How to Make a Branding Iron Out Of a Coat Hanger

Branding irons are always essential for a company that is dealing with meat. Some companies who do business part from livestock also require a branding iron. In such cases, the shape of the iron becomes different. Different companies always use these branding irons to make a mark on their products. You can easily make them yourself in your home.

How to Make a Branding Iron Out Of a Coat Hanger

But for this, you will need some things which will help you accomplish this process. You have to take a coat hanger, which has thin iron as the essential element. Then you will need some vise grips. These are an integral part because it will help you to bend. You will also need a plier. And tin snip for cutting the iron. Now you have to start by taking off all the wood materials from the coat hanger. Then you have to take the hanger and cut off the hook of the hanger.

You Will Need Vise Grip
For Cutting Iron

This will be used as the handle for the iron. You can use the tin snips for this process. Now you have to take the iron’s main body, and before bending it to the desired shape, you need to draw the form on a piece of paper. You have to take all the measurements and then start turning the iron according to the shape. You can use a plier for bending the body, and for making it firm, you have to sue the vise grip.

Cut Off the Hook of the Hanger

This will withstand the iron’s repulsive force, and if there is any wrong bending, you can quickly correct the bending by these vise grips. Now you have to start bending and check every portion of the iron. You can place marks every twelve inches apart. This will help you to keep track. Once the iron takes the drawing’s shape, you have to use the handle and attach it to the main body. For this, you have to twist the handle and connect them. In this manner, you can make a branding iron out of a coat hanger.

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