How to Fix Double Vision in VR

If you’re playing a VR game and you notice that some objects are appearing doubled, it might be because you need a second graphics card for your vision. Try following the steps in these blog posts on how to fix double vision in VR to see if that solves the problem.

How to Fix Double Vision in Vr

What is Double Vision in VR?

Double vision is when the eyes are not properly lined up together and see two images instead of one. By default, the eyes are not aligned, and you can fix it by nudging your view in-game with the usual “turn left/right” controls. However, a problem arises when you use VR headsets for a long time, like 6+ hours, because of this condition. The eyes can become misaligned when you use a VR headset for an extended period. This is due to the fact that the lenses in the headset are magnifying the image in front of you. The longer you use the headset, the more your eyes have to adjust to the magnification.

The fact is that some games do not allow fine-tuning of the convergence (the amount of turning needed to align the two images). Some people’s eyes also cannot keep up with their convergence setting, meaning they find themselves unable to play after an hour or two due to double vision kicking in again. Another problem with convergence is that the center of the screen is actually the worst place to look at, as your eyes naturally converge on the edges of objects.

Reasons Why Double Vision in VR Occurs

There are many causes for this issue, but it’s related to VR how the lenses warp your view. We have mentioned some reasons below to know about this issue.

  1. Your phone is not powerful enough
  2. You have a really great device, but you are playing a game that is too detailed for your current device. For example, if you buy a high-end gaming system and start up any of the  Mortal Combat games, you will get double vision because it’s just too advanced of a game for your computer system at the moment.
  3. Your IPD (Interpupillary distance) settings are set wrong, or you need new glasses which will fix double vision in VR instantly. Most companies like Oculus Rift have built-in sensors to adjust IPD for you automatically via calibration software called CalibratorTool .exe that comes built into your system or purchase separately.
  4. You have too many programs running in the background, are Watching Netflix, and playing a game simultaneously. Or maybe you’re trying to run multiple VR experiences on one device, which can cause slowness issues. This is why it’s recommended to buy a powerful gaming system for an amazing Virtual Reality experience.
  5. Screen door effect (SDE) is an artifact visible in virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. SDE is caused by the lack of resolution and low pixel density in today’s screens for VR headsets.
  6. All your USB ports are being used, or you need a High-Speed HDMI cable that should fix double vision in VR instantly.
  7. Your eyes are fatigued after playing for so long, causing your eyes muscles to react this way as the rest.

Instructions: How to Fix Double Vision in VR

Step One: Make Sure You have the Right Hardware and Software

If you want to play VR games on your computer, you need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. You can check to see if your graphics card has enough VRAM by launching SteamVR and checking out the Virtual Reality tab in Settings > General.

Step Two: Adjust Your Headset to Fit Your Face

You may need to adjust the headset straps. If you’re wearing glasses, try taking them off and see if your vision improves. You can also change IPD (interpupillary distance) by going into SteamVR settings and then General. However, adjusting IPD isn’t recommended for people who wear glasses because it will cause eye strain over time.

Adjust to Fit Your Face

Step Three: Check Tracking Sensors and Clean if Necessary

If your headset is tracking properly, you should be able to see your controllers in line with your virtual hands. Make sure that the sensors are clean and unobstructed by furniture or objects. If you’re holding a controller near a wall, release it to see whether the controller stays in the correct place.

Step Four: Calibrate the IPD for Your headset.

Calibrating increases the accuracy of your headset within SteamVR. To adjust IPD, follow the steps below:

  1. Go into the Settings menu in SteamVR and select “General.”
  2. Select “Reset” under Calibration.Select Reset
  3. Adjust IPD to match your physical measurement by holding one controller up to your nose and the other at the back of your head. The controllers should line up with where you see your virtual hands in relation to one another.

Step Five: Adjust Your Camera Angles to Minimize Double Vision

Reset your camera angles through the Tools menu in SteamVR. If you’re experiencing double vision, you may need to adjust your headset or camera position.

Step Six: Update Your GPU Drivers

If none of the above steps solve your double vision issue, then try updating your GPU drivers. It’s possible that a software conflict is causing issues with the visuals.

update GPU drivers.

Step Seven: Change Eye convergence settings in VR App

Depth perception in VR is a little different than what you’re used to experiencing in real life. In VR, your eyes are constantly adjusting to look at objects that are closer or farther away from you. This is called convergence, and it’s built into the app, so you don’t have to adjust yourself every time you move around a virtual space.

Note: If you still have double vision, there may be a hardware issue, such as a loose cable or damaged sensors. Try cleaning your sensor lenses with alcohol and paper towels; if that doesn’t help, contact Steam Support or Oculus Support for further assistance.


Virtual Reality is a quickly evolving field, with new developments coming out constantly. We have been working hard to find solutions for some of the most common VR symptoms, like double vision and motion sickness. We have mentioned some steps for these solutions on how to fix double vision in VR blog posts.

If you have been experiencing double vision in VR, it could be because of the distance between your eyes and the headset. Try adjusting the straps or moving closer to see if this helps with reducing symptoms. We hope this article has helped you to fix the double vision in the VR issue. If you have any questions in mind about this topic, feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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