How to Fix Discord ICE Checking

ICE stands for internet connection establishment, and it is a type of protocol used by the ICE servers to send messages in both directions. When your computer tries to connect with another site or service on the Internet, that “connection” will involve exchanging information between you. Whoever else is involved (e.g., other users).

How to Fix Discord ICE Checking

The problem arises when two computers try to establish a connection but can’t do so because they’re not talking the same “language.” In some instances, this may be due to different types of hardware being used, e.g., Ethernet versus Wi-Fi; however, more often than not, it’s caused by mismatched software settings such as firewalls blocking certain ports or similar. But you do not need to worry about these because today, I will discuss some easy processes on how to fix discord ICE checking. So let us get to the point.

Procedures on How to Fix Discord Ice Checking 

The first thing to try when ice-checking is simply turning the firewall off. If this resolves the issue, you’ll need to modify your settings so that it’s only turned on while you’re playing games or doing other activities involving high levels of network traffic (e.g., streaming video). The same can be done for disabling any antivirus software running in the background, which may interfere with connection protocols.

If shutting down all protection doesn’t fix things, make sure you are using a wired Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi and that both computers’ IPvP address has been manually configured before trying again. If one computer is trying to talk through an Internet Service Provider and another isn’t, you’ll have issues.

If the issue persists, it may be a problem with your ISP or router and not Discord. For example, open up a web browser window on one computer to some arbitrary website (e.g., If that page loads quickly, but loading takes upwards of five seconds, then there’s likely an issue between your modem/router connection and the Internet service provider which will need to be looked into by them directly before further troubleshooting can begin here at home without additional information from our technicians regarding their current network setup as well as how they are connecting to us in particular for diagnostics purposes if necessary.”

Fixing The Problem With Ice Checking: Simply turning off your firewall is usually enough for many people. If you’re using Windows, right-click the icon in your taskbar to show the menu bar (or press Win+R) and type Firewall off into the search box at the bottom of that window, then click on Turn off firewall (on the left).

Precautions While Fixing Discord Ice Checking

Precautions While Fixing Discord Ice Checking
  • It is advisable to do a backup of your chat messages. You can find the backup folder from settings. Back up any conversations you have that are important, or if there’s a chance, they’ll be deleted by Discord ices checking/purging system. For example, if someone sent you screenshots as proof for incriminating evidence and it does not show in their discord server anymore, chances are it was purged/deleted by accident.
  • If you’re using Windows, then use the Ctrl+F11 shortcut key to open the “move window” dialog box, which will allow you to select the option to move this application so that people who share computers with other user accounts can see Discord without having to access its content. In contrast, those who don’t share the computer can have it hidden.
  • You can also change your username from how Discord automatically set them up to something else, but don’t do this if you want people to be able to find you easily in the server and channel list without having to search a lot.
  • You can use the Ctrl+F11 shortcut key on Windows with the “move window” option for either of these steps:
  • Move the discord folder so that other users who share your computer don’t see its content, while those who don’t won’t need access to it when they open their web browser or chat platform app (Chrome/Safari). Either move it out of sight completely by using an external storage device or put it into a new location like desktop or folder
  • Change your username from how Discord automatically set it up to something else.

To do that, you have to: right-click on the top left of the screen and choose “Settings,” then go into account settings where there are a few things you can change, including changing your name or profile picture. You will need to be signed in for this; if not, all changes won’t save until logged out and back in again with new account information. That being said, make sure they’re things you want permanently changed because once done, there’s no going back without deleting the discord app entirely (not recommended). One more note is when using a web browser instead of a desktop app like Chrome/Safari, which might be preferable depending on what you use it for. When you change your name, it changes the username and not the ID, which means it’s different in a web browser than using a desktop app like Chrome/Safari, so be careful with that.

 What Should I Do if the Error 5 Is Showing? 

 What Should I Do if the Error 5 Is Showing 

The Error Code is most likely caused by the Discord app not being in a running state. The easiest fix for this error code is to close and reopen the program. If you are still experiencing issues, it could be that your data has become corrupted or deleted on the system partition of your device. You can try connecting an external USB storage device such as thumb drive or microSD card reader with at least 256MB available space into one of the open slots on your computer and then reinstall Discord from there.”

Final Thoughts

This article has covered a lot of ground, but it’s important to mention the most common ways to fix ice checking. This might be enough for some people not to have any more issues with their Discord app freezing up and crashing as they’re in the middle of typing messages or speaking while conversing with other members. Of course, if none of these methods does the trick, there are always paid solutions such as changing your device’s operating system or getting new hardware altogether (though both come at a cost). We hope that all these tips will fix discord ice checking.

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