How to Fix Hairline Crack in Glass Pipe

A hairline crack in the glass pipe of a bong or water pipe can be caused by many things but is usually something that should be taken care of. The most common cause for this type of problem is a result of heat exposure to the glass.

How To Fix Hairline Crack In Glass Pipe

This could occur from sitting next to an open flame on your coffee table with the bowl facing up or smoking too close to an open window during cold weather. When you notice a hairline crack in your pipe, stop using it and clean off any residue left inside with rubbing alcohol before tossing it out.

If you have one already and don’t know how to rid of it, do not panic! It is easy to fix the hairline crack in your glass pipe. This article will show you how to fix a hairline crack in a glass pipe and stop your glass pipes from cracking.

Things You’ll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Heat source
  • Glass cutter
  • Blowtorch
  • Toy cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dremel tool with a sanding bit
Glass Cutter

Instructions: How to Fix Hairline Crack in Glass Pipe

Step One – Cleaning Out Residue Inside the Pipe

With a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, clean out any residue from inside of your pipe that may have led to it cracking. Be sure not to use alcohol on the cracked part.

Step Two – Cutting a New Hole in Your Pipe

Using your glass cutter, cut out a hole of the same size as the old one you know is good. Once cutting has been done and all residue cleaned up, use your blowtorch to heat the edges of where you just created an opening. This should make the edges more malleable so that you can mold them to your liking and fit into place.

Cutting A New Hole In Your Pipe

Step Three – Fitting Pipe Together

Once heated, put both pieces together (new one face-up) with your pliers or fingers and twist them in opposite directions until they click into place. You can also use the flame from your blowtorch to heat up and melt any remaining glass pieces of pipe that have been broken off.

Step Four – Clean Up & Inspection

Once you are happy with how it looks, clean out the area where you just repaired it to remove any dirt particles or excess residue left behind. Then, use a small brush and some water to clean up the area.

Finally, inspect your work by looking closely for any hairline cracks or other faults that need attention. If there are none, you can now replace the pipe with its cap in place (make sure it is securely tightened).

Step Five – Replace Broken Glass Pipe

If you still have a broken piece of pipe, you can use the cap to repair it. This is only possible if there is an intact glass section that protrudes higher than the crack and which will be able to hold in place while being heated up with a blowtorch.

Step Six – Reassemble Pipe

After repairing your busted glass pipe, re-attach any pieces for aesthetic purposes before putting everything back together by twisting them clockwise until they click into place. You may need to solder or glue some parts where needed, but this should not take too long as most breaks are straightforward and do not require much attention. If your craft looks good enough, then replace the metal screen attachment just like you would a normal glass tube on its own.

Step Seven – Re-heat Pipe

If your repair job was not as good as you had hoped, or if it just did not work at all, then the end of this process may be a repeat of step four. Simply heat up the metal screen with a blowtorch until it’s too hot to touch and reattach it in the same way as before.

Step Eight – Light the Pipe

This is fairly self-explanatory. You know what to do next! Take a hit and enjoy your successful workmanship on this pipe repair job. When finished, turn off the blowtorch or put it down somewhere safe, so you don’t accidentally set something else on fire.


If you have a hairline crack in your glass pipe, don’t fret. There are many ways to fix it, and we will show you how! The crack can be fixed relatively easily with some epoxy, but it’s not a job for the inexperienced. If you have to try this yourself, make sure that you clean the pipe thoroughly and then dry it off before applying any glue or starting repairs.

You should also check out our guide on how to fix hairline crack in glass pipes if your pipes are more complicated than just having cracks in them! These methods should help repair any cracks in your glass pipes for years to come!

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