How to Make a Skee Ball Game Out of Cardboard

When going outside for playing is not possible, your children or siblings should enjoy gaming items inside the house. Day by day, the popularity of different types of indoor games is gaining. But sometimes buying those indoor games can be a little too expensive. That is when you can use your creativity on the DIY project. Yes, it is possible to create some indoor gaming at home. We will teach you one of them, and it is how to make a skee ball game out of cardboard.

Skee ball game is most prevalent in American countries and not so in Europe and others. But it does not matter. No matter what country you are from, you can easily make them if you have cardboard and some skee balls. There are many things you can do with cardboard. They are available everywhere, and they can be shaped into anything. So, if you want to learn how to make a skee ball game out of cardboard, keep reading ahead.

How to Make a Skee Ball Game Out of Cardboard

DIY: How to Make a Skee Ball Game Out of Cardboard

Just like any other DIY project, you will need some basic stuff to complete the whole thing. Although we said all you will be needing is cardboard and skee balls, but you should already know to figure out the cardboard, you will need some other supply. And the first rule of any DIY project is to gather everything before you can start. 

Materials You Need

The materials you will need for this project are-

  • Cardboards
  • Skee balls
  • Measuring tools
  • Cutter
  • Popsicle stick
  • Glue gun/glue
  • Paint (optional) 

Steps to Follow

Step 1

The first step for the project is making the base of the game board. For that, you need a big size of cardboard. You can take a whole piece or stick two together. The size of the cardboard base should have more length than width. The right proportion should be 50 inches long x 20 inches wide. In case you can find a whole part of the cardboard of the required length, you can stick two pieces of cardboard with glue.

Step 2

Now that you have the base of the board ready, you need to put walls around the whole floor. You can add new pieces of cardboard for the walls, or when you are making the base, you can just cardboard boxed to create a surface of the walls and add more pieces to make them healthy.

Step 3

As for this step, you have to make the barricade wall for the game board. To do that, you need a big piece of cardboard. The shape of the wall should follow as- one side of the work should be more comprehensive, and then gradually, it should be narrowed down. For example, if one side is 30 inches wide, then the other side should be 15 inches wide. There should be a dent in between the length as well.

Steps to Follow

When you are done making one piece of the wall, you can use it as a template to create another barrier for the other side. After preparing both, Glue them together on each side of the base.

Step 4

Now take another large cardboard piece and make a ramp for the board. The ramp should be complete and long enough to fit the requirement. The length of the ramp should be not covering the whole area rather have someplace left at home. The upper portion of the ramp should have some folding so that the balls can roll back down. There also should be a hole from where the skee balls will come out. To glue the ramp on the place, you need to glue some popsicle stick on the wall to create a platform for them to stand. Now, glue the ramp on the platform to attach the ramp on the place.

Step 5

Now take another piece of cardboard and cut it to the shape of the empty space left at the top. Next, take a narrow piece of cardboard and create a sliding wall on the board. The division will help the skee balls to roll through the hole after they come from the top spots. The lining of the wall face according to the whole of the ramp. Place the part in the right place with popsicle sticks and glue-like before.

Step 6

Now you have to make the board for the skee ball game. For that, you need to create some holes according to how you want to play the game. There should be some pathways as well for the skee balls to roll around. Create the shape of the holes and cut them. To create the paths, you can use cardboard strops and prepare them according to the need. Attach the board on top of the board according to the right possible.

Step 7

Next, you are going to make a pathway for the balls to roll through after the cross the hole. Take two long pieces of cardboard and place them on the side and top to create the place. You can cut a whole to get the skee balls out.

Step 8

You are mostly done with doing the project. Now, you will see that you have the back all open. That is why you need to make a wall on the end as well as on the top of the board for a roof. Attach them with glue.

Step 9

As for the final touch of how to make a skee ball game out of cardboard, you can color the whole board according to how you like. Another tip is that you need to add some cardboard pieces to the place where there are some unwanted holes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Dimensions of a Skee Ball Game?

There are many variations of skee ball games that you can play. They come in different sizes and shapes.

A standard skee ball game is a 14-inch diameter and 6 inches high with a base that is 10 inches wide by 7 inches deep. It has six pockets on the top which have various-sized balls in them and one hole in the center for coins to drop into.

What Are Skeeballs Made of?

Skeeball is made of corn, soybean meal, chicken, and beef by-products. They also contain added vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, selenium, copper, iron, and zinc.

Where Is Skeeball Made?

Skee-ball is a game that originated in the US and has been played in many places around the world. It was originally made by Parker Brothers in 1908, but now there are several companies that make it including:

• Big Time Gaming

• Astro Games

• Bally Manufacturing

• Global Pinball Inc.

Is Skee Ball a Brand Name?

Skee ball is a brand name for the game of Skee Ball. It was introduced in 1933 by Milton Bradley Company.

Skee ball is a game that has many different variations, but it generally involves players throwing steel balls into slots on a rotating wheel to try and land as close to the center as possible.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to make a skee ball game out of cardboard. You can now create your own addition follow the instruction, and have a great time playing with the piece inside your home.

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