How to Make Pokemon Cards Out of Paper


Pokémon cards are small rectangles of paper that can be used to play a game. The game is very similar to other card games, but it’s much more fun because the cards have pictures of Pokémon on them, creatures with special abilities.

Some people collect these cards and put them in little plastic cases, so they don’t get bent. Other people take the cards out of their cases to trade them or use them to play the game. In this article, I will discuss making Pokemon cards out of paper. So let us get started.

How to Make Pokemon Cards Out of Paper

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Make Pokemon Cards Out of Paper:

Step 1 :

Gather the necessary materials/equipment to make pokemon cards out of paper. This mainly includes:

Step 2 :

First, cut out four rectangles measuring 2.5 inches by 3 inches (in other words, 5 cm by 7.6 cm). Make sure that these are perfectly straight cuts!

Step 3 :

Now use your ruler and pen to draw seven vertical lines on each of the pieces of paper you just cut out. The first line should be 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from one end of the rectangle; the last should be 0.75 inches (1.8cm) away from the same end. You will have seven equally spaced vertical lines after this step.

Step 4 :

The next step is to fold over the top edge of each piece of paper so that it attaches to the last vertical line you drew. Crease these folds carefully and sharply! If they aren’t neat, then your cards will not turn out right in the next step.

Cutting Rectangular Piece of Paper

Step 5 :

Now, cut out a 2 cm by 3 cm rectangle from your thicker piece of paper, using a ruler for greater precision. This should be done very carefully because if you slip up even slightly when cutting this tiny piece of paper, there’s a chance that you’ll have to start all over again from scratch!

Step 6 :

Using the marker or pen, write “Pokémon” in large letters on one side of this smaller rectangle (the other side should be blank).

Step 7 :

Now, you will attach your hollowed-out pieces of paper to this rectangle. First, ensure that the side with the word “Pokémon” faces up on all four pieces of paper.

Step 8 :

Only one piece of paper will have its top edge attached to the corresponding side of the “Pokémon” rectangle; this must be done carefully because it’s difficult! Once you’ve got that piece in place, rotate it around until it’s standing vertically (which means that the other three are sticking straight up from it).

Step 9 :

Repeat Steps 1 through 8 with your second thicker piece of paper until you have four rectangles with their lower edges attached and their tops sticking out at right angles from this wider rectangle.

Step 10 :

Take another one of the thinner pieces of folded paper and attach it to one end of your four rectangles, as shown in the picture above. This piece will form the front cover of your finished card.

Step 11 :

The final step is to cut out a small strip measuring 0.25 inches by 2cm on each side of your four-part pokemon card (so you’ll have two rectangular pieces). You may need to use some force when doing this; however, you should do it very cautiously because if you slip even slightly, there’s no chance at all that you can go back and fix things without ruining everything!

Step 12 :

Finally, using the marker/pen, write your own Pokemon card information on each piece of paper. You can choose whatever name you like for this part; however, the other pieces should contain the following information:

– The type of pokemon.

– The height and weight of the pokemon (both should be written in centimeters)

– Its special attacks (up to two special attacks that it can use in battle), endurance value (how much damage this pokemon’s special attacks can take before they stop working ), and star points (the number after its type). 

For example, my Bulbasaur would look something like this if I made him into a card:

Type: Grass/Poison

Height: 0.6 m; Weight: 16 kg; Special Attacks: Razor Leaf (damage inflicted is equal to half the pokemon’s endurance value), Sleep Powder (puts the target in sleep for three rounds unless it makes a successful endurance check)

Endurance Value: 20 HP; Star Points: 2

And there you have it! With a little patience and care, your very own Pokemon cards can be made out of paper in no time at all!

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Precautions While Making Pokemon Cards Out of Paper:

Painting the Cards

1. Make sure to use enough glue when pasting the paper on the cards. Else, it will get wrinkled while bending.

2. Cut the paper neatly with no jagged edges. Otherwise, some sheets may tear during card making process or while inserting them into sleeves.

3. Do not scrape or scratch off any black material on the reverse side of the card for better results while coloring/painting your cards. Instead, draw over dark areas twice in each direction before you begin painting so that there is no paint wastage and more even distribution of color over required materials on cards.

4. When using sharp objects like cutter or penknife, ensure they are clean. Else, you will be left with dirty markings on the cards, and the printing will be blurred.

5. Ensure your paper sheets are of the same dimensions as those shown in this tutorial before you start cutting/shaping them into required sizes and shapes, as it will help to stack or place them on top of each other or inside each other without any problem while filling the cards with them.

6. Never try to change the shape, size, etc., of already made cutouts as it will leave markings on the card, which is difficult to erase without damaging the surface.

7. When dealing with different types of paper like glossy and matte-based ones, make sure they dry separately. Else their effects might cancel out each other, and the final result may not be up to your expectations. Hence, after making one type of card, allow it to dry completely before starting with another type.

8. When you’re ready to erase your pencil markings, use a soft cloth instead of a woodblock or paper towel. Otherwise, you might end up with scratches on your card that can destroy the printing and image quality.

9. It is recommended to wear gloves while cutting/shaping paper sheets as there may be some rough edges that will hurt your fingers if you don’t wear them.


I hope this article has helped you learn how to make pokemon cards out of paper. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you, and have a nice day

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