both the parts. In this manner, you can easily clean a Mont Blanc fountain pen.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the cleaning process we have exhibited here will be highly advantageous for keeping your Mont Blanc pen in perfect shape. Make sure to dry the pen properly before refilling it with ink. You can also use the cleaning kit, the items included in the cleaning kit is quite similar to the things we have used here, and there will also be an instruction manual for the users. Thank you for your precious time. Best of luck!

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