How to Fix Black Spot on iPhone Screen

Black spots on your iPhone screen can be a sign of many different things. For example, if you’ve been using the phone to take pictures in direct sunlight, the black spot may be oil from your hands that has collected and dried onto the screen. However, it could also be caused by a crack or scratch in the glass of your phone’s display panel. In this blog post, we will discuss how to fix black spot on iPhone screen!


Summary: If your iPhone has a black spot on its screen, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. You can try to restart your device, which may help clear any temporary files that are causing the problem. You can also try to clean your phone’s screen using a cloth or a soft vacuum cleaner. Finally, you can try to restore your device to its original settings.

Why Is There a Black Spot on Your Phone’s Screen?

The black spots on your phone’s screen are a common problem. They may not be as serious and inconvenient as cracked screens or broken glass in the front camera, but that doesn’t mean they can always be fixed with some tape-based remedy. The spots may be caused by a manufacturing defect, physical damage, or even just built-up dirt and grime. If you have black spots on your phone’s screen, the first thing you should do is try to clean them off.

If you’re wondering why there is a black spot on your phone’s screen in the first place, then we have some answers that may be able to help. Your device might be suffering from accidental scratching of the surface by keys or other hard substances. Another reason might be the overuse of your device, which causes the pixels to age and die out.

Why Is There a Black Spot on Your Phone’s Screen

It could also mean that a certain section of your display has been accidentally touched with dirty fingers and continued to touch smudges, soiling the rest of the LCD panel afterward. Whatever caused this little problem for us, let’s focus our attention on how to fix it! How to Clean a Smudged LCD Panel The first method we will go over is probably the most familiar, and that’s simply using a soft cloth to wipe the smudges off.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Traditional Wet Cloth
  • Microfiber Cleaning Wipes
  • Toothbrush
  • Screen Cleaner
  • iPhone Repair Tool Kit
Microfiber Cleaning Wipes

Instructions: How to Fix Black Spot on iPhone Screen

Step-1: Clean the screen with a traditional wet cloth and allow it to dry for about 30 seconds. For stubborn spots, use a microfiber cleaning wipe or toothbrush. Next, dry off the phone’s display panel again before proceeding to step two.

Step-2: Apply some screen cleaner onto your iPhone Repair Tool Kit’s brush head and rub gently in a circular motion over the affected area. This will remove any dirt or dust from your phone’s screen and hopefully fix the black spot on the iphone screen!

Step-3: Clean off the tools with water and dry them before putting them away in an airtight container to preserve their quality for future use.

Step-4: Allow your phone to dry off for another 30 seconds and then power the device back on. It is normal if this doesn’t fix the problem, but it should remove any dirt/dust from previous use!

Clean the Screen With a Traditional Wet Cloth

Some Tips for Maintaining your Phone Screen

  • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen. It’s easier on the screen than paper towels and won’t leave behind any lint or dust.
  • Avoid spraying your phone with window cleaner, as it can damage your screen’s sensitivity over time.
  • If you’re looking for a good place to put that dirty tissue, tuck it in between layers of clothing so there will be less chance of anything transferring onto your clothes or other surfaces!
  • Don’t scratch at those black spots – they may need some scrubbing from an oiled cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Rub until all remnants are gone, and then rinse off using water only (no soap). Your fingers should work just as well.
  • If the black spot is really stubborn, don’t try to scrub it out. Instead, replace your screen protector or get a new phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My iPhone Screen is Damaged?

If there’s a black spot on your screen, it might be damaged. The best way to find out is to go to an Apple Store and have them inspect it, or read this article to learn how to diagnose the problem yourself.

Will a Screen Replacement Fix Black Spots?

A black spot on an iPhone can be fixed by replacing the screen. If the black spot is due to dirt or debris, it might reappear after some time.

How Can I Prevent Black Spots from Showing Up Again?

One way to prevent these dark spots from coming up again would be always to use a screen protector. If you’re not using a screen protector, it’s worth investing in one for your iPhone.

How do I fix the black spot?

To fix this problem, follow these steps to clean your screen and remove debris from in-between the display components. You can try using an air blower first. Blow into all four corners of your phone until you see any signs of dust coming out from the cracks.

Then use a clean cloth and gently wipe the area where the black dots are located on your iPhone’s screen. This should also remove any excess residue that is sticking onto those darkened areas as well. You may need to repeat this process multiple times for better results if needed.


This article has shown you how to fix black spot on iPhone screen. You may have seen that some of these methods were a little out there, but they are all worth trying if nothing else works for you!

The problem is simple. Your iPhone screen has a black spot that can be fixed with the help of Applecare or by visiting an Apple store for repairs. If you’d like to fix your phone on your own, read our article and follow these steps! We hope this information was helpful and thank you for reading!

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