How to Fix a Door Knob Hole That is Too Big

Have you ended up taking the incorrect power drill and getting your screw gap too big? Also, if don’t bother – there are several options to repair the flaw, several better than many others, to get the void narrower or entirely cover the larger one to make a tiny hole of an appropriate length.

how to fix a door knob hole that is too big

In this post, you’ll hear regarding eight of those approaches that primarily work with woods. You’ll still be learning what to do if the opening is in metal or wallboard.


Toothpicks and matchsticks

Using the match or matchsticks as shims, most popular – but not reliable – to cover the holes when you’re about to cut them down is. This technique has been around for quite a lot longer, but must be used for gaps which have no considerable weight to bear. It is effortless to use this form.

Next, cover the void with some liquid adhesive, like Wood Glue, that could be used on furniture. Remember, the adhesive is useful, but not necessarily every time. Second, lock in any wooden toothpicks before they cover the hole securely. Enable the adhesive to cure and settle entirely, ensuring the toothpicks are kept securely in position. Third, clip or slice off the edges of the matchsticks, so the top is smooth. Move your screw to the fixed gap, at last.

Include Dowels in Timber

A Further Option You  Could Use Wood Dowel  Rods to Create a Screw Gap

A further option you could use wood dowel rods to create a screw gap, which is too wide to use again. Unlike most of the former method, this approach is the most used throughout professional areas today. The technique is identical to the preceding one. Next, dig a hole with such a power drill, which is the same size and even a pin less than the wooden drill bit you want to use.

Second, drop the silicone adhesive in the drill bit and press this into the opening. Wait until the adhesive forms. Finally, slice the drill bit sawing to align this with the wooden pole, and drive a tiny pilot into this until turning the bolt. This approach leads to a high fixation point, which is as effective as trying to screw.

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