How to Get Acorns Off Your Lawn

Everyone with a yard has had this problem before, whether it be in the fall or spring. Acorns are always falling from trees and making your yard look like something from an old cartoon. In addition, the acorns can make a mess on the ground when they fall from their branches and often produce weed patches over time if not treated properly.

There are many solutions to remove these pesky pests-either by hand or machine! Here are some things you can do how to get acorns off your lawn by hand or by machine!

How to Get Acorns Off Your Lawn

6 Simple Methods: How to Get Acorns Off Your Lawn

Acorns are the fruit of the oaks and often fall from their branches in the fall. When they do, they can cause a mess on your lawn and start weed patches if left untreated. They can be gathered by hand or with a machine for disposal! Here we have mentioned some methods on how to get acorns off your lawn.

1. Gather by Hand

This is the most natural method but can take a lot of time and effort!  All you need to do is wait until the acorns fall off the tree branches naturally.  Be sure to wear gloves!  Gather up all the acorns and place them in a bucket with water.  Allow them to soak for a few hours before taking out the acorns individually and rinsing off any dirt stuck to them.

2. Get a Lawn Vacuum

This method is easier than gathering by hand because you can use a lawn vacuum. All you need to do is plug in the vacuum and go over the entire area where acorns are falling. The vacuum will suck up all the acorns, and then you can dispose of them in an appropriate place!

3. Get a Rechargeable Leaf Blower

This is probably the easiest method for removing acorns on your lawn.  All you need to do is get a rechargeable leaf blower and go over all the acorns on your lawn. 

Afterward, you can easily sweep up the leaves and any acorns that didn’t blow away into a trash bag and dispose of them appropriately! Be sure not to use this method if there’s any risk of it getting wet!

4. Use a Weed Eater

Use a Weed Eater to Get Acorns Off Your Lawn

This is great if you have a weed eater or an electric lawnmower!  All you need to do is use the weed eater to ensure all the leaves on the ground are gone and then go over it with the weed eater again. The acorns that remain will get sucked up into your electric lawnmower and disposed of properly!

5. Use a Lawn Roller

This is a great method if you plan on reseeding your yard to cover up the weed patches that the acorns left.  All you need to do is make sure there are no leaves or acorns left behind and go over it with a lawn roller. This will compact down all the surface of your lawn and make it easier for the grass seed you put down to stick and grow!

6. Hire Someone Professional

If you have many acorns or don’t have the time to take care of them, hiring someone professional might be the best option.  All you need to do is get in touch with companies that offer this service, and they will come right over to your house! 

They’ll use something like a machine that sucks up all the acorns or a machine that blows them away.  After they’re gone, you can easily sweep up any acorns that were left behind with your weed eater!

Hopefully, these methods are helpful in how to get acorns off your lawn! If not, you can always wait until spring comes along and rake them away with a leaf rake. Happy raking!

Acorn Prevention Tips:

Some Acorns prevention tips include:

1. If you have many oak trees in your yard, rake the leaves to make it easier for the acorns to fall through the leaves when they are ready to be dropped.

2. Mow your lawn often. This will help to minimize the number of weeds in your yard. It will also help prevent acorns from making their way into your lawn.

3. Pick up all acorns you see on your property before they have a chance to germinate and grow into oak trees that drop acorns in your yard yearly.

4. Offer a more suitable habitat to squirrels in your garden. This will hopefully encourage them to relocate their acorns to a place that is not in your yard.

5. Plant companion plants in your garden that are less attractive to natural predators of squirrels and squirrels. These can include shrubs, flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

6. If you find that your yard is already infested with oak trees, chemicals can kill the young trees and keep them from growing into full-sized trees that drop acorns in your yard.

Some Options for Acorns Disposal:

Some Options for Acorns Disposal

1. Re-plant them:

To plant the acorn, first, dig a hole or trench and create a small hole in the bottom of it. Next, place the acorn on the soil and bury it with dirt. Fill up the rest of the hole until it is level with the ground, and use grass clippings to cover it up. This method is best reserved for those who want to grow more trees.

2. Dispose of them:

If you don’t want new tree seedlings popping up in your yard, you can dispose of them by burying them deep enough that they won’t be able to reach sunlight and start growing about 5 feet deep if possible. If you don’t have the equipment to dig that deep, you could fill in the holes with soil and compost.

3. Use a rake:

The fastest way to get rid of acorns is by using a lawn rake and pulling them out from the roots or by hand. Be sure not to leave them exposed in your yard, as they will sprout!

Use a Lawn Rake

4. Use a blower:

If you have a leaf blower, you can use the air to blow acorns out of your yard. Be sure not to damage your grass or plants with this method, though!

5. Use an air compressor:

The high-pressure air from an air compressor will blow acorns away without damaging other plants. This can be used around plants without hurting them. Make sure you don’t blast acorns into any other yard parts!

How to Keep Acorns From Coming Back Next Year?

To keep acorns from coming back next year, you can brush as much off your lawn as possible. If it’s a small section of your yard, you may be able to use a leaf blower to get the rest of the tree trash off your grass.

You can also wet the area and rake or sweep up all the piles. For a larger area, a leaf vacuum is a good option. Wetting it first will help you get all of those pesky acorns off the ground. If you don’t have either of these tools, keep your grass cut short and rake the acorns out when they fall.


Getting rid of acorns on your lawn can be done by gathering them by hand, using lawn equipment, getting someone to help you do it, or all of the above!  However, it is important to be careful about what type of equipment you use if there’s any risk of getting wet.

Also, be sure to wear gloves when gathering acorns by hand, and don’t forget to dispose of them properly!

Thanks for reading! Acorns can be a pain if they aren’t dealt with quickly enough. Fortunately, we have mentioned some ways how to get acorns off your lawn so your lawn doesn’t have to suffer too long. Pick one way from this list or experiment and see which works best for you.

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