How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze

Many Pokemon fans are looking for ways to get Leafeon in the game, but not everyone knows how. This blog post will show you five different ways that people have found to catch this elusive pokemon! If you’re looking for a specific type of pokemon, there’s no better place than the internet.

With the help of Google and other search engines, it is possible to find out where they can be located or what items they like best. There are also many online tools available which make catching them much easier!

For those who don’t want to go through all that trouble, though, there are plenty of other options as well. Please read below for information on how to get leafeon in pokemon brick bronze, as well as what you need to do so it will train quickly.

How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze

10 Methods on How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze

1. Catch Leafeon in Multiple Areas of Pokemon Brick Bronze

The most common and easy way to get a Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze and other games is to catch one in one area and then leave the area. When you come back, you’ll find another Leafeon. This method is used by most people playing Pokemon Brick Bronze and is likely to be the most efficient way to get a specific Pokemon.

2. Use Venasaur’s Leaf Storm Ability to Evolve an Eevee into Leafeon

Evolve your Ivysaur into a Venusaur, then use Leaf Storm on your Ivysaur until it evolves into a Venusaur. Once it evolves, use Leaf Storm on your new venusaur, and you will get a Leafeon once the battle is over!

3. Evolve Eevee with Leafeon Stone to Get Leafeon

Doing These Quests on Sunny Areas Will Speed Up This Method

This option can be either faster or slower, depending on your luck. If you have a Leafeon Stone and an Eevee with the ability Run Away, this is the best way to evolve it into Leafeon since Shiny Evolutions uses a stone instead of leveling up, so catching a pokemon with these two things is very helpful!

4. Level Up Eevee with High Friendship at Sunny Areas

If you level up your Eevee with high friendships in sunny areas, eventually, you will get an Eevee that can evolve into Leafeon! This is useful for people who don’t have the other ways to get a Leafeon simply because they like leveling up.

5. Reward for Completing Grass-Based Field Quests

This can be a very efficient way to get Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze if you do the quests that give you money and items such as the Flower Bed or Houseplant quests on grass-based areas on the quest tab. Doing these quests on sunny areas will speed up this method.

6. Trade Eevee with Leafeon to Pokemon Sun and Moon

This is the quickest and easiest way to get a Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze. If you want a Leafeon, trade an Eevee from Pokemon Brick Bronze to either Pokemon Sun or Moon before transferring it back. Many people will likely use this method since transferring is very easy.

7. Catch a Leafeon from Rocks, Trees, or Grass

This can be faster than using the trading method since it saves you time traveling back to Pokemon Brick Bronze after transferring Eevee from Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is advised to catch a Leafeon by fishing from rocks, trees, or grass by using a rod.

This method is best used if you have 2-3 Pokemon with the ability to Run Away. This way, you can run away until you get to a suitable area while gaining Eevee candy for your main game!

8. Evolve All of Your Leafeon’s Pre-Evolutions into Leafeon

This is a simple and efficient way to get an Eevee into Leafeon if you don’t care about the pokemon’s stats or its moves. You can use this method if you have access to multiple Eevees with Run Away by leveling them up in different areas, and once all three evolve, they will evolve into Leafeons!

9. Use a Thunder Stone to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon

Using Thunder Stone to Evolve Eevee

You can use Thunder Stone to evolve your Eevee into Leafeon if you like. It is much faster to use Gen 2’s Moon Stone. However, this method is advised if you don’t have access to moonstone or save it for later.

10. Use a Leaf Stone to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon

There are several ways to get a Leafeon, but this is the second-fastest way if you don’t have access to a Sun or Moon Stone. While it’s slightly slower than evolving with a Thunder Stone from Gen 2, it’s much faster than leveling up Eevee with high friendship. This method is still advised for players who don’t have access to Gen 2’s other stones.

Some Tips and Advice:

1. Make sure to use a Pokemon with False Swipe’s move when you’re about to catch it. If you’re not in a rush and can’t use False Swipe, just put the app on Auto and wait until Leafeon comes along.

2. Don’t try to find it during nighttime because most likely it won’t appear. If you’re going to use False Swipe, then go for a Pokemon within the level range of 30-38.

3. Download the Poke Radar app to see where Leafeon spawns on your world map.

4. Leafeon will spawn near a patch of grass no matter what time it is.

5. If you have a Pokemon that knows Cut, it might be easier for you to catch Leafeon since the grass blocking its way will be gone.

6. Once you’ve successfully caught it, try to use your new Leafeon as much as possible so it can gain experience and level up quickly!

7. If you’re impatient, then use the app called RareCalc to find out how much time it’ll take for Leafeon to spawn in your world.


If you want help getting Leafeon in Pokemon Brick Bronze, this article is just what you need! We have compiled all of the information that we could find on how to get leafeon in pokemon brick bronze so that it’s easy for anyone to read and understand.

If you need help with any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on how we can best serve you!

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