How to Fold a Leather Jacket

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t use your leather jacket as often as you’d like. Sometimes it seems like it’s just taking up space in your closet. But before you get rid of it, consider this with a little bit of know-how; you can fold your leather jacket so that it takes up less space and stays looking great.

How to Fold a Leather Jacket

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a well-worn piece when it comes to leather jackets. However, taking care of your jacket is important if you want it to last. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fold a leather jacket properly so that it looks good and lasts longer. Read on to learn more!

10 Ways on How to Fold a Leather Jacket

1. Use A Garment Bag

This is best for traveling. It protects the leather from creasing and pulls and allows it to keep its shape while stored in a luggage compartment, closet, or drawer.

2. Roll It

Many people roll a leather jacket before storing it for extended periods to minimize creasing and abrasion and squeeze excess air out of the garment. First, unzip the front zipper halfway and flip the jacket inside out. Then place the sleeves flat on the table with their inner lining facing upward.

Next, lay the jacket on top of them so its right side faces down and its sleeves are underneath. Fold one sleeve inward, and then do the same with the other. From there, place a heavy object on top of the jacket and let it sit for about an hour or so before you remove it.

3. Put It On

Don’t just leave your leather jacket lying around! Instead, hang it up in your closet. It will stay wrinkle-free and ready for use. Then, if you notice a crease or wrinkle, take it off the hanger and smooth out the leather with your hands.

4. Use A Coat Rack

Hanging your jacket on a coat rack is another handy way to store it without worrying about wrinkles and folds. You can also use a wooden hanger or plastic hangers instead of the metal bar on the rack.

5. Use Aluminum Foil

Place the garment between sheets of aluminum foil, then roll it up for packing. This method is best used when you’re not going to wear your leather jacket anytime soon. The foil can protect from creasing over time and keep its shape, though it may leave a rust-like residue on the garment after a while. Plus, it’s not reusable, and it’s time-consuming to apply.

6. Use A Flat Surface

You can lay your leather jacket flat on a bed or any other surface during storage to keep its shape from getting creased or crumpled. However, this method is the least effective for preventing wrinkles.

7. Use A Wooden Hanger

Hang your leather jacket on a wooden hanger and place it in a dark, cool area with low humidity to prevent any potential moisture damage. This is especially important if the garment has a light color. While this method will keep your jacket wrinkle-free, you should still hang up your leather jackets now and then to prevent damage from hanging.

Use Wooden Hanger to Prevent Damage

8. Use Plastic Hangers

If you don’t have wooden hangers, you can use plastic hangers instead to keep your leather jacket wrinkle-free, just like the wooden ones, only this time it’s better to prevent condensation. Of course, you should still hang your leather jacket up now and then to prevent damage from hanging.

9. Use A Clothing Bag

This is the best method for storing your leather jacket when you’re not wearing it for an extended period, such as if you’re going on vacation. It will protect your garment against dirt, dust, humidity, bugs, and other external factors. You can find these bags on Amazon or at your local department store.

10. Use A Clean, Dry Closet

This is the best way to store your leather jacket for extended periods if you don’t have a garment bag, but it still allows some airflow, so you avoid any moisture damage. A dark, cool area is best for this method.

There are plenty of other ways to keep your leather jacket wrinkle-free without having it professionally dry cleaned, but the above methods are the most effective for all types of leather.

You Can Check It Out to Fix Leather Jacket Peeling

Some Tips and Suggestions

1. If the coat has both a lining and an outer shell, make sure to put the lining in first before you fold it up. This is because putting the outer shell in first will increase your lining.

2. You should use an absorbent cloth to give the leather some moisture after folding. To do this, go over all of your folds with a clean cotton cloth and wipe off any dirt or dust. Make sure not to use water because getting the leather wet will result in discoloration.

3. There is no need to iron the leather after folding it. It will be good as new when you wear it again.

4. You should always roll your leather jacket and not fold it if you plan to place it in storage for a long time, such as during summer break or while traveling. This is because rolling allows air to circulate and keeps bugs away.

Do Not Fold Leather Jacket in Storage

5. You should never place any object inside the pockets of your jacket when you are rolling it up. This can cause permanent creases in your leather.

6. If possible, place the rolled-up coat in a garment bag for safekeeping because this will prevent dust from settling on it while it is not being worn.

7. You should store your leather jacket in a cool and dry place while it is not worn because heat and humidity can cause moisture build-up on its surface.

Are Leather Jackets Out of Style?

Yes, leather jackets are definitely out of style. They are best worn during the winter season to keep your upper half warm and in style. Floppy trench coats work best with this type of bulky clothing because they can swallow up your figure in one smooth swoop. Leather jackets come in both long and short options, but they aren’t exactly in this season.

It’s time to take those old jackets from the back of your closet and let them go. It’s a new season, and a new trend is about to explode. There are so many other jackets to choose from, so why not try something new. If you also want to know how to fold a leather jacket, consider reading this full blog post.

How Tight Should a Men’s Leather Jacket Be?

Though leather jackets are designed to be worn loose, how tight or loose they are should depend on the style of jacket. Leather jackets can come in various styles, including rider, flight, bomber, safari, and racing. Each style has its own set of rules for how tight or lose it should fit. To determine what type of leather jacket you’re wearing.

A leather jacket should fit comfortably on your shoulders. If you can put two fingers in between the shoulder of your jacket and your shoulder, then the jacket is too big. This rule also applies to having one finger under the collar of your jacket behind your neck.

Different Kinds of Man's Leather Jacket

Another way to determine if a leather jacket is too big for you is when the shoulder seams are in front of your shoulders. A fitted leather jacket should have the shoulder seams resting slightly on top of your shoulders, even with the sleeves rolled up. If your leather jacket comes with side laces or buckles, they can also be used to adjust the jacket’s fit.

How Can I Prevent My Leather Jackets From Getting Wrinkled in the Future?

This is a great question and one that may bother both you and your dry cleaner. Over time, if your leather jacket becomes wrinkled, it will lose its shape, especially for jackets with shoulders.

Wrinkles can be caused by frequent wear of the jacket (body heat causes it to loosen), leaving the jacket balled up in the bottom of a dark closet, storing it on a hanger, and leaving the jacket crumpled up after taking it off. When purchasing a leather jacket, ensure that it is treated with an appropriate conditioner. After wearing your jacket, you can keep it wrinkle-free by hanging or flat-folding in storage.


When it comes to folding a leather jacket, you have two options. You can either fold the sleeves inwards and then tuck them into the back of the garment or you can simply lay your jacket on its front side with one sleeve across each shoulder blade. If you choose to fold your sleeves inward first, be sure that they are neatly tucked inside to avoid losing any length from the cuffs.

Once folded, place both hands at the lower edge of the armhole and push up towards the collar bone before flipping over onto shoulders for best fit around the neckline. No matter which way you decide to do this task, make sure that all zippers are done up tightly! We hope this blog post on how to fold a leather jacket has been helpful. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this topic, please comment below!

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