How to Fix Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off

One of the most common complaints that people have about gas pumps is that they keep shutting off when you are trying to pump your car. This can be incredibly frustrating, and it’s also a safety hazard because many drivers will try to start pumping again even after the machine shuts off automatically for their protection. So in this guide, we will tell you the steps on how to fix gas pump keeps shutting off.

How to Fix Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off

10 Reasons Why Gas Pump Keep Shutting Off:

  1. Excessive gas pressure in the tank
  2. Dirt or debris on the fuel nozzle shutting off the pump when you try to fill up. Try using a clean towel and wiping around before filling your car with gas next time it does this!
  3. When the air temperature is cold, vapors may condense inside fuel lines causing system issues like low fuel pressure in the gas tank. This can also happen when the air temperature is hot, and you fill up your car with gasoline while the pump nozzle is exposed to open air.
  4. The gas pump nozzle may be missing a seal, allowing outside air to leak into the fuel system and cause an increase in vapor pressure.
  5. Dirt or debris may have accumulated on the inside of the gas tank, preventing fuel from reaching all eight jets. This would result in a low-pressure condition during fueling making it difficult to pump gasoline into your car and keep it running as you try to top off.
  6. Faulty wiring in the gas pump, causing it to malfunction
  7. Fuel vapor released during filling could condense inside the gas hose, which may lead to a clogged fuel line
  8. Faulty gaskets or seals on your gas pump.
  9. Defective fuel tank sensor or faulty wiring to the gas gauge system. You may want to contact a mechanic if this often happens, for you could be in need of replacement parts
  10. Faulty car battery can also cause your gas pump to keep shutting off! Check on these with others around you and see what they think is the cause of your gas pump shutting off.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A gas pump with a shut-off mechanism
  • Tape measurer or ruler
  • Protective gloves 
  • Disposable wipes
  • A screwdriver with a Phillips head attachment
  • Gas pump shut off switch

Instructions: How to Fix Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off

Step One: Put Protective Gloves on

Take the gas pump shut-off switch and measure it from one end to its other. Make sure that you have protective gloves on! Take a disposable wipe, clean your hands with them, then carefully wrap the tape around both of the ends, so they are secure.

Step Two: Check Gas Tank for Any Loose Attachments

Check your gas tank for any loose attachments or debris that could be clogging the fuel pump line. Remove anything found and clean the area thoroughly with a disposable wipe as needed to clear up any excess liquid from coming out of the dispenser nozzle or on top of your car’s gas tank. Shut off the power supply to your gas pump and remove any items that are blocking access.

Remove anything found and clean

Step Three: Remove the Hose

Measure out a section of the hose, cut it away from where it is connected, and discard or recycle according to local guidelines. Be very careful when removing this hose because gasoline is leaking out.

Step Four: Hold Finger Over the Fresh Hole 

Hold your finger over the fresh hole on either side of the hose and position a switch in it by pushing down onto one part with enough force to activate it, but not too much that you break through the other section.

Step Five: Replacing the Gas Lines

Begin replacing any gas lines at this point in order for them to be connected to the switch.

Step Six: Turn on Your Power Supply

Turn on your power supply and wait for a few seconds before turning it off. As long as you feel no resistance, then everything should be fixed!

Step Seven: Consult a Professional 

If you do not feel any resistance, then it is possible that there are other problems. In order to fix these problems, please consult a professional mechanic.

Step Eight: Install a New Pump Housing

If you do feel resistance, then your problem may still be the switch. If there is no change with the new gas lines hooked up to the switch and power supply on, it will be necessary for you to install a new pump housing at this point.

Step Nine: Reconnect the Wires and Cables

Once everything has been disconnected from your old pump housing and installed on your new pump housing, you will need to reconnect the wires and cables.

Step Ten: Test the Pump Motor

Once everything has been installed correctly, it is time for testing! Plug in all of your equipment, then turn on the circuit breaker and wait a few seconds before turning off the power supply. Check that there are no sparks or smoke coming from any components other than the pump motor.

Step Eleven: Connect Your Gas Tank 

If everything looks good, you will want to locate your gas tank and connect it up to the new switch that has been installed. This is where it gets tricky, so make sure you read through these instructions carefully!

Step Twelve: Close The Old Valves 

How to Fix Gas Pump Keeps Shutting Off

You should now be able to close off one of your old valves and open the other one up, allowing gas to flow into your tank. The pump will shut off when there is enough gas in the tank!

Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions:

1. Turn off the pump by pressing the button down.

2. Clean the nozzle with a rag or towel. If there’s any built-up dirt or grime, it will keep contacting the tank and shut off the fuel flow.

3. Make sure your car isn’t out of gas! The pump will automatically shut off when it runs out for safety reasons.

4. Try filling up in the morning or night when it’s not as hot out. If your gas is thin and runny, it will come out faster and cause the nozzle to shut off quicker.

5. Use a credit card with a magnetic strip to swipe at the nozzle instead of swiping your debit or credit card. If the magnetic strip isn’t working, it may be due to a possible chip malfunction and not allow you to pump gas.

6. Ask for help! Sometimes there might be someone nearby who works at the station, and they can give you a hand with getting your tank filled up without having this problem.

Preventative Measures You Need to Take:

To help the nozzle from preventing you from pumping gas, here are a few helpful steps:

1. Do not hold open the trigger and let it stay in the “on” position. This can cause leakage and create an overflow when you stop pumping gas.

2. Keep your nozzle clean and free of debris.

Keep Your Nozzle Clean

3. Make sure the nozzle trigger is in working order and can function when you use it. If you can see any debris in the nozzle (i.e., gum, dirt), do not use that nozzle but ask for a clean one or request assistance from customer service.

4. If you know you have a faulty nozzle, take it off the hose and ask for a replacement before fueling your vehicle.

5. If the problem persists, do not attempt to put gas in your car yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does the Gas Pump Keep Stopping When My Tank Isn’t Full?

The most common reason for the gas pump to stop is the low fuel level. The tank should be filled before going to the gas station, or at least three-quarters full. If you are still experiencing this issue, it may be that your vehicle’s fuel gauge isn’t functioning properly.

What Causes Gas Pump to Stop?

There are many causes of the gas pump to stop. Some of the causes are:

• The customer’s credit card is invalid or expired.

• There is a problem with the payment terminal due to hardware failure or software malfunction.

• A queue has formed behind the customer, and their vehicle is blocking others from fueling up.

• There is no fuel available in that station at this time.

How Do You Unclog a Gas Tank Vent?

There are a few ways to unclog a gas tank vent.

• Using the spark plug wrench, unscrew the gas cap and remove it from the vehicle’s gas tank.

• Take out any metal objects that may be stuck in the vent and try to clear them with an electric or battery-powered fan.

• Try using a long stick, like a broom handle, to push the clog back through into the tank.

Why Is Gas Coming Out of My Gas Tank?

There are a few reasons why gas is coming out of your tank. The first reason is that the cap was not installed properly. If you have a check engine light, it could be because there is something wrong with the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor. The second reason would be that the fuel lines are clogged, which causes gas to spill onto the ground and into your vehicle’s gas tank as well as into other areas of your car, such as the air filter and heater hoses.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Fuel Pump?

Fuel pumps are the primary components of a vehicle’s fuel system. They can be found in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. The average lifespan of a fuel pump is about two to three years.


Fixing a gas pump that keeps shutting off can be difficult. So you need to find out what the problem is and fix it. It could be a faulty fuel pump, an issue with your vehicle, or something as simple as dirt in the gas tank that creates too much friction for the engine’s pistons to move smoothly.

Whatever the reasons, we have done the research for you and gave step by step guide on how to fix gas pump keeps shutting off so that you can find out the solution with this information easily. Regardless of where you think it might lie, clean everything thoroughly before trying again, so you know if there was just some debris on top of your filter that may have been causing part of the problem. If all else fails, then take it somewhere for repairs and get back on track quickly!

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