How to Fix Window Sill Dog Chewed


The window sill is the support on the window frame that holds the glass in place. Dogs usually chew on things due to teething, boredom, or curiosity. It is not unusual for dogs to chew on windowsills, but it can be dangerous as they run the risk of choking or breaking their teeth if they bite a poisonous material used to make your windowsill. So, if you find out that your dog has been chewing your window sill, you can easily follow the process on how to fix window sill dog chewed from today’s discussion.

How to Fix Window Sill Dog Chewed

Why Dogs Chew Window Sill? 

Chewing is one of those things that all dog owners have to put up with at some time or another.  Dogs tend to think about chewing as the solution for everything in their world. It can be quite funny when they try and chew on things that really don’t seem suitable, but it can also be frustrating when trying to chew on something significant and valuable, such as furniture! The sill of your windows seems like an unlikely target for chewing; after all, why would you want to give your dog access to this area?

Having said this, dogs do tend to chew more during certain seasons than others – spring/summer and autumn/winter – so if your dog is chewing the sill of your window in spring, then perhaps you should think about relocating him to an area where he has more space and less temptation.

Perhaps it’s because dogs have a natural tendency to chew, but whatever the reason, there are ways that you can avoid this kind of behavior. Positive reinforcement is one way, of course, when you catch your dog chewing a forbidden material (like your windowsills), just give the command “leave it” and offer him something else to chew on like a special toy – some dogs love. Sweet potato chews or rawhide! You could also try removing his source of temptation by moving valuable household items out of his reach, for example, office paperwork, shoes, utensils, etc.

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix Window Sill Dog Chewed

Apply Stain Blocker

If the stain has been newly made, first make sure that you apply a stain blocker. This would prevent further stains from happening in the future and also from being transferred to other things or objects near the window sill.

Wash Sill with Soap & Water

Now clean everything off using soap and water mixture if any debris or dust is stuck onto the window sill.

Sand Window Sill Dog Chewed Surface

Sanding will remove all unwanted imperfections upon the surface of the wood so that it can have an even finish later on when you paint over it. The sandpaper should be of medium grain so that it does not scrape away too much wood at once but will still clear off all the scratches, splinters, and other unwanted particles.

Prime Sill with Wood Filler Primer

Now prime and fill up any holes or cracks that your dog’s chewing has caused on wood to prevent it from further spreading and add strength onto the surface of the wood. The primer should be able to dry within 30 minutes after application so that you can start painting over right away without having to wait for a long time. If the primer is not applied thick enough, then it would cause cracks later on when it dries out, which in turn will make it prone to damages; this is why lightly apply one coat at first until you are certain that there are no more blemishes upon the surface of the wood.

Prime and Fill Up Any Holes or Cracks That Your Dog's Chewing

Paint Window Sill Dog Chewed Surface

By using a primer as the base coat, you can easily apply the color onto the window sill without having to worry too much about it peeling off at a later stage because there is a layer of primer that acts as a proper barrier between the color and wood so that it retains its strength.

Pick any light colors for your paint choosing especially if you are going to use a darker stain on top of it in the future, or else the bright yellowish tones will stand out more than anything instead of blending in nicely with other elements around it; this is why picking darker shades would be better most times rather than lighter ones because they provide depth into visual appearance which makes everything looks.

Precautions While Performing How to Fix Window Sill Dog Chewed

  • Before replacing or repairing the window sill, be sure to remove anything that may be in there (birds nests).
  • Make sure you are working in a non-electrical area and away from the water source. It will help protect your eyes while fixing the window sill dog chewed and ensure that you don’t cut yourself on broken glass. Wear goggles if possible; gloves will also help protect your hands while working around sharp edges and broken glass pieces.
  • Maintain your concentration level so that you won’t hurt yourself or injure someone else by not noticing adjacent objects and people nearby while repairing the damaged sills dog chewed.
  • Only use tools that have been tested for their strength, like nail guns and drills. Using tools that have not been tested for their strength or durability may lead to unnecessary accidents such as broken windows, lacerated hands, eyes injuries, and more.
Nail guns
  • Once you are done with the repair of the window sill dog chewed, take the time to check your work thoroughly before leaving.
  • Test the parts that you have just fixed before putting everything back in its place. Study it carefully; once you think it is okay, you can start retrieving all objects around your working area and put back whatever items on top of the window sill dog chewed.
  • Don’t forget to clean up properly after finishing repairing the damaged sills dog chewed.


Your wood window sill dog chewed is a normal thing because it happens not just with dogs but also with other animals running around your property. It is best to be ready for this scenario and know what steps you can take to fix the damage (like making use of wood filler primer).

Preventing further damages could be a better way of handling this problem, so be sure to keep an eye on your pets whenever there is something new installed around them; I hope you have learned all the necessary information about how to fix window sill dog chewed. Thank you and have a nice day!

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