How to Fix a Tight Shirt Collar

We’ve all been there. You put on your shirt, and something feels wrong. The collar is too tight! How can you fix it? Well, luckily, this article will teach you how to fix a tight shirt collar so that nobody has to know about your fashion mishap! First, take your shirt off. Second, grab a safety pin and open it up. Third, put the safety pin through the top of the collar on one side, and then put it through the other side of the collar.

How to Fix a Tight Shirt Collar

One of the most common problems with shirts is that they have too much material around the neck and look sloppy. The solution is as simple as folding up a small piece of fabric from one side, tucking it into the other side, and sewing or gluing it in place. You can find this type of technique more by reading this blog till the end. You can use a basic shirt or even a tank top to create this look. It’s best to choose a solid color, but you can also experiment with different colors and patterns.

Reasons Why Shirt Collar Get Tight

  • The shirt may have shrunk in the wash.
  • Sweaty armpits can cause a tight-fitting shirt to feel uncomfortably restrictive.
  • If the shirt is old or has been through a lot of wear and tear, it may be time to toss away that favorite but worn-out item.
  • The collar size could be too small for your neck size.
  • The collar may have been smashed against the neck by a sweater or other clothing.
  • A shirt that’s too tight, to begin with, will feel especially constricting if it’s tucked into trousers, which can pull up on the fabric and create unwanted tension from either side of the garment.
  • If the shirt has a high neckline, it may have been tucked in too tightly.
  • The collar can also get tight if someone tries to wear their shirt with an athletic supporter when they shouldn’t.

Things You’ll Need

  • A shirt
  • Safety pin
  • Necktie
  • Scissors

Instructions: How to Fix a Tight Shirt Collar 

Step One:

Take the safety pin and use it as a loop, then place that around your neck like you would tie a normal knot. You’ll need to make sure the collar is in between the two loops of the safety pin that’s hanging down on either side of your shirt front. Now, grab the two ends of the safety pin and pull on them until the top part is tight around your neck. You want it to be snug enough so that the pin won’t fall off, but not too tight that it chokes you.

Take the Safety Pin

Step Two:

Take the long end of your necktie, and tie it around one side of the safety pin loop. Make a knot to make sure that it stays in place. Take the other end of your necktie, and tie it around the opposite side of the safety pin loop. Again, make a knot to make sure that it stays in place.

Step Three:

Then take another length from the same side and do the same on this side as you just did on the other side with tying a knot to make sure it stays in place. Now, you just have to work with the fabric and make sure it stays in place. You can use bobby pins or anything that will keep it in place.

Step Four:

Take the last length from the same side and tie it around one loop of the safety pin left on this side, not like how you would normally tie a knot but to make an X over top of where all your other knots are. Then do that with this final piece on the other side for the other safety pin loop.

Step Five:

You can now pull the ends of your necktie to tighten up the knot you just made and then tie it around both loops on either side in a proper way, like how you would normally tie a regular-sized shirt collar. Now that’s not tight anymore!

Step Six:

Now you can take the two safety pins and push them up through your shirt collar to make it look neat.

Step Seven:

Now, if there’s too much slack in one side of your necktie from when you first made the knot, just tighten that loop by pulling on both ends as needed until it looks even again like a regular tie would be.

Step Eight:

You are all done, and your shirt collar should not be tight anymore!

You are all done, and your shirt collar should not be tight anymore!

Tips To Prevent Tight Shirt Collar

Now we will give some tips on how to fix a tight shirt collar if it is causing discomfort while wearing. 

  • Remove wrinkles from the shirt by stretching them out and pressing the wrinkle with an iron.
  • Put a lightweight fabric over your collar area before putting on the shirt to avoid creases that will cause tightness in the neckline of your shirt.
  • Keep collars fully buttoned for best results, or the top two buttons were undone. If you must wear only one button open at work, put a tie around your neck, so there is no gap between body and shirt when sitting down. This prevents any wrinkling, which would lead to snugness in the collar region.
  • Lay different types of clothing flat before trying them on, as this alleviates some stiffness caused by being folded up.
  • When buying a dress shirt, make sure that the collar fits snugly around your neck and face. It should not touch your cheeks or leave any gaps open for air to come in when you are sitting down with the top button done up.
Removing The Wrinles From Collar

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stretch Out a Collar?

You can use boiling water to shrink the shirt fibers. Fill a pan with enough cold, preferably filtered, water and add about one liter of hot tap water (approximate heat) to bring it up to simmering temperature. Place your garment into the pot for approximately 15-30 seconds, at which point you will notice that there is now plenty more room available in the collar area. The shrinking process does not distort or crush the fabric, so this should be done carefully!

Why Does My Shirt Collar Keep Rolling Upwards?

This could be because your shirt’s label has been sewn on too tightly around the neckline seam – try sewing over it with a zigzag stitch. It could also be that your shirt’s collar is too tight, so you should try loosening it by removing the two buttons holding each end of the collar together before washing.

Can You Make a Shirt Collar Bigger?

Yes, you can make a shirt collar bigger by sewing it with a larger needle. You can also use interfacing to make the collar stronger and add more structure.

To do this, first, sew the collar into shape with a smaller needle and use interfacing for added strength. Then take out your larger needle and finish sewing the collar up using stitches that are about 1/4″ apart from each other.

Do Hangers Stretch Collars?

Yes, hangers can stretch collars. However, this is not advisable because the collar will be too loose and will fall off your shirt when you move around.

What Is Bacon Neck?

Bacon neck is a condition in which the skin on the back of your neck becomes thin and wrinkled. It is caused by sun exposure, poor diet, smoking, or an unhealthy lifestyle. The skin gets thinner over time because it doesn’t have enough protection from the sun.

Do Hanging T-shirts Stretch the Neck?

The answer is no. Hanging t-shirts do not stretch the neck, which can cause permanent damage to the nerves and muscles in your neck. Hanging t-shirts should be worn at a height that allows you to bend your head forward and backward without stretching the neck too much.

Can Coat Hangers Stretch Clothes?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Coat hangers are typically made of steel or plastic, which can cause the garment to be stretched out if hung on a coat hanger.


The only thing worse than a tight shirt collar is having to wear it for the whole day. Here we have given some solutions on how to fix a tight shirt collar so you can get on with your life without feeling like someone’s choking you every time when they talk to you. We want to know what works for you, though! Comment below and let us know which of these methods worked best for you.

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