How to Fix Aux Input in Car Stereo

Many people who own a car have experienced the frustration of an aux input in their stereo not working. This is especially frustrating on long road trips when you need to listen to music and don’t want to get bored by hearing the same song over and over again. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can fix this problem without having to spend too much money! So how to fix aux input in a car stereo? We’ve read up on it to share with you what we found out about this issue!

How to Fix Aux Input In Car Stereo

Possible Reasons for Aux Input Issues

After installing an aux input in your car stereo, you might notice that the sound is not coming through as clearly or at all. There are a few possible reasons for this issue:

  1. You have installed it incorrectly and need to pull out any loose wires and make sure they’re plugged into their corresponding ports correctly;
  2. The wrong wire connection type was used (blue wire with blue connector should be connected to the right port)
  3. Aux cable was not plugged in properly
  4. The auxiliary input jack is broken and needs to be fixed or replaced
  5. Audio system has a faulty wire that does not carry sound signals.
  6. Your audio device’s output level may be set too low. How do you know if it’s too low? You can turn up the volume on your player until there is static noise, then back down one increment of volume from there. The goal here is not so much about listening to music but testing the sound.

Solutions: How to Fix Aux Input in Car Stereo

There are many different solutions to this problem. But we will cover the simple steps that you can apply immediately and get results quickly. Some of them mentioned below:

Step 1: Check the aux input port

Check The Aux Input Port

This is a quick solution for checking if you have power going to your device, so it’s worth considering first before investing in any other solutions. If there is no electricity coming from this output, then proceed with exploring other options. The best way to do this is to grab an old phone charger, plug it into the port and see if you get any sound.

Step 2: Check your car stereo

Sometimes this problem arises because there is something wrong with your car’s audio system or its wiring. To find out which one of these two possibilities applies to you, turn on the power in your vehicle and start playing music. If you still hear nothing, your problem is probably with the car stereo and not the wires or audio system.

The good news is that this situation has a fairly simple fix. All you need to do is take apart your dashboard (usually around three screws), locate the aux input wire, reconnect it back into place, and put everything back together.

Step 3: Check the wire connections

Check Wire Connection

Check all wires and connections. Make sure there are no loose or frayed wires that could be causing the problem. If your wires are not loose, you might have plugged a blue wire into an orange port or vice versa. You must use the right type of connection for each wire.

Step 4: Check for a blown fuse

If you do not find any obvious problems, then your aux input power wire may have been accidentally cut off elsewhere in your car’s wiring system. To check this possibility, you will need to turn on your car and check for a blown a fuse.

Step 5: Check the 12v power connection

If you find no problem with your aux input wire, then the connector in the back of the stereo may have come loose from its power source. To fix this, unscrew all screws until they are all removed. Unscrew the connector that is plugged in, and put everything back together.

Step 6: Check if there is Dust inside

If you still cannot find any problems, then it is possible that there could be dust inside of your stereo. To solve this problem, you will need to turn off the car and take out all screws on the back of your radio. Open up the case from where you can access its circuit boards. Clean them with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Step 7: Check the fuses on your car

Check The Fuses On Your Car

If you can find no other problems, then a fuse may have blown. You will need to check which one by checking the diagram in your owner’s manual or with an online guide. Once you have found out what needs changing, grab yourself a new fuse and replace it!


The aux input is one of the most common ways to add an MP3 player or any other audio device into a car stereo system. It’s also one of the easiest ways because it doesn’t require much more than plugging in and pressing play on your mp3 player.

However, when something goes wrong with this simple process, you may have trouble fixing it without professional help from a qualified technician. If you’re having troubles with getting sound out through the aux input port, try the steps mentioned on how to fix aux input in car stereo before contacting a specialist for assistance. We hope you can fix the issues without spending any penny of yours!

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