How to Fix Hole In Wall From Door Knob


The door knob is a vital part of a proper functioning door and keeping it in place, so that you can open and close the door anytime during the day without any hassle. However, there will be instances where you accidentally hit the doorknob on the wall leaving an ugly hole that needs to be repaired quickly before anyone notices. Fortunately for you, fixing holes in your wall from a doorknob is much easier than most people think. This article will go over some simple tips on how to fix hole in wall from door knob.

How to Fix Hole In Wall From Door Knob

Causes Behind Door Knob Restoration:

There are many reasons why these dents around knobs appear in different places inside or outside houses. The common causes may include children playing with doors trying to gain access into locked rooms; light objects falling on doors resulting in damage; rusted, old, loose doorknobs, etc.

The dents on doors or walls around the knobs may occur for many reasons, but it is important to repair these holes at the earliest. It is also best to prevent them from appearing again as the area around a knob has more chances of showing wear and tear. In addition, they look hideous and are hard to ignore when we see them exposed for the first time in ages.

The repair work can be done easily with the help of a little monetary investment and some patience.

When to Get Door Knob Holes Repaired?

While this problem is not too big that you need to worry about immediately, it is always better to fix these things as soon as they appear. If you live in an old house, the chances are that you will have a lot of these holes around your doors and walls at different places. Individuals who live in new houses also tend to experience this kind of problem now and then due to careless handling by children or when things drop accidentally on doorknobs. Each time one gets exposed, it becomes even harder for them to ignore the honky-tonk appearance and needs proper fixing.

Hole On The Wall Because Of Door Knob

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix Hole In Wall From Door Knob

  • You need to get a latch doorknob with less visible holes; you can damage the design of the wall or any other structure during the drilling process.
  • Drill a hole in it from the backside and then take out the inner part containing screws.
  • Have an exact idea about how big size would your new knob be? For this purpose, make rings on scrap pieces of wood of different sizes-small, medium & large. The one that fits into your home is probably going to be right for your project too!
  • Use a chisel and hammer to enlarge the original hole, just some more so that you can push the body of the new doorknob through it. Ensure that the new knob has been pushed completely through so that you can screw back its screws.
  • Hold it firmly in place and then hammer it tightly with a hammer. Now your hole is repaired, no more door bumps on the wall! Nevertheless, don’t forget to remove all of the rings before finally putting them together.
  • To give it a finishing touch, spray paint over some decent colors-dark brown and olive green. That should do it!
  • You can also keep separate doorknobs instead of the whole set if you want to avoid holes from different rooms at the same time! Finally, experiment with different designs; they might help you in fixing other problems too!
  • Finally, hang the knob back on the door, and if it has not been able to close properly, you need to adjust its position.
  • Try using a screwdriver for easy positioning if you have lost your other tools!
  • And finally, apply some doorknob safety locks so that your kids don’t end up hurting themselves.

Precautions While Learning How to Fix Hole In Wall From Door Knob

  • Before starting the repair work, turn off the power supply to prevent accidental electric shock.
  • To ensure your personal safety and protect against property damage, be sure to remove all nails/screws from around the hole in the wall created by the doorknob.  
  • Surely, remove the knob from the door frame so that it is not accidentally damaged during the repair process. If you no longer want to use an old cover plate with screw holes, then do not unscrew them at all, as you would never get another matching one. For this specific reason, you must throw away the existing old cover plate along with screws if you really don’t need them anymore or can find a matching replacement part for the front door at any local hardware store.
  • Before repairing a hole in the wall from the doorknob, you must check for other possible causes to the problem of cracked plasterboard, such as thin or loose framing, or it might be due to old age or some structural changes that have been made during property renovation work or by chance. So firstly, confirm whether there is a structural issue behind this imperfection on your wall while fixing a hole in the wall from the doorknob?
  • If these old screws were formed into new holes with the help of a screwdriver or drill, then do not use them again because they are weak and will likely fall out after some time. On the other hand, if you want to reuse these metal screws, make sure that they have enough strength by drilling pilot holes through the new wall and then screw the metal screws in it.
  • While removing the old cover plate, you must ensure that all existing wiring is out of reach or protected before messing with the cover plate. To avoid injury from nails and screws which might be stuck into the backside of the plasterboard, you can push them out using a sharp object like a needle gauge/screwdriver, etc.
  • Do not drill large holes as they are only a temporary fix to a bigger problem, so always go for small-sized holes while fixing holes in the wall from doorknob because these small-sized repair jobs will never look attractive, are easily noticeable by any neighbor, and may make property owner feel insecure about the overall cosmetic condition of his house structure.
Removing The Door Knob From Door

When Should I Change the Door Knob?

Replacing a doorknob is easy, but there are certain situations when this home improvement task should be left to a professional before you do it yourself.

If you have damaged the door frame or the wall around the doorknob hole, then repairing them could be more difficult than replacing just the door handle.   You can learn how to fix these issues independently, especially if they are minor and only need simple repairs.   However, if you’re not comfortable with the job due to their size and materials used in constructing them, then bring in a pro and let him take care of these things so that he can install the new doorknob properly.


So this is all about how to fix hole in wall from door knob and also about When I should change the doorknob. You should always be very careful while performing the process, and when there is a safety issue, you should never hesitate to change the doorknob. I hope you have obtained all the necessary information about the relevant doorknob issues. Thank you, and have a good day!

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